• Andro dat

    Hi man nice work.I have a question. As a youtuber if I create a website then isn't the description of my videos are going to do the job.I mean having a website gets better search results but how can I make it different from my description???

  • JKN Productions

    Thanks for this video. I want to go into web design and I will love all of these upcoming videos. I would also like to see a desk/office tour

  • HeyGirLItsPearl

    Can't wait for the tutorials…you provide great information. I am interested in creating a website for myself to showcase my photos I've taken. Looking forward to this.

  • GeekHelpingHand

    I love creating websites! If anything, websites are always recommended since it doubles as your Digital Portfolio. Nowadays, not many careers/jobs will request a hardcopy resume anymore. Thanks for sharing!

    – Louis

  • Dylan Reed

    If I was to Get in to Graphic Design / Photo & Video Editing & Be Able to Make A Professional Flash Website with out knowing code using a macbook pro what software would you suggest & pricing please ? Thanks You seem like you would know ,

  • Dylan Reed

    If I was to Get in to Graphic Design / Photo & Video Editing & Be Able to Make A Professional Flash Website with out knowing code using a macbook pro what software would you suggest & pricing please ? Thanks You seem like you would know ,

  • Pawin

    Hey does something like ArtStation work?

  • benjamin1313

    so in the chase of naming a website. would it be better to chose an URL that is your real name if it's for at portfolio website or would a artist name be better?

    in my chase i'm a programmer and need a site to show of the stuff i made. plus i also have an artist in the family how could use a website to show of some of her paintings. in chase you could use something to go from.

  • OmegaReviews

    Great video, as always. But I already have a website, my website is hosted by one.com. Maybe a bit on the expensive side, but whatever

  • Kingteeuhh C

    this video is right on time for me. I am actually working on my website to bridge my channel and some other platforms as well as create some ecommerce opportunity right now. Trying it myself via wordpress, which I don't find the most intuitive but I am learning it. This is definitely requiring me to tap back into my coding days.

    I am def looking forward to your upcoming videos on this topic.

    Not sure if you remember me, but finally got my Nikon D5500! Yay! Still learning that too :). Thanks for the vid!

  • MedicEne

    Thanks again Roberto, one of my friends has made a website in order to help bridge my youtube channel, but as of now it only has my youtube videos on the website, what do you recommend putting on a website to differentiate it from my youtube channel ?

  • ChaptersWeLove

    I've been thinking about creating a website not from scratch 😉 I need something affordable looking forward to follow up videos on this topic Thank you!

  • HelloOJello 89

    I Begin using squares space wayyyyy before they became so popular as a website and their engine and settings are pretty good for a person that doesn't know much about codes and creating a websites. Yeah u can say the prize in some of their packages might be expensive for some people when I stared. But I still use it I just need to create more work to it to bring income to it. ANY TAUGHT ABOUT IT

  • Yusuf Onder

    totally agree with you Roberto, everyone should have a homepage… my first homepage was from WordPress on 2008 and people were laughing at me why I am having a homepage for what etc… but I believe that opening a homepage pushes you to organize yourself or understanding yourself who you are, branding yourself marketing yourself specially as a designer is so important in these times… I learned you go with the time or you go with the time… 🙂 hehe

  • The Mental Health Herbalist

    Roberto i have a website, but I only get 20 visits per day. Could you do a video on how to SEO your website?

  • Mellyssa Diggs

    I totally agree. I have a personal website and my upcoming business website. I have a few blogs focused on my poetry, my art, and other things, which will be websites this year. I don't actually do web design myself either due to time.

  • Jean-Michel Argentin

    Hi Roberto, and happy new year.
    I'm a fine art b&w photograher and need help with the right website for my artwork….Basically showing my artwork give a small talk about who and what I do, the website would allowed customers to view and order and purchase right from the website..A professional catchy logo…

  • SHOTRED555

    Hi Roberto as a person who is curious about your I have a question do you need to be a good drawer to be a graphic designer ?

  • Ojurongbe Ayodeji

    @Kingteeuhh C, In the words of the great M.Ghandhi "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
    This is why (despite all the knowledge and skill I have acquired) I have have never stopped checking out channels of great minds like Roberto.
    Thank RB.

  • Best Western K

    how outdated would you say Dreamweaver on CS4 is? I will be using that to start learning web design. Do you feel that I would be wasting my time since it is so old?

  • EdmunDsgn

    Hello Roberto,
    May I ask why you after all these years changed your thumbnails? was it the right time to change these because you have gained a huge amount of subscribers?
    I would like to know 🙂

  • Blue Lotus Media (US)

    Great video! I've been taking lots of notes. I'm also a web/graphic designer specializing in custom WordPress themes. Feel free to reach out if you have any extra work.

  • CageCat

    Hi Roberto. If one is limited regarding resources, time, money, etc. would one of those free/monthly subscription portfolio template websites (like Behance or Crevado) also do the job?

  • The Advisor Files

    great video. i know for some of my.perspective clients who i am not sure if they are serious ive used some free hosting areas to develop so they can see the development and then moved over to godaddy or bluehost

  • Luke Quigley

    Hi Roberto, I'm 19 years of age finishing school last year, decided to take a year out before college to find myself, I've always had a strong interest in computing and technology in general but had never been exposed to web development & design. Would 19 be too old to start a journey in web dev/design? And how should I go about starting up?

  • Winnie Lee

    You got a new subscriber! it is very inspiring and motivating to hear all your pieces of advice about how we can be involved in the graphic design industry. I am currently in my junior year of communication design / minor graphic design, and my dream is to be working with a lot of well-known graphic design firm agencies.

  • Vidro King

    i had a website a few years ago and never used it… i was thinking of using a 3rd party to sell graphic t shirts with my art or photography… i just do not want the over load of a huge inventory… i do think having the right website name is the key

  • Chris Story

    I don't know about you but website have becomes a dinosaur nowadays. it still effective depends on some businesses but never going to be the only game in town anymore.

    I have done websites back in the 90's when a kick ass service called Geocities was a big deal back then. after geocities was bought by yahoo and then died in the early 2000's. I've already got bored with it. don't get me wrong, websites isn't entirely relevant anymore because most people these days have switched to social sites. websites are secondary next to social sites like facebook and etc.

  • japrkia19

    I need a website and want to try at making it myself and don't know anything about it but I want to learn. I want to be able to blog my creative stories and journey on being a graphic designer and have a small online store and contact information and showcase my portfolio … squares pace or Adobe muse?? can you offer a suggestion on where to start? thanks in advance!

  • Raychristofer

    Hello Roberto how are you bro hope your having a restful long weekend. I have a website business question. Several companies have also contacted me after seeing my channel, some sent me photography gear to review which i haven't even got to shoot and edit yet. The website company Wix reached out to me and my idea is why don't I create a website for myself pertaining to my content creation portfolio and use SEO to try to rank also on google. I don't only want to be found on YT. You're an influencer for years what do you see in my plan that I might be overlooking? Thanks RB

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