Where Should Non-U.S. Residents Form LLC?
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Where Should Non-U.S. Residents Form LLC?

– If you’re a non-U.S. resident, where should you form your LLC? Here are five top reasons
why you should form your LLC in Wyoming if you’re a non-U.S. resident. My name is Sam Mollaei. I’m the number one,
highest-rated business lawyer for entrepreneurs. I help entrepreneurs
start their U.S. business with peace of mind without dealing with complicated government forms. In 2013, I started a virtual law firm so I could work remotely
anywhere in the world and help entrepreneurs
start their U.S. business at the same time. Since then, I’ve assisted
more than 1,246 entrepreneurs start their U.S. business. If you’re a non-U.S.
resident, meaning you operate your business from outside the U.S., Wyoming is the best state
to form your LLC in. There’s a lot of misinformation online that says Delaware or Nevada are better. However, this is not correct. Wyoming is even better state
than Delaware or Nevada to form your LLC in. Here are the top five reasons why. Wyoming has cheaper
annual fees of $50 a year versus $300 in Delaware or $350 in Nevada. Number two: You don’t
have to be a U.S. citizen and you don’t need a U.S. mailing address to form your LLC in Wyoming. Three: Wyoming offers anonymous
ownership, meaning names of the LLC members do
not have to be disclosed. Four: Wyoming does not
have any state, corporate, or capital gain taxes. Five and most importantly:
Wyoming is very easy, simple, and straightforward process
to form your LLC in. Benefits such as these, combined
with my personal service, make Wyoming the best state
for LLC for non-U.S. residents. However, I must warn you that if you will be operating
physically inside the U.S.; then it’s best to form your
LLC in your home state. Your home state is the state
where you’re physically located and doing business in. So, for example, if you will
be operating in California, then you should form
your LLC in California. Or if you’re gonna be
operating in New York, then you should form your LLC in New York. That is the answer. However, if you’re not planning
to have physical presence in the U.S., meaning that
you will be operating solely from outside the U.S., then you should form your LLC in Wyoming. In summary, if you’re a non-U.S. resident, form your LLC in Wyoming. Otherwise, form your LLC in the state where you’re physically located. In the past four years,
my non-U.S. clients have been really happy with
forming the LLC in Wyoming. And I’ve never had any
issues with Wyoming. That’s why I always recommend Wyoming LLC for my non-U.S. clients. If you’re looking to start
your U.S. business, start here: go to Mollaeilaw.com to
get more information.


  • VlogsBy Cali

    Great video. Can my llc own another llc that have a partner. Example: I own a llc but want to partner with somebody on a venture. I would not like to give stock in my holding company because I own a free llc that bring income. Can me and the partners open an llc but my portion is held by my umbrella company and all my earnings get sent to the Og llc. Thanks in advance

  • Olga Portna

    Thanks for the video. I have a question, I’m not leaving in USA but I’m Amazon seller on US market , can I form LLC in Wyoming ? Thanks

  • Damiswear

    i have an Wyoming sinle member LLC. I am NON-US resident . Under LLC i have shopify store with apparel products. Its dropshipping store with products from china or print-on demant products. have i pay sales tax? what forms need i fil?

  • mike lim

    im a non-us resident, can you help me get a reseller permit and resale certificate if i set up an LLS in wyoming?

  • Information For you

    if i will registered for wyoming llc, anyway im from the philippines and planning to make a amazon business in the usa and in the future apply for l1a visa, will this affect my l1a visa cause what i know is i should pay taxes in the usa. will you please clarify this thank you so much

  • Asmir Dzopa

    Hello I have a few questions.

    How easy is it to setup a bank in Wyoming?

    Do I have to pay any income tax (or any other tax) or can I claim to be exempt since I will not be physically present in the USA while running my business.

    Will be setting up in a few months and appreciate the help.

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  • kishawn facey

    I am I Jamaica and want to sell on amazon but Jamaica is not allowed to sell on amazon how can I get a llc to start dropshipping on amazon

  • Steve Kwok

    https://mollaeilaw.com/start-business this link lead you to a totally different kind of things, which is a "Clickfunnel" ad

  • Queenie Lu

    Hi Sam, for non-resident who may partially operate business in the U.S. and partially in other countries, is Wyoming still a good choice? Or does it depend on where I spend most of my time in the U.S.? For example, California.

  • Naiyi Mu

    Incfile is a cheap LLC formation service ,the cost start at $49 + state fee .My referral link : http://hoturl.cc/incfile

  • CSE

    Is it difficult to get a payment processor with a non-US-resident LLC and without having offices in the US nor a US person to sign on my behalf?
    Will I need to make a virtual address and pretend to have a US office there?

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