Why The Jenner Family Can’t Stand Kris Jenner
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Why The Jenner Family Can’t Stand Kris Jenner

Throughout Caitlyn and Kris’ Jenner’s marriage,
Caitlyn’s kids appeared to present a positive front when it came to their stepmom, but after
the divorce, the ugly truth emerged. Here’s why some of Caitlyn Jenner’s family
members can’t stand Kris Jenner. “Like everything is always your fault…absolutely.” Of all Caitlyn’s children, eldest son Burt
Jenner has been the most outspoken against his one-time stepmom. According to Radar Online, Burt railed against
family members in a since-deleted tweet, claiming they didn’t support Caitlyn before she went
public with her transition. A source told the tab that Burt’s remarks
were aimed at Kris Jenner and half-sister Kylie Jenner. The insider added, “Burt does his own thing and can’t be controlled
by anyone.” Burt also pulled no punches in an interview
with Dirt Authority when he said, “The Kardashian world is not where I come
from.” He also claimed Keeping Up With The Kardashians
was a destructive force in Jenner family relations, and described Kris’ vision for the series
as “the nail in the coffin” for his relationship with Caitlyn. Burt told Vanity Fair, “There was a you-aren’t-part-of-this kind
of thing. Kris made the choice to make a good TV show
that was in their image and brand.” Brody Jenner spoke highly of his then-stepmom,
Kris Jenner, in 2013, telling the New York Daily News, “Kris and I have had some very deep, long
conversations, and we actually really got to know each other, and so we’re all good
now.” It was a stark contrast to the awkward dynamic
between them portrayed on the show that same year. Just two years later, Brody sang an entirely
different tune on Sway in the Morning on Shade 45, saying, “Kris and I, honestly we never talk.” While he did call Kris “a very smart woman”
and “an incredible mother,” Brody also said, “[The Kardashians are] not even technically
my family anymore.” One year later, Page Six reported that Brody
was overheard uttering the same sentiment at Coachella, only with a bit more stank on
it this time. Responding to a fan who congratulated him
on the success of the Kardashians, he reportedly yelled, “They’re not my f—ing family!” Yikes! Brody was a little more reserved at
an Oscar viewing party in 2019, telling UsWeekly, “Everybody’s kind of doing their own thing
now, since [Caitlyn] and Kris split up.” Caitlyn’s mother, Esther Jenner, ripped into
Kris Jenner in a 2014 interview with the Daily Mail, calling Kris a: “Controlling monster [who] didn’t treat anybody
very well.” Next came accusations that Kris cheated on
both Robert Kardashian and possibly Caitlyn; that Kris didn’t help care for Kylie and Kendall
when they were babies; that Kris constantly “badmouthed” Caitlyn’s children from her first
two marriages; and that Kris manipulated Esther’s cameo on the family’s reality show. It was a takedown tour de force all wrapped
up neatly with Esther’s sentiment: “I hope she changes her name back to Kardashian,
I don’t want her to carry the name.” Compared to Grandma Esther’s scorched-earth
approach, Brandon Jenner’s denouncement of Kris Jenner was mild at best. As reported by Vanity Fair, Brandon merely
sub-shaded Kris when he strenuously opposed Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to use Keeping Up
With The Kardashians producers for her since-canceled spin-off reality show, I Am Cait. He said, “You go on E!’s website […] and you look
at all the shows, every one of them is a circus.” Considering Keeping Up With The Kardashians
is Kris’ brainchild and her financial lifeblood, an attack on the show is certainly an attack
on Kris. “One hundred percent.” According to MSN in 2019, Brandon admitted
on a radio show that being associated with Kris Jenner’s empire has not been good for
his career, adding, “I sometimes am almost a little ashamed of
it, because I feel like people are going to have this preconceived notion that I’m just,
kind of, like a spoiled kid that doesn’t really have anything to say, right? And hasn’t struggled in their life.” Later that year, Brandon opened up further
to People Now, revealing that he felt so alienated from the reality TV side of his family that
he “overcompensated” by adopting a decidedly unglamorous aesthetic. He explained, “I just wanted to show the world that’s not
who I am, that I’m somebody that wants to be judged on my character and how I treat
people and the world, and not how I look or what I have.” Caitlyn Jenner’s second wife, Linda Thompson,
has strong feelings toward Kris Jenner, and they aren’t pretty. According to Vanity Fair, the rift started
in the early years of Kris and Caitlyn’s marriage when, according to the elder Jenner kids,
“Kris essentially turned on them.” According to Kris, the strain came from being,
quote, “embattled all the time” over visitation disputes with Linda, but Caitlyn told a different
story, citing Linda’s petition for child support as having had: “A very negative impact on Kris’s willingness
to integrate the families.” With that backdrop in mind, it’s not surprising
that Linda laid some of the blame at Kris’ feet for the estrangement between Caitlyn
and Thompson’s boys, Brody and Brandon. According to Thompson’s memoir, A Little Thing
Called Life, she holds her ex fully accountable for failures as a parent. However, she did get in the following dig
directed at Kris: “Having been present at almost all of the
birthday parties and holidays in the five years between our separation and [her] marriage
to Kris… [Caitlyn] was a noticeable absence now.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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