What’s Your Status | Web Series | Episode 5 –  August | Season Finale | Cheers!
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What’s Your Status | Web Series | Episode 5 – August | Season Finale | Cheers!

I was thinking… Maybe I can move in with you! Chinnu, listen… Go to sleep, or else I’ll break your head with those hard dumplings! Good night! Who the [email protected]#k is Sooraj! She’s taken dude! Good afternoon sir! Bro, you must’ve heard that… Men are from Mars, women are from Venus… People from two different planets can’t stay together! Will have to do it! But you’re sure, right? See… She suddenly asked that day… And I couldn’t think of anything that time so I said yes. So, from past one month you’re still thinking? I’m thinking that if she’ll stay with me… And see how I live… Then I’m scared that she’ll leave me dude! Rubbish! You just talk anything! In that case every wife would leave her husband, just because he’s messy and unorganised! Bro, it’s not just that… What if tomorrow when we are living together she says, “Don’t do this!”, “Don’t do that!”, “I don’t like this about you!” Bro, don’t think so much! Everything is going well, you’re doing fine… Obviously you’ll say all this because you don’t have to stay with her! If Anjali wouldn’t have been there, I would’ve happily stayed with her! Shut up [email protected]#$%le! Would’ve happily stayed… By the way, when is she coming? If today is 12th August, then she’ll come today only Kuku! Kuku, what will you drink? Dude it’s Hemant! Kuku! My friend Kuku! That’s just college… No, that’s his real name! Stop it dude! Don’t! Why are you doing this? Kukukuku… Kukukuku… She left! Kuku is dead! Don’t do that bro, I need you today! Not today! Both of us will go and chill at home before she comes! Pick up whatever you want! So I’m thinking that today on the Martyr’s day of Mr. Tejkiran… We shall drink… Wait, I’ll tell her your history! Excuse me… Hey… Actually this guy, Kuku… Don’t do this bro… Kuku! Why are you doing this bro?! It’s you who has been betrayed bro! Shut up! Tejkiran! Your good times are going on, that’s why I’m not saying anything! Name sir? Tejkiran! TJ! TJ! Tejkiran! Don’t call me Tejkiran bro! She also unnecessarily calls me Tejkiran… The whole coolness goes away! But that’s your name, your reality! Is it? Should I remind Anjali of your reality, Kuku? You’re such a useless guy… There she’s shifting house and here you’re planning a beer party! I went… I asked her if I should come and help… She started with feminism, I’m independent… I said ok! So both of us will sit and chill before she comes! But is the house set? All cleaned up! We just need to go and chill! Great! Let’s go and chill then! Let’s go! Hey… Kuku… Yeah? Take this! Oh, I forgot to tell… It’s self service today! Are you mad! Kuku! Get it, I’ll see you in the parking! Kuku! Tejkiran! Wow! This is how an app should be! 20% off on all the deals… 1+1 on Kingfisher Ultra… Pitcher with every meal! That’s great Pitchers! Better late than never! Chinnu! Pitchers! What an amazing app I have found! Come! C’mon sit! They have amazing deals on beers and drinks… See! You decide the place! Should we go to cyber hub? Wow! Dinner tonight along with beer! Why?! Because you have found some app with deals! Not just any app… It’s Pitchers! It’s an amazing app… Just look at it! It definitely calls for a scene! So what are you doing, right now? If a man won’t chill on a holiday, then when will he? It’s August, still it’s so hot! A man needs a beer to chill! Why don’t you do one thing, divorce me and marry beer! I love your sense of humour! You’re just not concerned about me! How can you be relaxing? I’m not relaxing dude… It was just one beer which is also almost over! What happened? It’s my holiday too… Even I feel like relaxing… Yeah, you should definitely do! Why are all men like this? How are you so cut off from reality and everyday responsibility? You know what, women should learn something from you all! Are you taking my case or praising me? Do you even care I exist? Of course I do Chinnu! At least I don’t feel that way! Chinnu see… Marriage is about… Oh god Bharat, please stop! I don’t want to listen to another of your lectures about marriage and adjustments… I’m the only one adjusting here, from past 4 years! How can you just keep relaxing like this?! I wasn’t relaxing! I was making a plan for you, for us! And why does it always have to be about adjustments? Why do you think only you have