What Would You Do: Muslim Teen Bullied By Peers | What Would You Do? | WWYD
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What Would You Do: Muslim Teen Bullied By Peers | What Would You Do? | WWYD

oh God They’ve always been the best of friends Wake you good. We amigos since they were really little wow Wow, that looks good that wasn’t god, but there are big changes happening out in the world This whole Cnn islam Kata did you mean all 1.6 billion Muslims? I mean a lot of I mean a lot of and that kind of change Has caused a change in the hearts of two of these boys. It was the crazy feeling like I was guys make some room You can’t sit here what do you mean, this is difficult to say but We can’t hang out with your type anyone Our parents just don’t think it’s safe if you saw a teenager and a friendship simply because he’s Muslim I don’t mean any case trust me What would you do? We’ve set up our hidden cameras at the randolph Diner in Randolph, New Jersey Laughing I’ve been calling you guys are making my calls that women answer for reasons yeah with the stuff that’s happening today We can’t be friends with a muslim honestly. Yes It’s just it’s too dangerous this mother and son listed in as the boys you hate you can click It’s light like I I’m honestly a little afraid because I was born here Look, how do our marriage game listen dude. I post pictures I don’t like instagram right people common things like why are you praising the terrorists? but disgust is clear other faces give that bad path like Just my school backpack and then this new Jersey Duo serves up a local lesson on how to treat people You’re scaring people more about fighting Listen by insulting somebody and say me you don’t wanna be friends because the way they are Yeah, I know what that line. You don’t have to do. He should be wondering why his friends the masses like yourself – uh stop it and let your friend. Enjoy his food because he’s definitely Irritated but starting at a you’re uneducated Good mountain man. Well, I’ve had enough of this see you later boy. Have fun bud believe it Okay there. She speaks in terms of people like that. I’m giving my entire high school career trans people For no other reason other than they had nothing better Ignore them go find somebody you enjoy being from code he respected yourself, okay? About five seconds much Mackinnon player before that happened. Are you doing that? I’m john quinones. They’re actors hi You fire it up He’s being rude to people. He’s making people feel bad. You know you can’t do that Just be nice to people unless They’re not nice to you and when your witness this sort of thing shut it down just don’t let people speak poorly one another We roll again. I’ll slide outside my parents. Don’t want me hanging out there anymore Don’t do this to me this woman had her daughter can’t help but listen in it’s my religion. I just believe in come on Yeah, but you’re shoving in everyone’s face composing about just keep doing it As the boys walk away he leans in Dis obsessed with my friends are telling me? I can’t be their friends anymore Or your friends gonna care about you. That’s not so jason you have more comfortable Alright break it and right now. It’s time for us so we introduce ourselves. Hi there who are you? Oh my God? I am We were very kind to the unmatched heart. I just felt that for us as human beings we should never allow treat another human being Inappropriate regardless of our religious background, what do you think of what your mom did I love it? Back in the diner this woman educates nick that he’s judging his friend unfairly Like why are the funny emotional this couple schools re on on picking better friends? Yes, we have to wash your own Pretty good you have to be a little longer than there and this man gives a short tutorial on American values that might Be where we wanted you sid? Understand the American right for one thing give me a Break we have more felton like that Apparently is her party and John Kenney honest Yes, you asked. What would you do? Yeah, you got involved yeah, I didn’t he’s an American So there’s no reason why he could be here. He was no no threat the fact that he’s Muslim. No problem We’re old one last time cons change and like no now You could be radicalized out of nowhere people don’t want your kind here anymore, man, Eric Choi listened silently I mean my kind I’m American the reason why people avoid though they think you’re dangerous because they don’t know me They don’t like water have harris is you can get deported you and your family get supported right my parents want me to be associated My dad you know he now laughs in disbelief and what he’s hearing We walked in today would think that had on like showing everybody in this room noxious? You’re like scaring everyone here man. Well city you guys for the bullying there I’m not sure is quite tough, but it’s not just a hat explorer to represent it says the hall Yeah, what by Muslim is dangerous without game? Why you stick up for Muslims? No? I’m just thinking over Like a fellow human being group He’s having a hard time right now, then from another table this woman here friends We’ve been friends for 10 years, but so you know him as a person concertina. Well, I agree He’s got a look of something, but that’s not who he is My parents are worried about him all I’m sure because it’s a stereotype. Let’s not make all Muslims do no I Mean I’m afraid isn’t liminal the person believe me. You should be more tolerant If you know like we’ve been reading the news in the place. I agree with everything you’re saying I’m you know, I think kick a ball out of America If they’re if they’re what we’re hearing muscles are because he that you never know everyone That’s done anything the bombings and everything know if we’ll tell you well we knew he was different What we knew he was writing what we knew he felt that way I’d rather be facing the party ladies cause like you’re not afraid you get a more green Happy Scare now. We’re Americans release people Perceptional we can’t be scared of a little thing headed up oh You uh you jumped right in you guys I understood from his parents view that They don’t want him you know because of everything But why are we judging people they knew him for a long time before he wore the hat? Kids are living in a world of fear, and I think it’s apparent that system in that world of fear you were you absent No, I was amused people’s like emotional and security and ignorant is not their fault We just have to sort of educate them and you know tell them the facts


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