Why Mabinogi Died | (Server Merge, Mabinogi Mobile, Mabi in 2019)
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Why Mabinogi Died | (Server Merge, Mabinogi Mobile, Mabi in 2019)


  • Hexecutable

    I remember having such a shitty PC that I couldnt progress outside of the first 2 dungeons. I would just die and die over and over. I beta tested and played after release for about a year. This game was HARD AS HELL like you said lol.

  • Blue

    I love this game and I've played it since 2008! (and still playing) I have to agree with a lot of points and the player base is definitely smaller compared to before but I wouldn't consider that it's dead. They need to re-do the engine which will most likely introduce a new player base.

  • Jklenk

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  • Chirno

    I love it so much, been playing on and off for years now since 2012.. I hope it could be revived someday, I hope the mobile version is as fun as it looks.

  • Ace-6

    2 sword they really reach

    me my main slot weapons 2 sword demon and beam sword and lol i am only 5M in bank.

    So how reach i am?!

    I am Nothing near reach even thats so low 5M is no thing in this game.
    Also i played this game from 2013 and still on it from time to time and man
    i still nab with 2 gms only and 4 expert classes.
    also 2019 and you talk about paladin… man in 2018 we can transform into a divine
    being with skill called nascent divinity and this super hard to get if your total level below 2k
    for other transformation we have Demigod which can give you 2 choices of goddess power and 1 god power that need special charge and missions to active it in this game.
    1- Neamhain
    2- Morrighan
    +1- Cichol
    i picked 2rd cuz this give you protection and you will need it if you solo player or kinda off.
    this 42 dislike is cuz you really dont know the game so as advice you should know about any game before you talk about it.

  • Chocobro

    I love Mabinogi, been playing it for about 8 years now, and still do play. As much as it's a shadow of the past now, there's a load of loyal players that I feel will keep the game afloat. Perhaps I am just in denial, but if I give up on this game surviving I would have no incline to keep playing it. But yeah, there's still constant updates, new content, etc. so I don't feel the game is dead at all. Every friend I've gotten to play it with me (one as little back as 3 weeks ago), also loves the game. So don't be put off by the graphics if you wanna give it a shot. Go for it. Of course it's more fun with other people, but since the player-base is not gigantic any longer any player and/or guild would be happy to have you, show you the ropes, and help you.

  • Real Name Hashtag legit

    When you said i only found this game in 2017 I stopped the video and was like bruh. We can't be friends bro.

  • Mageallen

    It could be because I'm playing in a biggest server in NA, but… I just can't agree with the statement of the game being dead at all. Has your OG friend been playing without taking any breaks? If he had a long break before coming back to the game, he might as well be a new player for not having any knowledge for the new parts of the game. Also has he played all the generations and is he available/strong enough for all the contents of the game i.e. Sidhe, Phantasm, Tech Duin, Girgashiy/Hassidim Raids?
    A game gotta change and evolve in some ways to make it more interesting. I feel like complaining about the game changing is ridiculous.
    About the game not having friendly tutorials, I agree. But there are plenty of communities available to ask for help. I know two very active discord servers that always has someone to help you. Sure, the game itself could be more friendly but if you're not even trying to figure things out on your own using all medium possible like discord or wiki pages, I think you're at no place to complain about the game not telling you enough information. :/

  • .As-Arsenic

    To me,Mabinogi died the moment when shadow missions became a thing as well as reforging. It basically made most dungeons obsolete in terms of leveling and the only reason dungeons existed then was for earning money via skill book pages(but even then it's just an option). G4 wasn't that bad as Ciar Dungeon were still the main way to level and the main hub was still Tir Chronail.

     But when shadow missions came out they moved the continent warp to Dunbarton and to me this was the beginning of the end… Ciar Dungeon was where you meet lots of people and chat with one another. Elf vs Giant PvP(search for youtube videos out there) was also a lot of fun there and I had a lot of good memories chatting to people there when I was finished leveling which for me was around 70. Basically back then you had a sense of community. When you had an intermediate pass, people would all be flooding towards you. Partying was very efficient way of leveling/gaining passes so you'd always find yourself in public groups. I remembered having a lot of public music jam sessions with others before that ensemble skill(that lets all players play at the same time) were a thing.

