Where should I buy a Domain? Top 5 compared
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Where should I buy a Domain? Top 5 compared

All right friend Welcome to the next episode of my hundred day prosperity challenge.
This is Timesha coming at you from the background I’m going to talk to you about domains and how to find a good domain provider And so what is a domain? A domain is Basically an address for your website or your blog. Okay, so Like you have a physical address for your house Your website has to have an address or else people won’t know where to go and people won’t know where to send the bills And the people won’t know where to send the money, right? So you have to have address and the same thing with your website your the website has to have an address so namecheap’s domain is Www.namecheap.com that is their domain So that is their address just like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the address for the white house. Namecheap.com is the address for namecheap’s website that is where you can type in and find them, okay so Why do you need a domain? It makes you look professional. It helps build your brand. It makes you stand apart from the people who are just doing hobbies as opposed to a person who actually is running a business and if you want to set up your click funnels and autoresponder integration You have to have a domain to start. Now Remember click funnels will give you your first domain for free so you don’t have to even go through this step if this is not sure if this is your first Domain or your first funnel. however If this is not your first funnel or your with someone else or you’re doing a blog then you’re going to need a domain so let me talk about the major five and You can decide like I decided which domain was best for me Okay, so we are on NameCheap’s website right now and it looks like if I wanted to get the domain So TimeshaHolmon.com which is my name Then I would pay eight dollars and eighty eight cents per year and it might renew it could possibly renew at $10.98 which is not bad actually, and so If you scroll down you’ll also see that you get the privacy protection for one year Absolutely free Love the word free with every eligible new domain registration or transfer so you will not have to pay anything extra For privacy protection and that’s good. You want to know that and that is going to come to play in our next In some of our next domain name providers, okay, so we’re going to want to go Daddy now GoDaddy has those nice videos or Advertising that you see on TV every now and then and so for GoDaddy if I want to Buy TimeshaHolmon.com and I just want to pay for a year. I only pay $2.99 which is not bad. But if you want to have your business longer than a year paying just $2.99 may not be the best option for you it but it says right underneath there for the first year with to your registration and then it says When you register for two years or more the first year is a dollar and then each additional year is $19.99. Okay, and that’s To me could be a little high if you’re just trying to get a domain name like because Namecheap was like ten dollars Or like eleven dollars $10.98 and you’re trying to charge with twenty dollars a year so over the lifetime of your domain. However long you keep it You could come out cheaper with namecheap as opposed to GoDaddy because After you pay $1, and then you pay 19.99 that’s like twenty one dollars and with namecheap You’ve only paid like what 18 or 20 it comes out to be about the same But you’re paying twenty dollars every year after that. Where Namecheap You’re only paying ten ninety eight every year So after the second third year, you’re coming out cheaper on this side then GoDaddy. Okay, so hostgator Hostgator says that for my domain I’m gonna pay $12.95 and apparently this is a sale It’s supposed to be $15. Don’t know when that’s going up But that’s nice to know and then to add domain privacy. You must pay $14.95 so your total costs and this does not include taxes its twenty seven dollars and ninety cents for one domain which is Expensive to me. So I don’t know what else Hostgator offers you I know it’s a hosting site but remember with Clickfunnels you don’t have to have hosting because ClickFunnels hosts all their own sales pages and funnels and Capture pages and everything one their own sites so you don’t have to get hosting from anybody else So if you’re looking for just straight domain, this is a little high Okay, that’s a little high to me. And I don’t know if you get cheaper. I Don’t know that doesn’t look much cheaper for three years those three times. That’s thirty-six dollars Then it says 38 so three times, okay Okay, three times nine 3 times 13, which is 39 And so this is 38 85 which is a little cheaper, but you know, it’s still a lot of money For three years to me. Okay. The next one is which is Bluehost, okay, and Bluehost says that they will give me my domain for $11.99 which is not too bad and then they’re gonna charge me $0.99 per month for privacy protection Which would bring my total year to twenty three dollars and 87 cents. I mean granted I see here It’s not horrible But if I’m just getting a domain and I’m not getting any of the other tools And I’m not getting hosting I don’t think paying this would benefit me much okay, and then the last one we have here is dreamhost and DreamHost has a sale actually When I got on here trying to get my domain or trying to figure out how to do my domain remember I was three days stuck on this When I was trying to figure out how to get my domain and before I realized clickfunnels gave me my domain for free. I think this was like 1295 or 1199 it was something like one of the others I can’t remember which one but today they have a sale which is $8.99, which is not bad because That’s close to what Namecheap has 8.88 but that’s still it’s still a little more. Okay, and The subsequent years. I’m not quite sure how much that’s gonna run You probably looks like it was $12.99 to be honest with you. And so Also, they give you free private revit free private resin I can’t talk today free private registration. Okay, so that means that Like the other ones they make sure that people can’t get your Information on your domain and who you are and contact you and you know basically bug the mess out of you at this point and it’s free and they also give free subdomains which might be kind of cool if you Want to have other domains that have other sites and have other things coming from that website Like want to build other Funnels and you need other sites. You may be able to use this sub domain for that Okay, so that that pretty cool as well so that is This this is what dreamhost okay, so To me the best bet for my money would be Namecheap. That’s what I would choose For my next domain because you have to build more than one funnel. Okay? My next domain probably will be with namecheap Simply because it is cheaper and over the life of my business. I am paying cheaper the cheaper cost whereas the other ones cost more over time and dreamhost isn’t a bad idea either so you can check that out as well and Depending on what you want to do if you need extra Domains or subdomains. That’s not a bad. That’s not a bad deal. So at 8.99 It’s not – not too shabby there Okay. So this is the top five domain providers. There are tons more. I’m sure and you just If you want to find out about any of them in particular just hit me a comment Below and let me know what you want to know about and I will definitely get on that and do a video about it okay, and also if you found any value in this video today Make sure that you click the link to the like Thumb like at the bottom and much and please subscribe I’m giving daily videos out and I want to make sure that you get all the Information in a timely manner. Okay, so that is my video today oh if you want to find out how I’m firing my boss in 2019 make sure that you click the link in the description box Also, there’s another link in the comment section make sure that you click one of those All right and find out what I’m doing to say adios to my boss this year. All right But until next my friend Make sure that you think big dream big to own the life of your dreams bye now


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    I've been using godaddy for all my domains with no hitch for awhile now, but thanks for sharing all these other good options!

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