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  • Stuart Mckown

    Ahh the “we need more conquest” argument meant to instigate growth tied to the military industrial complex spearheaded by government funding.

    It’s not that hard to believe that the US would easily lose its scientific and research because government loved backing private interest in the little over 25 years since this interview.

    SpaceX isn’t going to replace NASA. Nor will any other private enterprise replace well regulated government function in the USA.

    It’s also interesting to note how these hosts simply say that enterprise is “exploring” ideas through multi-national corporate interests. I contend that the points made are disingenuous and that most if not all of the ventures spoken of were not in the national interest but in the interests of profits and time has shown that all of these ventures when given to the consumers over time were used to substantially sky rocket prices especially for medical application in the US.

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