    I do acknowledge the rebirth system back then was terrible for the only way to rebirth was to pay with real money a character card and I'm thankful they changed it such then that you can rebirth for free at age 20. HOWEVER, progression is ruined now. Especially with reforges which were such an RNG way of increasing your DMG for skills. I fucking hate that shit when it came out and quit right away. I was a melee only class with around 300 str and I leveled pretty much every skill which could give me strength except for fireball. Carpentry was something I spent weeks ranking and spent lots of gold on.Rank 1 Windmill was something I managed to get during G3 and that took months and was my first Rank 1 skill. It felt like utter shit for me to be outclassed by others in terms of damage because they had better reforges AND that was a primarily supplied by Nexon Cash. So fucking stupid that system. Like I can do a 10k smash but with reforges other people be doing 17k or 23k. HOW IS THAT FAIR? What use was the hard work I put into optimizing my stats and AP when I have to depend on RNG for progression.

    I'm just going to list issues that I had with the game when I quit which was when reforges came to the game: Pets with fcking AoE summons are stupid/overpowered and you should be able to earn pets via ingame and not just the cash shop. Shadow Missions should have a pass system similar to dungeons so that you'd have a reason to party with lower total level users. Tir Chonail should be the main hub of Mabinogi as all the newbies end up there(besides giants and elves) and making it such that continent warp ends up at Tir instead of Dunbarton and increasing the max money limit for the shop license should be implemented. Server Merge Ruairi, Tarlach and Mari as the population is so small compared to Alexina. I was a part of Ruairi. I think that the old combat system is better… as the system now makes it such that monsters are overpowered by the players way too easily. The other continent Iria should not be a thing honestly. Just a huge fucking waste of space that the developers could have spent elsewhere. Although when everyone was trying to figure out how to get there when it released, that was enjoyable. Transformation should have been worked on. It feels like a glorified HP healer before I quit the game.

    After seeing some recent Mabinogi videos of what they implemented… Mabinogi is way too broken. I just hope that if they ever decide to do a TRUE sequel to Mabinogi they'd consider what made it so great during G3/G4… Maybe Tir Chronail can be like the center of the world and the other dungeons would be branching off that center hub. Rebirth system being a 2 week wait would be better(3 is fine as well). Skills should be harder to level however there should be more options for how to level them at different CP values. Housing should be available for all players honestly. Inventory should be increased and bags should be limited to consumables. Old combat system but more skills should be available. I also think that the newer classes like Puppetry, Gunner,Ninja are too lackluster for they just seem to be auxillary classes for the base(melee, archer, mage).

  • Library Adjacent

    Honestly I agree, i was there at the start, hell I was a beta tester, but your nut sack hanging commentary makes me cringe. "Open mouth and suck their dicks" like wtf… on another note, I really would like a remaster of this game.

  • AdreadIllEnd

    I still play mabi devotedly since i got back to it. Yes the game is very empty depending on the server, but it is still alive and is getting a risky yet very needed server merge soon. Once that happens the game should pick up a tad more and im sure to make up for the 1-2 day server merge update they will do a big event to get people back into the grove.

  • Eremenatar

    I would be a REAL OG because i started in 2009, when g2 coming close to an end and g3 coming. Now im total level 6k or so i think, and im still too weak for any harder dungeons and im still so poor. BUT i grinded so FREAKING MUCH, i was never not pressured, just whatever, but i was still never satisfied with where i stand and i still died.

  • CosmicSpaceKobold

    I miss Mabinogi, but as the years went by, the game got worse and worse. I played the game when it was just on G2.

  • demonseed360

    The love that the developers have for this game shows, the fact that they constantly keep updating it even though it's so old speaks volumes. Especially when you consider all of the controversies surrounding newer games and their lack of support and early access shenanigans. I started playing Mabi when I was 12. I'm 23 now. I stopped playing sometime after the Shakespeare generations came out. The statements you made about paladins and claymores couldn't be any truer. You knew somebody was broken if they could transform. I really miss those days of playing MMOs just to get lost in the world and online communities instead of today's competitive game and go arena atmosphere. I remember when shadow missions became the main source of farming for most players and basically rendered dungeons obsolete. My favorite style of fighting was the puppet master, and I remember how hyped everyone was to do the event for it. I also played Maplestory as well. Good times, man.

