Why Is WordPress Free? How Does It Make Any Money?
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Why Is WordPress Free? How Does It Make Any Money?

Hi! This is Topher with WinningWP. In
this video we’re going to take a look at the questions “Why is WordPress free, and
how does it make any money?” In addition there are a couple other questions that
we’re going to look at as well and one is “if WordPress is free how do the people
who make it make any money?” So let’s dive in and take a look.
WordPress follows the Free Software philosophy which is that all software
should be free to anyone who wants to use it and the original authors chose to
license it to be free to everyone. At the time they were building it for fun. They
enjoyed it, it was fulfilling a need they had in their own lives. As time went on
more and more people began to use it and more and more people began to contribute
to WordPress and to make it be better and larger and faster. And those people
did it for free as well. But how does that work? How is it that people can
contribute for free? Let’s take a look. Almost no one makes
money building WordPress. The work that goes into WordPress is almost
exclusively volunteer. However many people make money building things with
WordPress. For example theme shops, plug-in shops,
hosting companies; all sorts of things. WordPress is like a tool. It’s just a
thing like a hammer. Because WordPress is software it’s free to distribute it
doesn’t cost anything to make a copy. There’s no difference in costs between
everyone in the world having it and only one person having it, so there’s no
reason not to give it away. Using the analogy of hammers if hammers were free
no one would make money selling hammers. BUT people would continue to make money
building homes. So here’s our classic hammer. Imagine for a moment that
everyone in the world had one. No-one could ever make any money selling them
because everyone has one and could get one any time they need. But then people
would be able to use them to build these homes and many many other things. And now
we get to the important point about why people put money into
free hammers and free WordPress. In this picture is this great big black thing
with a yellow casing. That is also a hammer but that is called a nail gun and
it can put in nails three or four per second whereas a regular hammer takes
much longer. WordPress gets built because the
builders are investing in it. They’re making those power hammers. They want
their customers to have a better tool. They want a better tool for themselves
and so they put time and energy into making it better. That’s what they get
out of it and that’s why they can work on it for free. A byproduct of that is
that the average user gets the advantage of all of that work so you as a blogger
or any other kind of WordPress user gets the benefit of all that free work from
all of those people. But they also get the benefit from making a better tool
for their own company. So circling around the reason people make WordPress for
free is that it creates for themselves a better tool that they can then use to
make lots of money. The fact that you as a regular WordPress user get to take
advantage of all of that work is a very pleasant side benefit. If you’d like to
learn more about WordPress check out WinningWP.com.

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  • Abel Adams

    Basically…they put up a very basic product for free and then they charge you to make it better for yourself

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