been adjusting?! Even I’ve adjusted! Is it? What, what adjustments have you done? Your moisturisers, your lotions, your shampoos and all that stuff of yours… Amongst all that, my tiny little shaving kit is lying in a corner for past 4 years! Even though it’s small, but I’ve adjusted! After coming back from office, I fold the clothes and keep it in the cupboard… How much effort that is! It’s actually waste of effort! Earlier it was so good… I would just keep it on the bed and later wear it again! I have also done adjustments… But you don’t listen… You think I don’t do anything How can you say that every time… I missed my periods! What? I might be pregnant Bharat and the thought of it is scaring me from past 10 days! So did you check? No, I was hoping it’s a false alarm but… Chinnu… Wait, I’ll just get the kit! Oh god! This is how you have set the house? Yeah I mean it’s almost set! We just have to do a few things here and there! This is your plan to welcome Sandhya? Are you crazy?! This with beer! Come! [email protected]#$%le! You… She’ll divorce you on the very first day! How will she even divorce you, you guys aren’t married yet! What is that… The divorce equivalent in live-in… That… Break up! Yeah, break up! I’m losing my vocabulary seeing this dirty house of yours! I don’t want to drink coffee! God knows how old would that be! Bro I’m telling you… You won’t be able to handle 2 break-ups in an year! That’s why I’ve got you along, my love! Come, let’s chill! You’re such an [email protected]#$%ole! You were telling me… Will have beer and chips, talk about the old college times… That’s what we are here for! We’ll just clean this up a bit and then have beer and chill! Don’t make me do the labor job! You’re such a bastard! If a friend won’t help another friend, then who will?! Don’t give me such dialogues! Let me remind you of one thing… I convinced Anjali for you! Why do you always play the Anjali card?! Leave it bro! You sit and have beer, I’ll do it! Fine? I’ll get boiled peanuts for you, you sit! I’ll do it! Ok listen, don’t act like a girl! You sit in your dirt! No, I’ll do it! Sit! Actually no! You keep this beer in fridge! I’ll do it! That’s the way! I’m doing! Stop touching! Bro! Birthday! Lotu dude, it’s in March! Bro it’s today! See! Bro, you remember those college committee selections… That junior batch recruit… In that Aisha… Has got selected in the Corporate Interaction Division! She messaged me! But from where did you get this form? Bro… Nice man! That means in just 3 months, you have started chatting, messaging… You even got the update! Nice! You’re going the right way dude! Bullshit I’m on the right way! Half of the times, I’m just clearing her doubts! And she just asks me for validation! Bro, look at the positive in this! It’s great that she’s at least thinking about you… Bro there are so many single guys… So many junior guys who are willing to help… Isn’t it?! And anyway, she’s Miss Fresher… But at least I should get some hint on the messages, that she’s interested! What are you even saying! You are chatting and talking on calls regularly? Yeah! I mean we are very good friends! Actually, at least I think that we are! And she asks me about a lot of things… That’s it! It’s simple, she likes you bro! Let it be! You do one thing, go and talk to her clearly! Bro, don’t you know?! She’s committed! Bro! Bro you have to hear this! What? Sooraj Naik has gone to the US… To do his masters… He’s from Mumbai and till 2 months back he was in Mumbai only… I spoke to Aisha’s roommate, Kritika, and got all the details… She only told me Sooraj Naik’s name along with the backstory of their relationship… Bro, you know what… I’ve stalked him on all digital platforms… He’s such a playboy! The kind of poetry he writes… Any girl would fall for him! That is the reason he gets so many girls dude! Bro do you know… I mean what should I even tell you… You know what they call, “The problem of plenty”, that’s what he has… Do you know that their love is also digital love?! Full viral sorts! So in graduation days… Aisha used to read all his blogs! She used to comment also… He took full advantage of this situation… And converted all the comments into chats! Then chats into calls and calls into video calls! You want to know what happened then?! Bro they haven’t met in person for more than 3-4 times! You know why?! Because he couldn’t travel from Mumbai to Assam! Imagine that the first time they met was when Aisha came to Mumbai… For her