Where To Blog: Medium Vs. WordPress
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Where To Blog: Medium Vs. WordPress

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from simpleprogrammer.com. Hey, I just want to give a quick thanks to
one of our sponsors at Simple Programmer which is DevMountain Bootcamp. You should go check them out. The link is in the description. They are a coding bootcamp and they can teach
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out there that email me have told me about DevMountain, so I decided to check them out
myself. I like what I found. I like their programs. They offer some 12-week intensive programs. They also offer some after-hours programs
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DevMountain Bootcamp. A big thank you to them for sponsoring Simple
Programmer. I got a question here about blogging. If you want to check out some of my videos
on blogging, you can check out the playlist here. I talk about this a lot and I’ve got a free
course on blogging that you can check out as well. There will be a link in the description. This question I get quite a bit which is,
“Should I make a WordPress blog or a Medium publication. Medium has become more popular as blogging
platform and it’s pretty slick. More people are asking this question so I
thought I’d answer this here. I love how some of you are giving me he pronunciations
for your name because I butcher them so many times, but here we go. This is from Michael Leung and he says, “It’s
Lee-ung, ung as in lung from San Francisco, so Michael Leung” got it. All right. He says, “Hi John, I’ve already decided with
my cofounder to start our blog on Medium, but I just wanted to get your input on this. Should I make a WordPress blog or Medium Publication? Medium Publication is free and offers everything
I need to get started (ads, custom domain, analytics, author hierarchy, and Facebook/Twitter
integration) while WordPress has a potential to cost hundreds for the same stuff plus a
few plugins and fancy templates.” It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of WordPress. Well, sort of, I have a love and hate relationship
with WordPress, but I think it’s the best platform for blogging. I’ll plug here. You could check out—for a lot more details
check out my free blogging course on how to create a blog to boost our career. It’s free. It’s delivered via email and it will give
you everything you need to know about blogging and setting up your WordPress site and all
that. The question here—so here’s what it comes
down to between Medium and WordPress. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is not the most
easy used, fastest piece of software. It’s getting better. I actually think it is. Medium is slick. It’s awesome. It’s got all that stuff integrated. I mean I looked at Ghost before and Ghost
is slick and even having pages—what’s it? Jekyll and static HTML pages that you generate
and pre-generate. I’ve looked at all that stuff. I’m not an amateur here. I know all this stuff is out there but I still
use WordPress for all my sites and I’ll tell you why. It has to deal with the amount of plugins
and the flexibility that yo have and also the support that you have if you need to find
a WordPress developer, you need custom stuff created or built for you, that’s why I choose
WordPress, but let’s not talk about even that. Let’s talk about the idea between using something
that’s like a hosted service for you, Medium vs WordPress. What you really want to make sure that you
do is that you own your content when it’s a blog. Medium is great. It has a lot of reach. It has awesome features. It’s all that. There’s a lot of other blogging platforms
that might be totally free that you could put your blog on and you could add your content
to, but is that really the best place that you should put your stuff? You don’t own that. You don’t control Medium. If Medium shuts down your blog, you’re done. If they turn off your traffic, you’re done. If they change the algorithm, you’re done. All of that stuff is—you’re putting into
their hands and to me, your website, your blog is really important. What I always recommend is that you create
your own site and create it in WordPress and make your blog there. Yes, it may cost you a little bit more money
upfront. It’s not going to cost you much though, and
yes, it may be a little more headache upfront, but you’ll own the content. It will be your content, not you using someone
else’s platform. You’ll own the domain. All of these things are really important and
then you can republish your stuff to Medium. Because what you really want to have especially
as your company develops is you want to have that SEO juice from Google. YO want to have the CERT Traffic coming in
to your blog, to your domain and your domain ranking. If Medium shuts down for some reason, if whatever
blogging platform shuts down for some reason and you’re using their domain to do the blogging
and you’re using their platform or their tools or whatever it is. Maybe they start censoring our talk and they
don’t like what you’re saying so they delete your blogpost and shut down your blog. Any of those things could drastically affect
you whereas if you’ve got your own domain, you’ve got your own website set up and you’re
using something like WordPress, you don’t have to use WordPress, but I recommend it,
if you do that you’re sort of—you’re antifragile against that kind of thing. There’s not a lot that’s going to wreck you
and totally wreck your day aside from someone attacking your server, but you can recover
from that. You can put a backup up. You’ve got to think long term, down the road. If you’re successful and—the worst thing
that could possibly happen for you is you’re getting all of this traffic to your blog on
Medium and then 5 years down the road Medium shuts down and—you were getting all this
traffic and now you get zero traffic and you have to start over and build a new website
and actually create a domain and start to get ranking on a bunch of search terms. The value for you as someone who has a blog,
who has a website is in the domain, is in owning that content and being the person who
controls that content. I actually have a bit of a—I actually started
to think about this when I was thinking about the answer to this video and I have this problem
with YouTube technically. I should technically, if I were eating—I
probably will switch this at some point in the future, I didn’t think about this when
I first started on the platform, but I probably should have been posting my videos originally
on my website exclusively and then syndicating them to YouTube so that I was controlling
all the content there. I’ve got all the videos, I own that property
but I didn’t think about that that much. I mean YouTube is a little bit of a different
beast, but definitely in the web it’s easy enough for you to create your own site. Even though Medium is appealing and all this
and I understand, if you want to create a second blog on Medium I mean you’re not going
to have time, but sure, you could do that. My advice for most people right now is just
syndicate to Medium if you want to be on the platform. You’re going to have to sacrifice some of
the—it’s worth sacrificing some of the stuff to make sure that you own the content and
that you have the full rights to your own blog otherwise later down the road it could
really, really hurt you. It really can. I’ve seen this happen to people before. It almost happened to me when I was using
the hosted WordPress and I didn’t have my own domain. I mean I quickly switched off of that but
I did lose some initial traffic. I’m just warning you. It may seem appealing, but go with your own
site. All right, if you like this video, if you
haven’t subscribed already, make sure you click that subscribe button below and click
the bell to make sure you don’t miss any videos when they come out. I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.


