What Would You Do: A veteran cannot afford groceries
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What Would You Do: A veteran cannot afford groceries

What Would you do continues hi how you doing doing Great how about Yourself Are you in the Military i was i spent the last several Years Overseas Now back home yeah How’s that going korea Honestly a Lot Tougher Just Until it’s to be like Than i thought well Thank you for your service thank you Ma’am okay your total Is 33 82 oh i don’t know much I’m sorry Your cards Been declined Maybe There’s a coupon i could use no i’m sorry That’s okay i’ll Just put something back North Carolina Calls Itself The Nation’s most Military Friendly State But When this Cash-strapped Veteran Comes Up a Few Dollars short Well People as They Say Put Their Money Where their mouth is or Let Him fight This battle on his own What Would you do could you take This off i don’t Need it sure i’m sorry about this That’s okay Ma’am i’ll manage we’ve set up our Hidden Cameras at Food matters Market and cafe in Morganton North Carolina are you in the Military i was Ma’am i spent the last Few Years Overseas and Now i’m back home Usa this Man Salutes His service right Away Thank you sir okay so you’re totally gonna be 67 16 It Says Your Card Was declined getting Coupons The Magic sorry Sorry Dis no No we don’t offer one his first thought is to help Plan a strategic WiThdrawal of the pricier items South Maybe i’ll take off a Couple Baby Foods okay but When our soldiers suggest surrendering The Baby Food he Reaches for His wallet Sir you don’t have to So are you vince o’conner time to meet the man with a Helping hand You Have a Lot of Money to spare not Really Why do This it’S the Kind of set of Your Heart and What god Wants How will you Get repaid Stop or down the line it’ll come back sort of Paying It Forward and It comes back to ya Derick Falls back in line at The Checkout counter It Says Your Card Was declined Can You imagine give me like a veteran’s discount right Away This Woman opens Up her wallet Ma’am you don’t Have to do it on and on so you have to do that i know i don’t have to do it by The Thank you Very much so do you know Him no, i’ve Been uh grateful for What he’s done i appreciate what you do Hello there how are you hi i’m John Quinones with What Would you do oh my God Why did you do That Because i appreciate his service he obviously has a little one at home and Why not have Been in that Situation before We’re here to love you and grow Together I mean we’re community And Community Is something north Carolina Knows all about During Our trip We Visited The Charlotte Bridge Home dedicated to helping Veterans Build a productive life after Military service i came to charlotte Bridge home and Got a Lot of Connections Through Here and so i think that is a Lot of One of The Benefits of coming to an Area Like Charlotte it’s not The right resource i think the Need is great in that most Anyone That’s Worn the uniform is going to need a community That’s Willing to step in of those little moments and all day Long We Witness that Willingness to step in and support a Veteran in need What else can i take off to Kind of Make This Work i’m so Oh man Ma’am you’ll have to base our Business No Military Just Wait we Just don’t. Have One it’s nothing you can do for me sir sir you don’t. Have to At first This Man Seems to be distracted by His Phone he got any coupons i’ll Have His 40 But he too was dialed in to our soldier in need Some issues i was checking the Phone make sure i had enough Money People are all struggling i had Many Items? We’re all in this together so we Need to help each Other out We Rolled One last time an order derek to highlight his struggles with Unemployment I’m still searching for a Job where have you Been Looking i mean look at Throughout the town do you Guys hire here no sorry Right Now it’s Kind of Rough Butch Max Wayne is quick to offer Derrick Help With his job Search And Guess What he’s a Fellow Veteran go bob Check They Have home Sometimes okay Yeah It is um Your card has Been declined But Then he sees That our soldier is in Need of more Than Just Advice So you don’t have to do that Sorry You don’t have to do that You’ve Been an arm So you know so you know how i feel about sure good we didn’t come back? I can Put the River Wise Words from a Man With experience i Just Feel for the guy i was there Myself One time I think our country owes These Guys a Lot as the Moral of the story is We Need to help each Other North Carolina The Nation’s most Military Friendly State Living Up to its billing refusing to leave a Man Behind


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