GDPI in Jain College! Bro you should be thankful to the god that she got rejected there and selected here! Bro, are you for real?! I can fill a river with beer for you! Deal? Dude but it’s already evening, shit! I could’ve planned something dude, it was the perfect day! Bro look out, evening and the night both are yet to come. Do whatever you want quickly! So should I wish her? Of course dude! What are you doing from past 3 months! Sometimes in college corridor, sometimes in canteen or in library you are just doing Hi and Hello… So what should I do? Nothing! Bro it’s so simple! Take her on a date, give her some hints on the chat… Create the atmosphere! Do something! Bro you’re an amazing guy! You just don’t have a good face! Bro sorry, I said a little too much that day! I was just a bit frustrated! It’s ok, not a problem! Relax! Chill! All our single friends… I understand their pain, what they go through… So sweet! Yeah! So will you do something now or you’ll just sit here daydreaming? What should I write… Would it be fine to call her baby? No! It should be “Respected Madam”! It’s useless to even ask you! Are you writing a letter or what?! Send it quickly! Wait! It’s my first time! Hey, Chinnu! What happened? What happened? Positive! Oh Chinnu! Should I inform my parents? Bharat, I am not ready! What? This was not part of the plan! Oh c’mon Chinnu! Oh Chinnu! Planned or unplanned… This is so amazing. Chinnu, we are going to be parents. This is so amazing, look at us.. Ya, but I am not prepared! My life is just over! Chinnu, what are you saying.. This will be so amazing I have never told you about my list, right? List of things, I wanna do before I turn 30 Take a solo road trip.. Roam the world.. Study abroad.. Leave this corporate rat race and do something meaningful, and fulfilling with my life. News flash! I am 30, and I haven’t ticked a single thing out of that list. Oh Chinnu! And becoming a mother, wasn’t there in that list.. At Least not now, not for another 4 years. I had conveniently pushed 30 to 35, so that I can at least tick one thing out of the list… Chinnu! Listen, We will all do it together, with our new member, before 35! Our entire life is ahead! Entire life is ahead? This is the end of the carefree life that we have been leading. You think becoming a parent is a joke? You think it is gonna be so much fun? You have no idea how big a responsibility this is.. You are just gonna chill with your beer.. Every weekend is gonna be same for you…. Whether the kid, cries, sleeps, falls sick, how does it matter to you… Oh god! Even the thought of it is making me feel sick! Chinnu! Bharat, I am very scared… I am scared out of my wits. I am just 30! People do so much at this age… And here I’m becoming a mother. Wow! What an achievement! And thanks for your contribution! Chinnu! My mom, became a mother at the age of 23. Are you for real? Don’t you understand how big a responsibility it is? Chinnu, Chinnu, listen,listen it’s just an overdrive of the hormones.. I will call my parents and everything will be alright… Don’t you dare call your parents! Don’t you dare call anybody! I don’t trust these home kits, I want to go and do a proper check up. Ok! Let’s go! I will get the car! No! I will go alone. Oh Chinnu… I couldn’t do the solo road trip, solo abroad trip… At least can I go to the hospital alone?! Very good, Kuku! Very good. A chilled, cool beer for you… Soon! Till then you… Cheers buddy! Fold the clothes! Bro… Wait! Wait! Take everything there. Keep it in that room. Doing this is so much fun! Do it nicely! Doing it nicely only! You do yours! This is my favourite T-shirt. Keep it bro! Should I take it? Take it! [email protected]*k! I’ll look so good in this! Smile! Smile! No.. No.. Smile, I’ll send it to Anjali! This is 2nd year’s diary, right? Yeah! I used to write songs in this. You wrote songs… I still write bro! Didn’t I tell you this one… I made a new song last week… Please don’t judge that… Right now it’s in the initial stage, But tell me how is the tune and all.. Ya start! When I saw you, I understood darling… Love… Who are you making a fool of? It’s an original brother! Just because I don’t know about films, I know this song is from… This is the problem with the society, Nobody encourages the artists. I don’t even remember the tune. That’s what I am saying, This is not yours, I know, Mad or what? More than half of my tone, I mean tunes are on youtube today! You don’t even know the difference between