• Archaeoptery X

    If you want to get word out, just tell a woman. The bush telegraph is eternal. And before hominims even existed, there were the birds..

  • Ellis Sutton

    Could you consider doing a video on why lots of colleges and universities have their own hospitals that are open to the public.

  • Eddie Garcia

    With all due respect, I don't really consider Fox news "news" unless it's Chris Wallace or Shepard Smith speaking.

  • Goyo el Pollo

    Very recently some fellow mexicans were killed in another country due to nacionalist hate ideas. I was wondering if you could talk about the origin on nations and nationalism.

  • Alon Judkovsky

    Hey TOOE, just wondering, are you at some level influenced by Derrida? This channel sometimes seem to me like a deconstruction of the seemingly synchronic in favor of a refelxive diachronic, a post structuralis syntagm.

  • -

    0:30 – "The news is almost impossible to ignore". – Hold my beer. ¬_¬ – I stopped my TV service a couple of years ago and have not seen the news since then. The only way I know what's going on anymore is when YouTubers mention stuff. It's a blessing and a curse. 🤷

  • Indigo May Roe

    In the UK on the 18th of April, 1930, the BBC newscaster just said, "there is no news" and piano music was played to fill the rest of the time slot! https://theuijunkie.com/bbc-no-news/

  • John Moore

    Your channel and Overly Simplified would do well to collaborate. The facts presented with a pinch of humor would be great. Maybe an origin of cliff notes?

  • Limey

    I prefer to stick to watching reputable news stations for my news because I feel they're a bit more reliable and are more likely to have done their research rather than simply presenting opinion or whatever inflammatory story is popular but not necessarily true at a given time.

  • Gail Gurman

    Great video! The only thing I expected to see that wasn't shown was something about medieval minstrels who spread news through story and song.

  • Craig Merkey

    when consuming news keep in mind that all the above listed companies are for profit… do be fooled, what is in their best interest is share holders not the product of information…. the infamous company Fox "News" profits a billion dollars a year…

  • BobC

    When did we get addicted to the novelty of "new news"? And when did our attentions spans become so short that even tragedies quickly fade from our daily awareness?

  • That Other Guy

    "People who aren't trained journalists actually produce a larger portion of what we consider news than ever before."

    Vox, Buzzfeed, the entirety of the (former) Gawker Media empire, The Daily (Caller/Beast/Wire), anyone who graduated from Journalism programs in Universities in the past 10 years…yeah, Journalism has lost all pretense of being about "News" and is now all about "Survival". Gotta get those clicks immediately, gotta get those views in the first 24hrs, gotta sell that newpaper TODAY, etc. "Journalists" today aren't given the opportunity to be "Journalists", even if they want to (and I'm not sure how many WANT to be Journalists) – they're Marketers and Salespersons and Showmen and Hucksters and Sensationalists.

    There has always been an aspect of this in Journalism, of course. But for about 70 years (I'd say from the 1920's to the 1990's), there was this idea that the News didn't have to "Sell" – for NBC, CBS and ABC, it was at best a break-even endeavour. Newspapers had to make a profit, sure – but they would fight between each other over breaking the stories first and best, or having the most clever Editorial staff (or sports, entertainment, etc.) to draw in readers. The kind of sensationalist crap we see in mainstream news today used to be relegated to Tabloids and Quasi-Tabloids (like the various Sun newspapers, and the NY Post, for example) that kinda sorta maybe did SOME journalism, but they relied on tits (literally, in the case of the Sun) and OUTRAGEOUS HEADLINES to sell, not the news itself. And readers knew it; if they bought the Sun, they weren't buying it for the News – they were buying it for an emotional release. Then they'd read a more reliable newspaper for the actual news.

    We don't have that anymore to any noticeable degree.

  • Alysia Robertson

    I love your strappy camisole. I need it. Oh yeah, the content rocks as usual, but your outfit is distracting in the best kind of way. 😀

  • steve154life

    In elementary School I waz given an award for youth journalism., I guess I waz goed at explaining a subject or Story

  • Vlad Hazard

    Historically inaccurate. Many cultures are proven to have had developed writing long before the Chinese empire even existed.

  • Saitaina Malfoy

    Is it a bad thing to be reminded on occasion our suffering isn't as great as another's? My rent goes up br $200 in October at a time I can't afford it until January…but when I read stories about famines in Uganda and people walking thousands of miles to escape Honduras…it puts my freak out of how I'm going to afford toilet paper and milk into perspective.

    No, it doesn't fix my problems (or theirs), but I have a roof over my head, clean water and food. I can get through it. And I can hope they get through it as well…and maybe I'll whine a bit less on Facebook when I think of them.

  • Justin O'Brien

    News cycle fatigue? I never noticed, but then, I don't do what everyone is doing just because everyone is, which is why everyone is. No smartphone, no social media. Just CBC. That's it. Education on YT, entertainment on Netflix and news from a real source.

  • Shawna W

    Very interesting info (would have liked to hear more of the town crier part), great video, as always….enjoyed the giggles at the end the most! 😀

  • Jeredan Surgeon

    1) why do people shave (especially the bits)
    2) why do Japanese love Christian mythology so much
    3) why do we have a Senate AND house of reps

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