White Labeling Module in Astra Pro Theme – Astra Pro Tutorial Series | WordPress
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White Labeling Module in Astra Pro Theme – Astra Pro Tutorial Series | WordPress

hello everyone my name is Harshit Bhootra
and you’re watching Digital SunCity on this channel I make videos related to
WordPress and digital marketing so if you want to learn more of WordPress and
digital marketing then you can press the subscribe button below that way you’ll
be notified as soon as I publish a new video so now let’s get started with this
video now in this video, I’ll be showing you how you can use fight label feature
and you are pro theme to completely remove all the Astra Pro branding and
then replace it by some of your own personalized branding now if you don’t
know what white label feature is all about then let me tell you the white
label feature will enable you to change all of the Astra pro branding so once
you’re into your WordPress dashboard you’ll see that there are certain places
where Astra Pro is written like if you go to
appearance you can see astra options Astra starter sides if you go to themes
you will see that the this is written active astra so if you want to replace
all of that by your own personalized theme personalized plug-ins then you can
do that astra pro gives you the ability to do that now if you want to do it then
you need to go to appearance and then click on astra options now here you can
see all the options available to a astra pro user make sure you have an active or
pro license if you want to do it now in order to activate white-label
you can see that this white label feature here so just click on settings
and now here you can add all of those little replace all of those details from
this place so as you can see you have to write your author name so let’s say my
name is her ship so I’ll write her shot here now you have to enter your agency
author URL so my url is you can use any URL here then you have to enter your
license link so I don’t have license link yet but let’s just make something
and then here you have to replace the plug-in name so if you want to make the
plug-in name something like Harshit Pro plugin you can do that you
can enter a description if you want let’s say add XYZ then you can enter the
theme name so I am writing DS Theme then you can enter any theme description as
well then if you want you can also add the theme screenshot and that will
be placed there but it’s not required so I’m skipping it for now then you can
enter the plug-in name then the game description then there is this feature
as well enable white label so I’ll tell you its use as well but for now let’s
click on save and see what are the changes so here I have to enter a URL then you have to click on Save Changes
and you’ll see that all the changes have been saved now so as you can see here
Astra options was written and now it has been there placed by DS theme here
astra sites were written now it has been replaced by DS demo sites and if I go
to themes you will see that the active DS Theme this image can be replaced by
like I told you this image can be replaced by just adding a screenshot at
that place you can see by harshit DS Theme the description is XYZ so as
you can see I have completely replaced all of these details similarly you can
also replace all of these details now there is one catch what if someone goes
to this option here DS theme and sees this option you know white label so do
you know what you can even remove this so in order to remove this white label
thing from here you can go to again you can go to the settings option and then
you can just click on enable white label and then click on Save Changes that said
it will be actually removed from here so now no one will ever know that this
thing was not designed by you you can see the S theme here you can see all of
the things have been completely changed there is no word related to astre on the
whole theme now what if you want to go and get back all those features because
now you don’t see that option so in order to deactivate all of these things
what you have to do is you just have to go to simply the plugins actually so
let’s go to plugins and you just have to deactivate this Astra pro plugin so you
can see this plug-in here DS demo sites and then there is this plug-in this is
an additional plug-in extra widgets which is not required so you can
deactivate it if you want you can in fact remove it it is just acting as a
plugin not the Astra actually so you can see this Harshit pro theme Harshit Pro Plugin so you just have to click on deactivate and then you have to
activate it again or you can do anything but the thing is that that feature has
now been replaced by original Astra branding so this is how you can do all
of these things if you want to change all of these things again then you
just simply activate that plugin again and make all the changes it will be just
like it happened before so there are no issues with using this plugin this is a
wonderful plugin if you want to hide that if you want to hide from your
client that you have used some other theme on your and use some other
plugins for making their theme or you have used some preinstalled templates so
this is a great way and this feature comes with Astra Pro plugin so you
must use Astra Pro Theme For It so I hope you have enjoyed this video and learned
how you can use Astra Pro theme for this purpose I hope you liked this video
it takes me a lot of efforts to create free videos like these for all of you
people so please consider to subscribe and if you have any questions or
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