tone and tune… Youtube has your stuff! Nonsense! Bro, whatever said but after cleaning the house, I feel so good… I can’t live in the mess, I feel so suffocated, you know.. Just… You are such an [email protected]! Now give me a five. Just keep making a fool out of me. Tell me one thing… Does the TV look good here on this wall? Better than bedroom, right? Bro… I mean it’s good, but… The feel of watching the match in bedroom is something else. Look there is so much space here.. We can chill here and watch! One minute! This was Sandhya’s idea? Baby! When we start living together, we will keep the T.V. in the living room. Are you mad? Sandhya? Yes! It was Sandhya’s idea. I am not scared of her, I just did for love… Every lover says this! Well, you threw me out of the bedroom, now I will find some other place to watch the match! Bull$hit! This is our space! Even if Sandhya comes, we will sit here and watch the match! I bet when the girl comes in, you will forget me! You wanna bet? Bro, I am not like other lovers! Good for you. What time is Sandhya coming? Tell me the time. She said that, she will come by 7. Oh [email protected]$k! What happened? Wow! Wow! [email protected]$k! [email protected]$k! [email protected]$k! Shit! Shit! Shit! Electricity went off! What happened bro? Kuku… I forgot to pay the bill man! Just show me your face once! [email protected]$ker you forgot to pay the bill?! Why are you so irresponsible?! Your girlfriend is moving in today.. And you forgot to pay the bill. Bro! Is this your planning? Is this how you gonna welcome? The house is not clean… You are feeling lazy… You have already had 4 beers… You don’t have electricity in the house. Bro.. I am talking to you! TJ, do you know that… This is the most exciting time of your life, your relationship… Make the most of it bro! Make her feel loved! Make her feel special! What faces are you making bro? You know… Everything becomes boring after marriage… My Brother and his wife… Before marriage they were such a romantic couple… I know! And after marriage they have become so boring! You are scaring me! Sandhya… I’m not scaring you. Sandhya loves you! Understand that! She can do anything for you..She is moving in here with you. Here.. In your house.. I keep messaging Anjali for months… Then she agrees for one meeting. Your girl loves you! Sacrifice for her, do things for her, make her feel special! What should I do? I am doing only! You tell me what else to do. Tell me what to do. Bro, Just like this, I can’t… Let’s do one thing.. What we used to do in college.. Let’s make a checklist… We will get a plan.. Now? Ya! Let’s do now only! You tell… Switch on the light from your phone. Can’t figure out anything. What has to be done? Where are you going? Checklist! Ya! In the checklist.. House is clean right? Ya, house is clean! Okay! House is clean! Next we need a fresh tablecloth. My mom had gifted me a tablecloth on Diwali.. I haven’t used it yet. We can use that. Nice. Cake? Cake, I will order from Reddy’s store. So you order. Ya! Listen… Don’t know if the lights would start… Let’s do one thing, let’s put floating candles… Floating candles? Ya! It will look beautiful and will give light also. What do you say? Nice bro! Ya, I have it. When I went to Thailand I got it. Nice! Nice! Oh shit! Where is the list? Got it! I got screwed bro! Got screwed big time I had to get screwed. What happened? Whoever wants to study Murphy’s law, I will be the perfect subject matter for them! It’s always me who gets screwed. Since childhood I have been getting screwed. My friends use to pick mangoes from the garden… And I would get caught! My sister used to eat ice cream out of the fridge.. And I used to get beaten up! Someone hit a six and broke the glass.. The complain came to my house… I mean… What’s happening with me in life? And, you stop laughing bro! And during graduation, I used to like a girl. Very pretty, very cute… She tied me rakhi! I mean, why bro? Long time back, I wooed a girl on online chatting, When I went to meet her… I found out that my friends were playing a prank! Every time, in different phases… Mr. Murphy… Has screwed me in different ways! People say right.. One in million chances of going wrong… Bro, I am the one from that equation and you guys are the million! Mr. Balu wanted to woo a girl! Wow! Look at my desires.. Even after getting screwed so many times.. I still had hope, Great! Whom did I even try on?! On junior batch’s Miss. Fresher! Every guy should