• Passive Income Tom

    Great tips Joseph! 👍 I really try hard to sell for a lose. Sometimes when I buy at a high price, I continue to buy to lower my average cost.

  • Dylon Garrett - Investing and Personal Finance

    You described me in the beginning with my marijuana investment.

    I don’t want to sell because we are in the beginning stages of a fast growing industry. I think even with debt – investors will supports these cannabis companies until profitability

  • Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

    5 Dividend Stocks You Won't Have to Worry about Selling! 💰 These dividend-payers will never let you down! https://youtu.be/huy7Ui5xg_s

  • daisukexdark

    I kno the feeling, jus went thru this, but wit good advice I got out before I lost completely, lost half but better then losing all

  • EduMation

    I see your point. I use to average them down if I really believe in the stock.

    In this market condition, I’m setting up a stop loss of 10% and sell them


    Great videos again Joseph , I personally do NOT use stop loss orders , mostly only buy and hold dividend stocks from my experience my biggest losses have been with Buying options when i first started . Now in my opinion and what has worked for me personally in safer trades are Selling PUTS and Covered calls . Covered calls also give downside protection too but like you said Joseph , you just have to know when to get out.

  • Edward Howell

    When to get out of stock at a loss? The conventional wisdom seems to be if soon after buying a stock it drops by 8% you should sell. If you're like Luke Skywalker in a Deathstar trash compactor and you've got a bad feeling about this you may want to get out sooner. Of course, that advice is mainly for short term growth and value investors. Longer term growth and income investments, I think you're on the right track. Re-analyze the stock and then see is there is a better investment for your money.
    I recently had to do this with a REIT I was invested in: EARN. The dividend and price were dropping, so, I took a look at the earnings for the past year and got out despite that when I bought it I thought it was a "buy til you die" stock.

  • haris000000

    Yup, I bought stock in a wonderful company in August all good right? Nope, the company has a massive project in Argentina which had an unexpected result in their presidential elections … Market got scared that Argentina wont be able to pay off its debts and on top of that they implemented capital controls. So yupiiii, did not see that one coming.

    Did not sell. The company is still sound and the project is due to kickstart in the 1st quarter of next year so the theory is I should see a return by the 2nd quarter of 2020. If I am wrong I loose some money but not all … I will get back up easily. One way I manage risk is I "never bet the ranch".

    Hopefully the only thing Ill regret at this stock is that I didnt buy more when it was so low … We shall see.
    Times Id sell a stock is:
    Managment is dilluting stock
    They are to agressive in buybacks or dividends (LVS)
    They take on too much debt
    They are frauds
    The fed starts tightening interest rates
    Gold drops below 1300
    Found a better stock to buy

  • GenExDividendInvestor

    Man, it is HARD to sell a stock at a loss, especially if you have researched the heck out of it and really believe in it… Thanks for your insights, Joseph. Super good video, I hope everyone watches it fully.

  • M Carter

    I bought SLP at a little over $16/share. Enjoyed the ride to around $38/ share. Sold it after 2 straight days of losses totaling around $4. The dividend was weak anyway. This was last month. Bought AT&T with the cash. Hoping T will thrill me, so far it's been lackluster. Was it a good move?

  • MINDS in Motion

    I found that the buy, hold, and homework strategy is helpful. Also to take 20% profits sometime and reinvest the money in positions for greater returns

  • Mr_ Unst0pable

    Great channel buddy, thank you for your service and thanks for the sound advice. I just recently started taking my finances seriously, so channels like yours are very helpful. I find it fasinating that any of your videos have thumbs down considering the fact that this is free advice and your just trying to help people. Keep up the great work buddy!

  • Squintillions

    Yes, Bowtie Nation! Snappy bow tie today. Glad you are covering this topic. This is something I have been wondering about as I have stocks in some companies that were bought by a Financial Advisor (who I don’t use any more) and were bought at too high a price. I wasn’t really paying attention the way I should have been. Some of them aren’t doing well…down 20% to 40% and they aren’t really companies I would have invested in by my choice. Really need to form a strategy on how to handle them. Just have been letting them ride. A few pay ok dividends, but concerned their price may not recover for a long time though, if at all — SU, MFC, STT.

  • Tim Crowe

    You never got back to me on nokia so I bought 2023 shares for 4.94, I think I had to jump into it now. (Your speech inspired me)…

  • Snafu2346

    The stocks I have that have any real loss that I'm uneasy about are Cannabis stocks. They've been plummeting for a while. I'm hoping it will rebound in the long run. What do you guys think?

  • tasksmaster

    Great video!! I was wondering what your professional opinion is on cannabis stock investing? Thanks for the great information in all your videos!

  • J Snead

    Your 3rd reason is exactly why I bailed on ACB. I sold directly after they missed their own guidance last month and the stock tumbled 9%. My gut told me that between this and various negative factors in the Canadian MJ market the stock would bleed and sure enough it has continued to do so. I ended up investing into IIRP and even though they had a large 10% drop yesterday (due to Hexo lowering Q4 sales expectations and nervous investors about the SAFE act possibly passing), I think that management has done extremely well with growing and have set the company up to be extremely successful if MJ is decriminalized federally in the US. I also feel as if the market for this particular stock is overreacting, thinking that if the SAFE act is passed it will take away from IIPR’s sweet spot in the REIT sector of cannabis. Therefore I am going to stay long with this one until management, the government or banks show me otherwise.

  • Mohammad Homaifard

    How do you figure out the "Support Line" where if stock price drops below that then we would have to sell it off? Do you have any video on how to calc. support line to share the link?

  • Holy Warrior

    Usually I buy and hold forever, but I am very happy that I sold GE and KHC at the right time (lost a couple $100.00).

  • Shark Investments

    Good discussion. Since I'm an income driven investor I must constantly ask myself if the increased yield brought on by falling prices is sustainable. I mitigate this by sticking to quality stocks. But you are absolutely correct that investors must not fall in love with their holdings.

  • Richard Pratt

    I get out when a holding goes below 15% loss but wait till a up day to dump it. I learnt my lesson on stops and just do price alerts. I always have a plan B when one goes south. You don't know how bad I wanted to abandon ship on (F) and (RF) this year.
    Question for you Joe. I'm up 30% on (IRT). Crammer suggests selling a 1/4 of your shares if up 25%. I'm thinking about doing that with (IRT) and buy more (F). I haven't owned (IRT) for a year yet.
    So tax rates are somthing to think about. Commission free trade (ETrade) has me bad wanting to pull the trigger on this trade. Thoughts?
    Love the channel !!!

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