  • Razer _ Sins

    Dose anyome know if there releasing mabinogi mobile? Iv been waiting …… Started playing when i was about 10 now im 22 i miss it alot due to not owning a laptop anymore its been years

  • Konikai

    ok, you had me chuckling in the beginning but when you started to talk about “basic bitchass pally” I started to die

    thanks 🙂

  • Eugene Ruiz

    Oh I miss this game. I'm one of the old school players from alexina. If anybody remembers The guild elegant and Cyrus and angel wing Billy Cain all those crazy motherfukers

  • Eugene Ruiz

    Oh and speaking of dungeons I remember being stuck in a dungeon with my guild for 18 hours trying to beat it

  • Falmosta

    It appears you might have got some of the details for this video wrong.I suggest you look at the patch notes.

  • Steven Williams

    Please take the microphone out of the deep recess of your throat. I can hear the snot sticking to your vocal chords in high definition surround sound when you talk 😉

  • orphanssong

    Man, I miss this game. I haven't played since start of Hamlet due to a combination of work and other life demands, but I started back when it first launched in NA. Is this worth coming back to at all? I've heard that there have been a lot of changes. Thanks for the video by the way!

  • drunkenn1nja

    WHO FUCKING REMEMBERS DOING THE BOAT RACING TO FARM FOR THE D BLADE (4:30 when he’s on the raft that event was crazy)

  • Erdinthegreat

    Lmao. The merge happened and games doing well. G23 releases today and it will have a large turn out. videos like this make me think the person is just toxic, but im sure they never got involved enough to actually enjoy the game, therefore are just ignorant. I still enjoy playing mabi as well as many others. videos like these are just made to promote the maker and throw salt at games. sad that we have stuff like this on the internet. Not to mention a lot of info in this video is fairly inaccurate and biased. If you dont like games like this, dont make a video telling us why its on a decline… smh

  • shyann jones

    😭😭they killed Alexina everyone is one the other server….well not really but you know the server is dead when channel 1 barely goes past busy

  • Bluerise

    I've been playing mabinogi since 2014 and I'm still playing because it's a game where u just cant quit..it offers EVERYTHING I want from an anime mmo that no current anime mmo does this. The nostalgia, the people, the skills , the in depth lore and everything omg I just friggin love it..with server merge , g22 and g23 and a lot coming in later is just wonders. Anything can be fun if u have friends to play with and it's just a matter of finding the right group in mabi which is easy now

  • Bunlieve

    Unfortunately, the server merge only did 3 of the servers, leaving Alexina out. On the new server Nao, it's pretty interesting seeing a ton of new people. A lot of players flocked over there from Alexina because it's something new, but I just wanna say that it died down in just a few weeks. Still, a lot of people but the population just dropped a load since the hype is up. Just now we are getting a free name change, which is going to allow a lot of people claim very old account names that share duplicated names. You can probably get a decent name now like 'John" or "Angel" for an example. (It won't last for long.) I honestly think the game has died down due to pay to win problems, and the game has become 10x easier which to me is short term fun that dies out so quickly. They need to make the game more difficult in my opinion to make it more worthwhile to play, but cutting back on the pay to win stuff so it'll be fairer. I love Mabinogi. Still got to enjoy it for what it is regardless if its dying or not.

  • PedoBearNomsLoli

    I quit this game a long time ago. I just couldn't do it anymore. With my job, a lot of other games and animes that required my attention, I just had to give this up. Many generations into this game (stopped at like the alch/diva/merlin gen) and I had nothing much to show for it. I kept getting ranks and ap as best I could. But I always felt like I came up short. It's hard to master anything and everything in this game. Of course, that's what kept this game ultimately alive as well as the unique combat (combat like in say Guild Wars or WoW sucks utter balls). But I felt like if I went into purely combat, then my magic was lacking which is a hindrance when I want/need to rafting alone… Bow class/skills were utterly useless (gods the pre-100% days) unless you got that Arrow Revolver skill. I poured a lot of money into the pets/char cards and ended up creating multiple chars, but in the end, I just ended up with going mainly only 1. The elves and giants were interesting, but in the end, it was always best to go with the balanced human race. Also, trans for Humans are much better than the alternative race's trans. I loved the Pally trans. The DK was interesting, but it was utterly useless and weak compared to the Pally unless you spec into mage.

