What We Do – Cloud Computing and More at T-Rex Solutions
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What We Do – Cloud Computing and More at T-Rex Solutions

T-Rex designs,
builds, integrates, and operates some of the world’s
largest, most complex mission critical systems and provides
IT modernization services along with critical cyber data
protection for our government customers. I’d say customer satisfaction
is probably the number one thing that we look to accomplish
when we set out on a project. We’ve done a really
amazing job delivering at the Census Bureau. And the work we’re doing in the
federal civilian marketplace is like no other. We have some very difficult
and challenging missions, and we need the top talent
and the best of the best to achieve those missions. And we’re able to recruit
them and attract them because of the coolness
of the mission, because of the challenge,
and because of the fact that the mission is
very cutting edge, and it’s things that people
want to be a part of. T-Rex has succeeded by
combining smart people, who love their work, with repeatable
and standardized processes. Our technology focuses
on systems integration and development, cloud
adoption and infrastructure optimization, cybersecurity,
data engineering and analytics, and mission critical services. The census is an absolutely
perfect application for the cloud because
of the elasticity that the cloud application
provides for the Census. They needed an integrator who
could bring all that together for them, where they could
establish the hybrid cloud environment, wrap it in a
cyber security solution, and then deliver it for the
all important 2020 census. Well T-Rex was selected
as the integrator, and it’s a tremendous
amount of, I’ll say, firsts and cutting edge work
that we’re doing over there. And I think having
that experience and doing it on such a large
scale, like we are for Census, will apply to a lot
of other agencies and will really put us in
a good position for growth as we move forward. And the way we’ve saved money
and have increased efficiencies for the Census Bureau is by
building an application that actually runs in the cloud. And the alternative to
not going to the cloud was probably building out
three or four data centers. Another example that
I think is important is what we’re doing from a
cybersecurity perspective. Before, you may have had to have
a security operations center that has a staff of 30 people. The automation and the
scripting that we’re building in the [INAUDIBLE]
to alert the right things allows for us to do the same
thing with less people, which saves money over long term. It’s extremely fulfilling to be
able to meet a mission like we have with the Census Bureau. It’s really being able
to utilize technology in order to meet the
mission of the government in an efficient way. T-Rex combines skills
and professional services with powerful next
gen technology to relentlessly drive
innovation and blaze new paths in solving our client’s
complex challenges.

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