only try in his league. And all these forever single guys… They don’t even understand the point. That, we can’t woo anyone! We were single, we are single, we will be single! I didn’t get screwed.. What? I didn’t get screwed. Lotu, I didn’t get screwed. Mr. Murphy, please forgive me! And thank you! Bro, date!! Congrats bro! Congrats! Yes! I went to take a bath for 30 mins.. And the environment only has changed here. Bro, I got a date! Oh wow Kuku! How amazing man! What have you done! It turned out well, right? I don’t understand how Anjali is not able to recognise the artist within you! Dude… Girls don’t respect candle artists! Is it?! God knows what do girls find in guys like you?! Style bro! Style, pure at heart, musician… You tell me, what reason do they have to say no! Musician! Yeah, obviously! Blowing air in a pipe doesn’t make you a musician! [email protected]#$ole! When I play harmonica… Girls come to me like I’m Pied Piper! Ok! Since college days! Bro, you just knew one song in the 4 years of college… That too just half! Actually I played that one only for Sandhya also! I am not joking! Are you serious? Yes! Bro this is looking so good! Isn’t it?! Dude I’m thinking… That I should talk to Anjali about you! Dude, please do it! It’s been really long! I will Because bro, today you’ve won my heart! Oh… Your heart will soon burn too! Thannk you! For what? Just like that! I’ve put some candles outside too… You’ve already put? They look amazing, go and see! Is it? Let’s go, this is the last one! Let’s go! It’s done! I’m feeling proud of myself! Just this last! Do it! Done, done! How pretty it looks! Come! Let’s put some more fire! Wow! You did it bro! It’s looking great! It has that romantic feel, right? I was unnecessarily doubting you! Seeing this reminds of that couplet from college days… Has been said… Love is that fire… Which if started… You wouldn’t want to douse it… What happened? I’m feeling very hot! Bro this… It has that feel of disco lights! Bro it’s too much light for floating candles… It’s nice like this… TJ! TJ fire! [email protected]#k! [email protected]#k! [email protected]#k! How did it happen?! Dude my curtains will burn! Dude you’ll burn! What are you doing?! Leave! Dude my new curtains! Sand! You don’t have sand at home? How did this fire start dude? Take this! What will happen with this dude?! Oh sorry! Look for water! This is increasing dude! Get some water quickly! TJ, water! This isn’t dousing… Moron… Who keeps floating candles behind curtains?! I thought it will complete the design… You get some water from the bathroom! TJ! Wow! You look dashing! I got flowers for you! Wow! Thanks! But… I didn’t get anything for you, I didn’t know it’s a date! No, no! At the traffic signal, she was forcing me so I had to take it… It’s not a date! Of course! Of course! Otherwise it would’ve definitely been red roses… I mean this one is the “get well soon” bouquet! Yeah! Right! Balu dude… You’ve never had a girlfriend it seems! Dude, don’t discuss the misery! So can we sit now or should we stand here and have our date?! Sorry! Please! Bro… Repeat one Ultra! Two Ultras! I told you about Sooraj, right? Yeah… You had told me few months back… In the library! But yeah, make me hear his poetry at least sometime… He’s one lucky guy to have you in his life! Well… He’s not! What? Thank you! We broke up! Cheers! Why? When? Rather… I broke up with him! It’s been a month! You know… He sent me a message that was meant for some other girl he’s seeing in the US! And it’s not the first time that I had a doubt on him… It’s just never ending! And honestly… I’m so tired of it all! I was tired of listening to his false stories… I mean… Earlier I used to justify it, I would explain myself… That it being a long-distance relationship, I should give him some space… But… It’s… I had… I just had enough! I didn’t want to be in that situation anymore! You know what… I actually feel silly that I fell for him! I deserve better! Aisha… Chill! It’s ok! You know… I just hate one thing… Lies! You don’t lie, right? No! Absolutely not! Good! Ok! I have said! I have just lied once… When? Where? That day when you asked for the dance performance video… I said no. Ok listen… I’m not an MJ fan… I don’t listen to Ed Sheeran either… And I’m not at all interested in Sooraj’s poetry! In 10 seconds, I’ve come across 4 lies of yours… Who knows how many times you would’ve lied in the past 3 months! Can we leave? No, listen… I’m sorry! Can we just leave?
