Who Owns Your Domain Name
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Who Owns Your Domain Name

Hi everyone! I’m Tricia Clements with www.muttbuts.com. And I wanna talk to you today about your business’s
online identity, I’m working on a series of different videos and goes over several different items
that are related to that. First thing that I wanna talk to you about
is your domain name. It is the most important. And what I mean by domain name is your URL
that you type in to the top of the browser that is basically like www.muttbuts.com, facebook.com
any of those and you need to make sure that that you owned
your domain. So…your domain is different than your host
and that’s one of the things that a lot of people
have a little bit of trouble figuring out is the
difference between domain name and also host. So your domain, that’s just simply the name,
the address. And the host, that’s the place that allows
you to actually host the data. So I thought – I would kinda relate that
in a little bit in relation to – let’s say tiny houses. So… Let’s take it and look at it that way. Your domain is your address and just a blank
[unaudible] of canvas there that you can put your tiny house
and your host allows you to then put your data
your tiny house on wheels and park it there at that address. Hope that makes sense, if you have any questions
please let me know I will definitely come back and talk more
about that if you have questions about your domain. One thing is that – for domains, it’s very
easy to register your domain. You go to a registrar and you register it. You can get them for $7 and I have a link
in the title here which takes you to a website for really inexpensive
domains you get free privacy, they do not increase
the fees every single year like some other registrars. It’s called NameSilo – I love them, so… I’ve got that link, it’s an affiliate link
but check them out if you are looking to find a registrar for
your domain name. You need to make sure that you owned it. That’s the biggest problem that a lot of people
have. They may have their domain name but they don’t
know if they actually own it. Let’s say you have someone design your website
and they just say “I’ll go ahead and grab this domain that you want,
now I’ll go ahead and get that and get it all setup for you”. That’s the problem – it that is sounds
so quick and easy just to let someone handle it. Most of the rest of the website building you
wanna let someone else handle that. But I recommend that you go in
and buy your domain name yourself – you need to own that,
that’s your name, that’s your identity, that’s the thing that’s going to identify
your business online the most so you wanna make sure you own it and basically…
if you have somebody that tells you to that either they need to set it up and own
it or they’re working on your site, they need you to sign enable for them. Don’t walk away, run, run, run that’s shady
business. You need to own your domain. So that’s really
really one of the most important things, also you need to keep that login information. So… if you change email address or something
make sure that you go to that domain and login, make sure it has the current email address
for you. I would maybe set something on my calendar
to check in – you know, maybe every quarter just to make sure there’s
a right email address. Because… again, let’s say you don’t keep
the information current, you don’t keep your credit card information
current… when it’s set to auto-renew – if you have
it set to auto-renew and your credit card information is expired
and you don’t have the correct email address on file,
what’s gonna happen is you may not realize domain is come up to for an expiration
and it expires somebody else can go out there and buy that. They could buy your domain name if you don’t
keep that information current on file. So this is one of the most – if not the most
important things for your businesses online identity is to
make sure you have that information and you have access
to it. You own it. The other thing is… let’s you have someone
maybe a host or a web designer that has… that got that…went
ahead and set it up for you instead of you owning it – let’s say you all
don’t go along… you wanted to change and they get upset with
you. Well, what could they do? They can take that domain and if they’re really
shady they could sell it to a competitor, they could
point it to another website, they could point it to a competitor. That’s like the worst thing that could have. Somebody come in to find your business and
landing on your competitor’s site and information. You do not want that to happen. So make sure that own it. The only thing is if you lose access to your
host – being able to login and get that information,
well, that’s gonna a little bit to resolve, that’s not the end of the world. You can still get that. You can still put information up on your domain. You’ve got to have your access to your domain
and own your domain in order to get your website up there on your domain. So I hope that this live stream clarify things
for you and I hope – hope that you are now going in
and logging in making sure that own your domain, make sure
you own it. One thing is… as far as why you should own
it, another thing – you have that domain all over your business
cards. You have that domain, you might have it like
me I have MUTTBUTS on my car www.Muttbuts.com on my car and let’s say you
lose access to that… well then you’re advertising for “who knows
what?” because that website you no longer own it. Let’s say somebody else has taken it and you’re
advertising… you’ve gotta change your card, you’ve gotta
change your business like uhm… also your business cards but not
only that… you’ve built that reputation and that reputation
includes your website address and that’s your reputation. You’ve spent a lot of time. a lot of effort,
a lot of energy building that reputation. The number one thing is you need to own that
domain, name that domain. So go make sure, go ahead, go figure out where
your domain is and make sure you have the login, make sure
you own it – if you don’t, figure out who owns it and get that from them. Alright I hope I convinced you and this is
again the first in a series of a different videos where I’m gonna talk
about different things relating to your business’s
online identity. Something that a lot of businesses may not
consider, I know it’s time consuming to go through and
find all the information but this is one of the most important things
for you, for your business is your online business’s
identity which is your online business’s reputation. Alright everyone thank you so much for joining
and I’ll see you soon make sure you put your comments below and
I will come back and answer all of them. See you soon!

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