Which Hosting Company Should I Use To Host My Website?
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Which Hosting Company Should I Use To Host My Website?

Hi there, I’m Daniel Mancini of Internet
Marketing Tutorials and the topic of today’s video is going to be ‘What hosting should you buy to host your web business?’ So obviously with hosting, there are hundreds of different good quality hosting services out there, but to keep this answer short and simple. If you’re just getting started online, and if you just have one or a handful of small to medium-sized websites, there are two companies who I always recommend. The first company is Host Gator and I’ll include a link beneath this video and also Host Monster. So that’s Host Gator or Host Monster both have very good user interfaces. Both of the admin control panels are identical more or less. They’re both very similar, they’re both easy to navigate and they also have 24 hour live customer support
which I can verify is very, very good and they provide a very
efficient service I’ve used both Host Gator and Host Monster in the past, I’m currently using hostmonster myself but it’s just as good as Host Gator. At the time, Host Monster were offering a special promotion, so that’s the only reason why I
opted to go with Host Monster. I’ve been very happy with both services they provide a platform that you can have secure access and you can also
do so many different things I mean it’s a whole tutorial in itself and in fact I
have actually created a tutorial video on the back of Host Monster (which is the same as Host Gator). And I’ve always been very happy with both
services so I have included the links beneath the video It’s just a question of take your pick really. Maybe one of them is offering a promotion, so if you Click On The Link Below and have a look and see, but really they’re both very cheap you know
you’re looking at a few dollars a month at $10 a month roughly for
either service. And they provide a full, professional service that’s all you
really need to get started. I would highly recommend that you choose one or
two of these companies and also, I’ve included the link to the tutorial video of the back office beneath this video, once you go ahead and purchase Hostgator or Host Monster I would recommend you
take a look at the tutorial video that I’ve created for you explaining exactly how to use Hostmonster which is identical to Hostgator. They’re actually owned by the same company so their both the same with each other
really. So I hope that answers your question for you like I said I wanted to keep this video short and simple for you. So I would recommend HostGator or HostMonster. Links beneath this video. And also if you’re co fused with anything, just Click On The Link Beneath This Video where I’ve provided you with a demonstration of how to are provided you with a demonstration of how to navigate the back
office. If you have any further questions as always feel free to email
me or contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] internet-marketing-tutorials.com. Or alternatively contract me by Facebook or my other social media
platforms which I’ve also included the links and all of my contact information beneath this video also. So good luck with getting your hosting sorted, and I’m here for you and I’ll support you should you require any
assistance. So I hope that’s useful for you and I look forward to seeing you in subsequent videos. So have a great day and take care 🙂

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