You know what… It’s my treat… I said that! And I don’t lie like you guys! But… Listen… I’m sorry… What’s your name? Shweta! Shweta… Nice name! Look… How crowded this city is… People just keep moving! I can’t see any doctor or nurse… Everything’s alright? Yeah, just waiting for my results! See kid… You should let the tears flow… Stoping them just increases the pain! We human beings are such a confused lot! Really! We are weird… What the other person will think… We think that and control our emotions. We control it in front of our own people… Control it in front of outsiders… Control in the house… Control in office, control in public transport… Here… Control in public places… Control, control, control! Nothing else but control! I feel that… The washroom in the house is the only place… Where nobody judges us. Standing in front of the mirror, we let our tears flow… By crying, hitting, howling… We try to be normal. Sometimes… Pouring your heart out to a stranger makes you feel relieved. No uncle, there’s nothing like that! Oh ok! So it’s your hobby to cry in the hospital waiting area! See, I told you… Strangers, sometimes can make things happen to you! Look Shweta… I’m a retired man… Nowadays… My wife is more worried about her medicines than me… So I’m free from her nagging! On most days! Kids have grown up… They are living their own lives… I have all the time in the world! Uncle! Yes! Can I ask you something? Yes! Ask! How did you feel when you got to know that you are going to be a father? Should I say the truth? I was shit scared! Isn’t it?! Me too! I thought I’m the only one reacting like this! Like in movies they show the actresses overjoyed! It’s not that I’m not happy… I’m very excited but… I’m very scared too! There are so many mixed feelings, such over powering ones… When I was on the way to hospital, I was just hoping that… It should be a false alarm. But when the tests and scans were being done… There was a part of me that wanted it. You know… That I want to be a mother and… You get it, right, what I’m trying to say? My heart just sank thinking that… Am I ready for such a big responsibility?! I even scolded my husband while leaving from home… Anyway there’s nothing new in that! Story of every house! So yes… I’m a complete emotional wreck and… My head is full of confusions… I hope you understand what I’m trying to say!? I still feel that I’m not ready yet… And the added responsibility after becoming a mother… And I won’t be able to do anything for myself And the thought of this carefree life is just not leaving my head! I was 36… When I became a father! Fashionably late… If you look at it from the eyes of a family planning expert… That time also I used to think that if I would’ve had 2 more years… It would be great. This loan would’ve got over, those mutual funds would’ve matured. But kid, this is how life is… Nothing happens at the perfect time! Even 5 years later… You will be as unsure as you are today! Trust me! You know, life is like a peak hour rush… There’s so much crowd in the train… So you think that the next one won’t be crowded… But the next one is more crowded than the previos one… So you think that the next train would definitely not be crowded… And eventually this is how… all the trains leave. Whichever train you get, just get in it… You’ll find a place. That’s for sure! That’s for sure! The more we try to control our life… The more it laughs at us. We are all fools out here who think that… our life is under our control… and everything in life will go as planned. But it doesn’t work that way! And suddenly… there is a break in your life. Then what do you do? Everything ends! Let go of your control! Prepare yourself for surprises. Celebrate them! Only then will you enjoy your life. And then you’ll realise that life is so beautiful. Embrace them! Don’t fight it. And anyway we think a lot, overreact a lot! That after having a child… our carefree life would be over. Upkeeps will increase, responsibilities will increase… 0ur entire life will go in taking care of the child, etc, etc. Not a single day goes by without any tensions. Don’t worry All this is normal. Nothing will change by us thinking about responbilities, etc. They all come with their guardian angels. To protect them. And then you realise… that they don’t need you… instead you needed them! Kids grow up so fast! Sometimes I feel that… I could just pause my life. You miss… You miss them. You miss their cuteness. Their tiny hands Their tiny legs Their love for you in their eyes. You miss everything. And then I think what a big fool I was… that I waited for 36 years to experience this. And all those years are lost! But by then it’s too late. Your reports
Thank you! You’ll be a good mother! You think so? Yes! I definitely think so! I wish you all the best! Thank you so much! Take care of yourself. Doctor… Fire is doused bro! It’s doused! I wonder how it caught fire. Shit! [email protected]#k! Don’t worry… What happened bro? What do you mean? Can’t you see? I’ll call & ask her not to come I don’t want to move in. It happens… What happens? I tried whatever you said. But see what happened. Can you tell me why am I pretending so much? And for whom am I pretending? I’ll clean up the place for a day or two but eventually she’ll realise the way the I live. This is who I am! And I happen to do such things. And what then? We’ll keep fighting. What’s the point then? It’s better that we stay seperately, we’ll at least be happy. Hey! Hi! Hey! I was just… I’ll just come Ya I’ll take that It’s, it’s ok! Just come in… You can put it here Have a seat When did you come? I was… I was just… When did you come? I… didn’t see you. Suddenly I was like… What’s happening? This… Was planning something to welcome you… somehow the curtain caught fire and… By the way that’s your… welcome cake. So, sorry about that! I am not talking about this. What were you talking to Hemant? Aisha… Aisha listen, listen… I am sorry What was the need for all this drama? We’ll become the hot topic from tomorrow in our college. Listen… I know it’s my fault. I lied to you because I was scared that you’ll disown me. I know this is immature thinking. But… when someone’s life is as bad as mine… Nothing seems impossible then. Do you like me? Listen… I am not willing to break our friendship. Do you like me or not? Of course I like you! Yes, I like you. Not from now, but from last 8 months. 9th January was the first time when I saw you in college. I wasn’t even sure if I would ever meet you again. But we met! I started believing in my not-so-good luck! I felt the same way as I had felt the first time I saw you. I don’t know if this is love or something else But I know this for sure… that the feeling I have, is very strange… is very beautiful. Whenever I see you around me… I automatically tend to smile. And of course, the smiles goes away once you are gone. See… don’t get me wrong… I have never fallen in love So I took this strange feeling as love. I am so stupid that… I got a bouquet for you on this special day. And didn’t even once think that what will the college guys make of it. I know… that I am a fool. I am stupid! Please… Forgive me! Tomorrow onwards they’ll tease you in college… They’ll unnecessarily link you up with me. But… I won’t let that happen. I will tell everyone… Whom all will you go and tell? By now everyone would have received the message that… Miss Fresher is taken by our senior. Auto? People will talk about it… But it’ll be less painful if the news is true! One minute… So you were fooling around with me all this while? Now… Will you just keep standing there or… come to the campus? I mean, couples usually go together. Let’s go! Bro what are you waiting for? Let’s go. Sure you want to go? [singing a song] See… I love you, ok! Do you? I do! I don’t know what you heard or what you felt… I really do! There’s not doubt about that. Just that… the day you told me that we should move in… I was not sure. At that moment, I was like… I just saw you being happy. So I agreed. But… So why didn’t you say it earlier? I wasn’t forcing you. I know! But… You didn’t want to move in, so be it! I know!
