What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Domain Name
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What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Domain Name

Hi My Name is Juan Martinez
and I wanted to talk to you about getting your own Domain Name
First of all… What is a Domain Name? a Domain Name is a name assigned to an specific
I.P. address, so people instead of having to remember
a whole bunch of numbers, they just type in a name
and that get there The most commonly used domain name is a DOT
COM It’s mostly used for commercial purposes
It’s the best Domain to Get because people are used to
the DOT COM For instance, the .NET is mostly used for
companies related to the internet infrastructures but lots of
people use them when DOT COM are not available non-profits use .org
the US government uses the .gov the military uses the .mil
Some other extensions are also available .info .biz .mobi used for mobile devices
and there are many many more Also, each country have their own Domain names
extensions So… How does it works?
First of all, Registration The company in charge registering all Domains
all over the world is called ICAN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers It’s a privately held company
headquartered in Los Angeles California their website is www.ican.org
What name to register? When you thinking about registering a name
register a DOT COM Try to register your NAME and LAST NAME
or any variation of it if it’s taken, try using the real first and
last name or city and state, your initials, or any other
variation of it Try to register you Business Name
if it’s not available, try using different variations of it
A good place to get ideas for a name is a website call name namestation.com
you can find diferent ideas they have a ramdom nane generator
you can have the website generate names for you
on cool feature is the “contest” basically, you can hold a “contest” and get
participants to come up with names as you can see here, they are coming up with
cool names for a Real Estate company this s good site to take a look at it
Another name generator website is spinoxo.com you can use a nick name, what you like and
spins the names to get certain combination of names
as you can see here you have different names and variations of
it they also have a name “contest” here
you can also use this to get instagram names, YouYube, Twitter and so on.
There is a website call flippa.com that you can use
to buy and sell websites, domains and Apps Basically, you can browse the website and
may be able yo buy the Domain name or maybe you can buy
the whole website.
As you can see here, Holiday calendar has 25 bids
and is running about $8,500.00 There is a whole bunch more
you can come back to the site and browse around it’s a very good one
If you wanted to check traffic to a particular website, use Alexa.com
Alexa.com ranks every single site in the world so you can have an idea as to how much traffic
a website has.
For instance, if you tape Google.com You get that Google is the No 1 ranking website
in the world and also No 1 in the US Also you have all the different stats for
that website You can type any website you wants and get
the stats for that website
So.. you already pick up the name you want to register
so where you go Lots of people are familiar with GoDaddy.com
It;s a good place to go you can register your domain name here
they all offer pretty much the same service you can type the name here and register it
if available also you have namecheap.com
again, those are pretty much the same thing 1and1.com it;s a more commercial,
mostly used by companies but they have good deal sometimes
you can do a combo Also another place you can check out is Register.com
My favorite of the all is hostgator.com Hostgator it’s very affordable
you can get pretty much register any name you want
but it also have a very good web hosting PPS re seller, Domains
and most people that have their own websites they like Hostgator one of the things they
like is the C-panel that a lot of people who run
their site like because is very user friendly
it’s defensively my favorite of them all. So.. Thank You very much, I hope you like
this video please, leave your comments
you can visit my website www.sticaut.com please subscribe
if you have any other question or if you like more information about it
send me an email to [email protected] Thank You and have Good Day!

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