Which Wall Can I Ride Through?

*Intense Music* *J Fred Hits a wall* *laughter* There’s a wall Behind it W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What’s up y’all Today, we are doing the witch wall can I ride through, challenge with these things. There’s a bunch of walls we’re, gonna Be able to ride through some of them and some are gonna stop us in our tracks, and we wanna thank LG for sponsoring, This, video this is Gram it doesn’t say LG. Big shout out to lg, for sponsoring. This video right now LG Is running the #LikeGram campaign, and they sent us one of these dope gram laptops So nice you can, do whatever you, want with it ready joey get ready guys i don’t know What i’m about to do right now ready to come down, my back and go ahead if you drop it, cause these things are super light *throws the laptop* And it’s pretty darn light at 2.1 Pounds, like brian’s brain, so we’re gonna test this durability During, this video so make sure you watch the entire video because you never know, what it’s gonna happen. Make sure you go visit their facebook their instagram or their youtube page for a chance to win one of these dope ones Ready Bobby? It don’t matter if you don’t catch it *Throws the laptop again* *Laptop drops* Turn it on, does it still turn on? It Still works! EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Let’s start this thing *Screaming* *Classy Music and J Fred Dancing* Alright guys, so now we’re gonna decide who gets what, vehicle – right through the wall and take their turn with Whitney’s gonna, bring out a box there’s a, whole bunch of cards inside we’re, gonna pick a random card and we’re gonna decide who gets what hover- hover car, oh Ohhhhhhhhhh… Oh the things got suspension on it there’s only One wall over there that i’m gonna be able to ride through into that are gonna stop, me in my tracks You might wanna put your helmet on this is the part Ah so, which wall J Fred one two or three. I’m going for two. Two two All right J Fred in three two one go OH MAMA! What happened? It started steering in the wrong way. Three. Two. One. Go! I can’t Ah! c’mon *Intense Music* *Smash* *Laughter* There’s a wall behind it *Dramatic Music* one miss Nope. OVER TWO SUKER! Oh, amazing You told in your handbag so a tv Which, why are you going for first, body sign i’m you choose In the middle number two all right all right that, was joey’s first pick you didn’t go through no i did Friend number three hey, i made it all right i made it into two trance i Waited the danger zone yeah motorcycle, oh? Your dad just texted me reason i don’t know. Thanks for loving all right choose look, how Tiny that helmet is number two is every? Child’s helmet take a lot well this thing goes faster you have to go, through 101 There, we are what the heck, new dozen unfair, okay? You, saw it yes i did all right brian’s in the lead i’m second choice third Hey, brian, catch Thing that might have broken it bobby, that’s my laptop no Wait does it still work All right let’s try to drive you through a, wall tape it tape it sunshine you got it with, awesome Now get out of my, way? There’s, no way there’s no way, oh, we good what it’s fine what’s fine? we’ve got over it okay For this next round we’re each gonna get our own wall but to decide who is going to pick, which wall which person gets Which wall, oh? Alright guys, so in this round we’re gonna get to pick who gets to go i don’t know What i’m saying for this round reaching to choose a wall to ride through but We’re, gonna play a little game where one of these will shock us whoever gets the shocking pen We each pick a Pen the one that shocks you if you get shocked you get to go first you get to pick the wall first and you’re rideable first It shocks you you get to pick first i don’t think it’s this one three two one oh? Motorcycle okay so now you get to pick, which wall you get as, well? Number one oh he gets the pick who gets what, oh? Alright, brian gets number two, brian gets the skateboard, bobby gets the hoverboard alright All mother sita, oh? It’s gonna, be bad either way, because if i get stopped? By that, wall i’m gonna like go wow Because it’s only, like, what – a chest height Wow i think there’s a bar behind there either way i’m screwed oh Big shout out, again, to lg, for sponsoring this video and sending us his dope durable laptop, make, sure you, guys Go, visit their facebook instagram youtube channel, links down below for a chance to win One of these dope, lg, grams guys, make, sure you go check out our playlist Which wall can i run through that’s a compilation of all of our videos but, we don’t know, which one we can? Make it through and sometimes We get stopped in our tracks and in the face and go watch the shoot the ninja behind the paper wall where Bobby tried to break a, board with. His head, and hey i i ended up breaking you though, oh? See you guys later

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