What’s so difficult about it? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you! Number 1…
Ok! After my previous relationship… I met you and I was like… We just had this amazing connection, to be honest! I was like… Oh my God, this is… This is so beautiful. I felt like it was a dream. And… when you told me that you want to move in, I was like, oh my God. I was like… once we start living together, under one roof… you may not like so many things of mine. And… Do you think I don’t know all this? You do, but staying together… I know how messy you are, I know how your cupboard is, I know where your towel is… and I know everything about you and that’s the best part! And then you’ll dump me. It’s… it’s going to happen. But I already know all these things. It’s not just about that… Eventually we’ll try to change each other and then… the dream I was living in will be broken. That’s… that was my fear. Who’s talking about changing each other? If anything, we’ll make each other better. Right?
Ya, well… If you put it like that! We’ll make each other better. See… I’ll be honest with you… After my break-up with Harmony, I was like… I was so involved with her and… and then, that’s what happened in that. So with us, I was like… Why get so deeply and then set yourself up for so much hurt? The connection that exists between us… there is nothing missing. We are happy where we are… By getting more involved, we are just setting ourself for so much more hurt. Why? Let it go the way it’s goin… If it’s bad, it’s bad! You f#$*ing move on… But if it’s good, it’s good! You walk on it, you make it work. That is what people do! You… I love you, you love me. We are in love! Isn’t it natural to be like, be together? Ya…
So if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out… Exactly! It doesn’t. And if does, it’s f#$*ing good… It works, Yes? What are we 27-28 years old. These are the best years of our lives. And, I wanna spend my life with you and I have been so sure about it. I do too! Are you? I do. Really? What is all this… It’s all for you. It looks mess now…. Tell me what are we doing. I am ready. Really? I am ready. I just thought we should just have a conversation. Done? Ya, done. Anymore doubts now? You are so silly. It’s not like that, It looks like it’s a mess but… Hey, come with me. Just come with me. And I saw the T.V. is now in the hall. Yes, ma’am.Your rule has started… Your reign has begun my queen, let’s go… Slowly, don’t open your eyes. Hold on! Hold on! Don’t open your eyes. Okay! Don’t cheat. Ya! I would know if you cheat.. Just wait one second. Just 1 second! It’s done Can I open now? No, no, no.. Wait Wait… My phone has fallen actually… One second.. Can I open my eyes now? No.. no.. hold on.. Now? Okay! now.. Come enter my life and my heart. Right leg first.. No man! You just brought bad luck! That’s for you. Cheers! Cheers! To us! Welcome to our house! Thank you! It’s such a big house but don’t why are we standing in the middle of this fire ring… You are so lame. This was Hemant’s idea. Really? He only asked to make this cute heart and… Then you both stand there. Please! I don’t do such lame stuff… By the way, dibs on the right side of the bed. Right side? Okay, take it, anyway the charging point doesn’t work there. What? No, I am okay with left. You said right? No, left. Okay take left but… So from today, we are officially live-in partners, So, You will switch off everything in the night? No! I’m not trying to change you I am trying to make you a better switch off person. I will slap you It’s just us making each other better Fine! Let’s toast to that I love you. I am hungry now! Chinnu, I have been calling you for so long… Why aren’t you picking up your phone? What is this huh? Here, I’m so stressed… And, you wanna show all your independence today only! You go alone.. But, at least pick up the call.. I have been calling for so long. My phone was on silent, so sorry.. Sorry… Ridiculous! So.. So? So what? So what? You really enjoy irritating me like this, right? You are happy? That means, it was a false alarm. Oh man! I am also… Nice.. It’s okay.. Anyways you weren’t ready. You can tick off things from your bucket list now! You are happy… It’s all that matters to me! Whatever happens, happens for good. Chinnu…. For a moment when the test result was positive… I was so happy in that moment, that I’ve never been in