    But enough with the gameplay. Because the gameplay may have kept me in this game for a long time, but I honestly came for the animu elements and story. The music was phenomenal. Well at least the earlier gens in terms of the towns, mainstream quests, the NPCs, etc. The only thing that kept getting interesting gens over gens was the title music. And the new unique npcs and their designs. But otherwise that was it. The gens became subpar later on. But storywise? Ick…

    But the one thing that really annoyed me the most in this entire game was them getting rid of Morrighan. She was my bae waifu in this game. Sorry to Nao, Rua, Neamhain, and whoever. Morrighan was the best waifu. Fite me. And she sent me over the edge in G12 when she finally got serious and opened her damn hot eyes and went into battle. Personally. Gods those legs as she walked…. So you can imagine my disheartening disappointment when they took her out after end of Shakespeare….. Not to mention, with so much reference to Rua, they took too damn long to finally release the final goddess Macha. But ugh… the wait was not worth it. She came out looking like honestly a slut/thot…. And I had hopes for her since Rua was compared with her.

    You know. Now that I think about it. This game would've really lived a lot longer, especially in Japanese, if they just allowed the NPCs to be dateable. There's plenty of hot NPCs and whatnot, but they don't fully utilize it. I mean if you work hard and give gifts to the early town NPCs like in Tir, then you get them to regard you more friendly when you talk to them. Having different expressions and intro dialogue. It's a shame they didn't invest further into that kind of mechanic. When that kind of mechanic is what keeps a lot of games strong in Japan. And it's what most likely gave Fire Emblem Awakening the edge and chance that it needed. They really should've looked further into it.

    And I wish for fuck's sakes that they had for once released Morrighan outfit. And had better selections for hair and whatnot in char creation. My ingame name was a tribute to Morrighan. And I wanted to make my char emulate her so I can play a pseudo version as her. Since they won't allow NPCs to be playable EVER….. Unless you get their costumes.

    This is what sucked about this game. They know what you want. But usually doesn't give you it. Or they charge you up the ass for it….

    P.S. I both loved and hated this game's durability system. Really made buying and maintaining your equipment a living hell…..

    P.S.S. Tried Vindictus when it first came out. BORING. With a capital B. If I really wanted to play something like that, I would just go play Tera….

    P.S.S.S. I play games mainly for their story, not the gameplay. Any games can be unique and demand your attention with long endgame contents, unique or even rehashed mechanics, achievements, etc etc. But the story is what keeps me interested and invested into the chars. That's what keeps a game alive, especially in Japan. It's the fandom. That's the whole reason why League of Legends is still kicking strong. While Heroes of the Storm went bleh, bye bye.

    Edit: Oh almost forgot one more thing. Korea and Japan gets the good stuff. Like Collabs/crossovers etc. And their deals, updates or GM involvement with the community is much better at their home country. But then again, it would most likely be the same thing with even imported games over there. Since they highly value customer service. But here in the West, especially greedy capitalist Murica? Hah hah. All we get is to shut the fuck up and keep opening our wallets. That's our civic duty as customers and bitches of capitalism.

  • Iacob Sorin

    I just wanted Vindictus to be literally mabinogi. Just like that with all the skills, maps, etc but with the way you move and use skills in vindictus.

  • Shitposting Prick

    Im playing it for a long time now and I still haven't got further than a farmer. probably due to me being really lazy idk. Or MMO's are just uhh…Really confusing for me.

    but i still absolutely love this game even when i am a noob.
    also I remember having an account pretty far but like, forgot password i guess.

  • Tyler W

    Started this game the last Week of closed beta back in 2008 Mari serve I could honeslty go on forever about how good this game was the Amazing backstory that had to be read and wait so you really where captured by anticipation ,the skill progression , the customization of all around charater ,FASHINOGI (the style lol) and the Community! Killing Grey wolfs in Tir in packs hoping not to Aggro an White Wolf to the Alby Arena which was almost like a hidden treasure where only the Strongest Survived (that I personally didn't find out about until around a month into the full release ) ;shit truely was a great game the progression and community of the game between through G1-7 was a huge part of my early pre-teens. I played Off and On after alchemy update and Rank 1 all alchemy skills and receiving Royal Alchmist which was great update my entire guild was made up on being an Royal alchemist at the time But it was never the same with countless short comeback the game still hold its ground for groundbreaking gameplay and fanatsy elements but has cheated its player based with reforging systems and sometime cheap money grabs gatchapons. LOVE MABINOGI forever will I see this game as one of the best Iv played(even if i havent logged on in years now) and truely hope they look to this game and make an true Sequel (or spiritual sucessor not Vindi sorry not sorry)to it because it'd be doing a great disservice to the ingenuity of this game in its prime.

