Why is ISO 27017 important for public cloud or private cloud hosting? – Hyve Managed Hosting
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Why is ISO 27017 important for public cloud or private cloud hosting? – Hyve Managed Hosting

– Good morning, my name’s Graham and I’m the operations director, here at Hyve Managed Hosting. Why should businesses
care about ISO 27017? I guess the main reason, is that it’s a
cloud-specific certification. And what it’s asking the
cloud provider to do, is work with the customer,
to look at their data, to look at their settings, and make sure that they are
set-up as securely as possible. ISO 27017, is actually an enhancement to ISO 27001/2. The ISO 27001, is really
for information security across a whole range
of different companies, whereas, ISO 27017 is really
honed in, and specific, for cloud service providers
and their customers. The benefits a business gets from working with a hosting provider who has the 27017 certification, is really peace of mind. I mean, that’s got to be a critical point. Because when you have that certification, you have auditors that have come in, they’ve looked at how you
are providing your service, how you are setting up your cloud, how you are protecting data. And only when it conforms to
this incredibly high standard, can you be awarded that. So the customer, the
benefit the customer gets, is that he knows that when working with a 27017 provider, security is absolute paramount. The 27017 really builds upon the policies and procedures that
are laid down in 27001. You then have to look at the new policies, the seven new policies,
that have been brought in and make sure that both you, and your customer, are conforming to them. So as an enterprise customer, why would you choose a
managed hosting provider that has 27017 certification? Security, peace of mind, and working with a
managed hosting provider that wants to put their customer first to ensure that their data is looked after. If you have any questions
about our certifications or accreditations, come visit our website or give us a call.

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