my entire life! Since the time you have left for hospital… I didn’t even sit, I couldn’t sit.. I have been ready and waiting.. Waiting for you to call, and I would have rushed to the hospital. After every 2 minutes, I am checking my phone. You didn’t call, that’s why I did… And your phone was on silent. Chinu, how did you think that the child will only be your responsibility… And I will sit here and chill… I know I haven’t ever changed diapers… Or handled a child… But I would have done it Chinnu… I would have actually done it! I have done so many things for you, with you, for the first time. And this also I would have done! I am a vegetarian, but I still go to the market to buy fish.. Because you like it a lot.. I didn’t know how vegetables looked.. I’m the single child. I always got things without asking for… But for you I googled it and went to the market to get the stuff. And, then also you scolded me. I don’t like shopping. But still for you, I roam around in random malls holding your shopping bags for hours… To stay close to you, I sit here and drink beer.. Otherwise, so many of my friends go to pubs on weekends.. Chinnu, for you I even tried learning bengali… So that when I am with your family, It doesn’t feel out of place. I know, I can’t speak.. But I have put all my efforts. Chinnu, for you… We are pregnant. We are pregnant. Oh Chinnu… Oh Chinnu.. I am so excited to start this journey with you. Chinnu, I can’t tell you how happy I am.. Ask for whatever you want.. Today your husband is ready to give you anything. I will have to think. I will use this option later… But you don’t forget it. I don’t forget anything. You know what I like the most about you… My sexy barytone!? Oh please.. If I would have spoken to you before meeting.. I don’t think I would have met you also. Chinnu… Girls were crazy for me in college. Ya, you wish. Chinnu, tell me what you like.. These moments don’t come everyday. I can’t think of anything now.. I will tell later Chinnu, please tell me.. Chinnu, at least tell what would we name our kids.. Chunni, Shut up… Chintu, Champak….. No… Love, love, love… There is nothing more confusing than this in the world. Yes… Just like you all.. Even fell in love.. But, I never understood it.. When it is not there.. Then the heart keeps looking for it. When it happens, then it feels like the best feeling in the world. Then two people who are madly in love, marry each other and become husband and wife.. After that, in their fights, their love is reflected! Then sometimes you feel, you were better when you were single. In your bad times, when everyone leaves you… Then you feel that at least someone is there… This was life’s best decision. And, then you again fall in love. So, if an emotion comes with so many combinations.. It has to be confusing…. Anyway, which relationship phase are you in? What’s your status? I am so bored of this monotonous life.. Home to office.. Office to home..
I am so done with this! I am there with you, Let’s go party.. Let’s have some fun.. Oh yeah? Oh yeah! But, the place should have good food, good ambience, dance floor and Bollywood music.. Not like the last place you recommended. Why do you blame me all the time? Who else should I? This time nothing of that sort will happen.. Because, this time I am not picking the place.. The Pitchers app is picking. Do you boast about all your discoveries? It’s the coolest app in town.. The Pitchers app is the ultimate nightlife planning app.. Where you can find new places, events and also get great deals. This is so cool. It shows the dress code, what music they play, happy hours everything. That’s right! It is amazing! Yes It is! What are you guys waiting for.. Download Pitchers app, and start planning your night life right away. I hope you liked our story. Why wouldn’t they.. Look at you, you are so cute. Please like the video, comment on it, and share it. And we will soon be back with season 2. Season 2 should definitely come, It is just the start of our love story. And if you don’t subscribe, how would you know when season 2 comes out? Right! So, subscribe right now! Like now! right now! Okay they will do it. After all you have said it! Now tell me, what should we do in next season. But, we will go to Goa after 5 years. Beer swear! Cheers! I know I have never changed diapers..


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