  • zena chan

    I haven’t played in awhile is it worth going back to ruari server I had a lot of good memories alchemy main/puppet main here

  • Ken Amada

    Ah, I thought steps to Mabi's death would be explained. Such as the G's straying away from the true nature of the story. The fact that the fantasy life portion of Mabi died with its over simplification of mechanics. The massive censor hammer that made communicating via the game difficult, pay 2 win etc etc.

  • LetsJess

    Bruh I wanted to download this game but then it didn’t work so I went to yt and Tibed how to download mabinogi but then the first vodeo say WHY MABINIGO DIED???!!

  • Danny

    Do you remember when Paladins where implemented, when you transform you can pvp everyone and non-pallies can't retaliate? Good times.

    Do you remember traveling from Tir to Bangor by foot, without mounts?

    For Mari, remember Hotglue? I chuckled remembering them.
    Last time I logged off for the last time, I still have a two-handed sword forge by the first R1 blacksmith, Milfeulle.

  • KIO

    Man, I used to play this game for years back in the day. But I stopped playing because of the devs making the game worse. Back then, it was simple, medieval fantasy life mmorpg, but then they added motorcycles, guns, and other things that killed its whole genre.

    Secondly, its too easy to get strong on mabinogi. Becoming a paladin was a lot of work and you would rarely see players as paladins. To me, it was a mystery and a great challenge to become. But now, you can just do it with a click of a button. Things aren't the same anymore. I actually went back in the game a few months ago out of curiosity to see what the game is like and its just a ghost town full of afks…Oh well.

    What I hope will happen is that the company would be able to remaster the whole game in 'Vindictus' graphics. And from that, I'll definitely play it…

  • Yuen

    I played the game since beta, lost my beta character during the elf and giant Iria update, basically played it all again and I'd say the social aspect with a guild is a lot fun but when times made the game grew older and my guild disappeared, the games is much more difficult to play solo in its current population state despite the server merge and lag spikes. I too am waiting for the mobile version. I saw the Chinese widescreen and DevCat portrait mode teasers for Mabinogi and I personally prefer the portrait mode one to play with. I hope Nexon's problems don't cancel this project just like how they did with Peria Chronicles. There's a chance that new mobile players might want to check out the PC version while playing the mobile version which is a 2-way benefit.

    Not to mention it was so much more difficult to reach TTL 1000 back then then it was now. Now it's so easy to go way beyond that because of the newer Generations and the Memoir content. The certain skills you mentioned like Ice Spear was such a struggle for me to get, now it was too easy with certain events that I basically abandoned old skill quests that needed Ice Spear or Shock pages.

  • Famous CharactersPlay

    At this time, I have over 12.5k hours in the game over about 4 to 5 years now. I have to say that I've enjoyed the game and if you're looking for a game with content, this has plenty to go around. I just now finished one character (40k+) and I have to say i've enjoyed myself. Although I'm not playing anymore I can highly recommend.

  • Shine D

    I was kind of hoping for a more complicated and in-depth explanation into the failure of devCat and nexon's creative direction rather than just telling us it died because it's "too old." No, WoW is still alive and thriving and it's older than this game. Runescape is just as old and also thriving. Mabinogi died because devCat imposed excessive gambling and RNG to the game via gachapon and Reforges. These additions trivialized people's hard work in-game and stopped becoming a "pay to accelerate" and literally became "pay to win" due to the exclusive and utter advantage paid weapons and armor gave you over what could even be obtainable normally. On top of that, "fees for a fee" became common practice as predatory items such as Enchant and Reforge Enchant Protection were added, which costs 8 dollars per token, and in regards to certain enchants, we're dealing with a failure rate of potentially 70% or more.