  • PixemWeb

    I agree with you. OWN YOUR WEBSITE. There's a difference between Owning and Renting. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla enable you to own your website. Hosted services just let you rent your website. Plus free is never truly free.

  • xybersurfer

    i didn't know Medium before this video, but as soon as you mentioned that it's a hosted service the alarm bells went off for me. i have the same issues with things you don't own

  • David Truxall

    I started blogging a long time ago at Dotnetjunkies in 2003. It was a popular place for .Net blogging. Then the owner sold it to Dr. Dobbs. Within a few months it was shut down. All content gone. Host your own, you don't know where Medium may be tomorrow.

  • ReVitellect

    I'm using WordPress currently. Thanks for the advice, John. I'm waiting to make actual money from my blog. Once that happens, then I'll switch to making a website. But thanks for the tip. 🙂

  • Michael Hall

    Medium has an "import story" tool that "lifts" your blog post (from your WordPress post on your own domain, for example) and does the SEO for you: It creates a "canonical" meta tag that tells the search engines that the Medium version of the post is a duplicate of your own domain post, so the search engines (1) won't penalize you for duplicate content and (2) your own domain gets the credit for the content.

  • Aurelian Spodarec

    When people say that a multi-billion dollar economy is going to die -_-

    Translation = PHP will die… YEAH OF COURSE!

    When people have no clue about Business, and they look at the new fancy frameworks and stuff that is out there, and sudently, OH! PHP will die in 5 years! Article writen in 2011.

    Almost 2018. What we get? OH! PHP Will die in 5 years!

    Yeah, right…

    But I get it, a lot of them are click-bating probably.

    But I see way too many people thinking PHP will really die… I mean come on…

    Oh yes ROR haha, that already died.

    There might be more alternatives to PHP sure, but PHP is a solid language no matter what. Will last as long as the sun. It already lasted for 4.5billion years, will last for another 4.5billion years.

    Just think about it!

    All of this articles writing how bad is PHP, they have no clue about PHP! And there's not perfect langauge anywas! Plus , WHO CARES?! You're a developer, your job is to learn quickly new langauge and adapt. What the hell!

  • smonkey001

    If you're a programmer, no excuse and disadvantage to not host your blog yourself. In fact, some even write their own blog, in the old days.

  • Dustin

    John, I hear you on your recommendation for owning your content and having more control over your destiny… but aren't you essentially… oh, you started talking about how you are doing this with YouTube.

  • WP With Tom

    You're right John. Of course I'm absolutely biased though haha.

    The only thing I'd say you should have specified here is that he would need to NOT be using a wordpress.com blog and SHOULD be using a wordpress.org install through his hosting provider in order to truly control his content.

  • SK

    What about building your own? Many of us are budding devs, I took the opportunity to turn my blog/site into a personal project and build it from scratch. Agree on your views on Medium, but WordPress is kind of known as being as a clusterfuck under the hood and I didn't want anything to do with it.

  • TTibus

    What's about with all those rings and wrist bands thing John ? Has something to do with what you said before that you need to believe in something that you cannot exlain ? 🙂

  • Poch

    Hi John, I really want to get into WordPress theme development. I have a particular niche I want to specialize in, what are the ways you can identify if a particular niche is worth venturing into or not?

    Also what is your general opinion on WordPress theme development these days? Is it still a viable option for programming newbies in 2017?

  • SelfSage

    I will blog on my wordpress site and import on medium blog! I get the benefits of owning both platforms. The problem is how am i going to build followers..

  • Calm Energy

    I just really like the features medium offers, maybe I'll create my own website then code in the features I like similar to medium!

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