  • gerryw173ify

    Honestly to me Mabi was a social game first. The game is horribly boring alone and other games offered a better pseudo solo gameplay. I miss commercing and running shadow missions with others. I've recently tried getting back into it but the fact that Ch1 Dunby is 99% populated by afk and the other 1% by bots really shows it's a dead game.

  • lua ne yioue

    (as of September 26, 2019)

    The complete disregard towards party play and the disrespect of the MMO genre.

    G1 is the only party-capable story content, G2 allllllll the waaaaaay through G23 are all solo story content. This scares away newcomers.

    Come to think of it, the only story quests you can do with friends that AREN'T G1 is G3 final, the mission before g9 final, the G11 two-player peaca quest. and I guess that's it. . . Pathetic.

    Fast forward to 2016, the dungeon revamp limited party size from 8 players and reduced it to 4 players only. You can't party with your friends anymore unless you leave a handful of them behind. And dungeon monsters got buffed to levels where even endgame players can't oneshot anymore(but they're still weakest.) So going into a dungeon as a new player IS A DEATH SENTENCE and you can't bring 8 players along for the extra assurance, only 4. The 4 player party limit is stupid. This scares away newcomers. This drives away returning weak players. This drives away veterans.

    The server merge happened. Now it's just Nao Server[Mar, Tar, and Rua] and Alexina[Alexina]. Nao actually has less active players than Alexina now and it has 10 channels. This means you'll probably NEVER meet another player because there's [NO global//zone chat] and now you have to search through 11 channels(never forget housing channel) just to find another active player. This scares away newcomers. This drives away returning players. This drives away veterans.

    No global or zonechat = the game will always look dead. In other games, even if there's nobody nearby you still *at the very least* have someone to talk to in globalchat. Mabinogi has no such thing. This scares away newcomers.

    Alexina is pretty dead now too. Alexina Channel 1 has had an average of about 14 personal shops(not counting kiosks) for over two years now. It used to always have fully populated dunbarton and belvast shopping areas. Now only 1/3rd of belvast gets used and only 1/4th of dunbarton(not counting kiosks. Nobody kiosks anymore). This drives away returning players. This drives away veterans

    Game is pretty dead.

    The game also never gets promoted or advertised anywhere anymore. Because of this, It will probably never get an increase in adoption any time soon.

    – – – – –

    On the OTHER side of the fence is the MabiPro private server. They've just recently suffered some data loss around 2 or 3 days ago. who knooooooows when they'll be back online. . . (don't worry though, this is their first accident. . . . . . ever. So it's all good ! )

  • soutpansa

    They really did just make the game too easy. Took me a couple years to get to level 12k, then my friend makes a new character and gets level 5k in less than a couple DAYS. rip mabi

  • Nemo The Glover

    I started playing it when Alexia was first released. I havent touched it in a long time, but everytime I logged in since 2013 the game was all over the place for me, Every time I logged in it seemed like the thousands of hours I put into the game meant nothing anymore, like everyone was just rich and 4x my level

    the amount of gens that have been released seemed crazy to me, I remember grinding the game for hours and hours just to be able to get a fucking lava cat robe or whatever that was called

  • onehitok

    Yeah yeah, you guys kept saying that the past mabinogi is hard to train skills yadda yadda but never stayed to till the end to see yourself overpowered(I am talking about from 2010 to 2019). God I hate people like these who just talk and talk about the game dying. When they are so weak and hasn't even seen the recent endgame look like(it's shit btw).

  • Tega

    Well thanks for calling me rich and having a big d1ck lol, although I wasn't that rich I had like 1,6m if I remember correctly before I quit 😀

  • Zephury

    Wow… I haven't logged in to Mabi for quite some time. It really made me miss old times and was great hearing you speak about all of the things I remember in my childhood growing up, playing this game. When archery was in it's prime, I lived in Alby Arena every single day and past that, the guild battles were amazing for me too. I really lost interest in the game when archery was beat out my so many new mechanics and when guilds stopped participating in guild battles, as well as the death of Alby Arena. I have spent years searching for a game that would have some sort of similarity to mabinogi guild battles and alby arena, but nothing comes close. Guild battles were so ridiculously fun back in the day. One single player could fight 15 people at once because they were so much stronger. While some people love balanced games, I truly loved the aspect of mabinogi that if you trained hard, you could be a god.

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