What to Do When You Hate to Clean with Debbie Sardone

So, what if you hate to clean? I mean, that doesn’t make the need for cleaning
go away, and it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it. You just still have to do it, but you hate
it. So, what do you do? We’re going to talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s show is brought to us by Speed
Cleaning, which is an entire line of cleaning products that are eco-friendly, and they’re
safe for pets and families and kids and professional house cleaners that are around chemicals all day. They’re safe for homeowners, and they’re safe
for Airbnb hosts. Joining us today is the co-owner of Speed
Cleaning, and also a legend in the cleaning business. This is Debbie Sardone, who is a cleaning
development coach that coaches house cleaners all across the country. She’s a professional speaker, she’s an author,
she’s a podcaster, she has a couple of Facebook groups that she runs, and she is the founder
of a nonprofit organization called Cleaning for a Reason. They’ve sent thousands of house cleaners into
homes where there are families that are undergoing cancer treatments, and so they have donated
as a charitable, something to give back to the community, house cleaning. So please help me welcome today to share with
us the answers about “What do you do when you hate to clean?” Please help me welcome the legendary Debbie
Sardone. Debbie Sardone: Usually, people hate to clean
for various reasons. Sometimes we hate it just because we don’t
have time, or you could just hate it because you hate it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, my philosophy is it has to be done, so
get the job done quicker. Make it simple, turn it into a routine, use
the Speed Cleaning system so you can get the job done in half the time that it used to
take you, and then you will love the result so much, you won’t actually hate the cleaning
itself. Angela Brown: Now, you just mentioned the
word speed cleaning, and I know you have a whole entire program around speed cleaning,
but if you do this speed cleaning, does that sacrifice some of the quality? Debbie Sardone: It doesn’t, because the speed
cleaning is actually a system. It’s not an approach of hurrying and rushing,
it is a strategic way to tackle the house to get it done in less time. And so really, it makes something you don’t
want to do more pleasant, because it is a systemized way of cleaning that gets results
much, much faster. We have the Speed Cleaning book, and then
Jeff Campbell and I, the original author of Speed Cleaning, rewrote the book a few years
ago, and it’s called Speed Cleaning for the Pros. Cleaning companies all over the world literally
use this system to clean homes professionally, because time is money. And so, just like the homeowner who doesn’t
like to clean, time not only is money for us too, but it’s time away from the things
we’d rather be doing. So using the Speed Cleaning book to learn
how to clean better, faster, and safer simply means you get the job done and out of the
way so you can go do what you really want to do. Angela Brown: So then my next question is,
is it possible? Is it possible if you’re a professional house
cleaner, is it possible that you could do that for a living, and you also hate to clean? Debbie Sardone: Absolutely is possible, because
you needed to find what you actually love about the cleaning business. So, for example, if you love the freedom of
owning your own business, of owning your own schedule, owning your own destiny and your
own future, if you love the ability to earn different levels of income based on the effort
you want to contribute, you can focus on the pieces of the business you love, and then
don’t focus so much on the pieces of the business that help you get to succeed at what you really
love: making more money, living better, having more freedom, owning your own life instead
of working for somebody else. Focus on the pieces of the business you actually
do love. Angela Brown: Which leads me to the next question. When you talk about freedom and owning your
own business and all this stuff, as a business owner, is it possible to own a cleaning company
if you hate to clean? Debbie Sardone: Absolutely. In fact, when I first started my cleaning
business, I did love to clean. I will be honest with you, I loved it. But there did come a day where I didn’t love
to clean anymore, I didn’t want to do the cleaning anymore. And I can honestly say to this day, I don’t
love it anymore, and I run one of the largest maid services in the country. We have over 45 happy employees who love to
clean doing the cleaning, and I still own the company. I just love the business of cleaning. Angela Brown: All right, well, I have to ask
you, since you’re talking about things that people hate to clean, people hate to clean
their showers. Is there any advice or any suggestions you
would give on how to clean a shower if you hate to clean? Debbie Sardone: Yes, there sure is, and the
very first step if you hate to clean the shower, which is the number one place in the home
everybody hates to clean, if you hate to clean the shower, step one is clean it every week. Because the difficulty is when you let it
build up, and then there’s all this dread, and there is all this caked-on scum, and there’s
this heavy mildew in the shower, and that’s what makes you hate it. So step one is keep it up, clean the shower
every week. It’s faster, it’s easier, and it takes less
difficulty. Step two, if you hate to clean the shower,
get a good quality squeegee, and squeegee the glass and the tiles every morning after
you shower. Think about it. You can squeegee the glass and the tiles in
about four or five seconds. It might seem like you don’t have time because
you’re running late, but you do have four or five seconds every single morning to squeegee
the shower. So if you hate cleaning the shower, this will
make it easier when you do have to clean. Angela Brown: I love that you said that, because
that’s the bigger picture. That’s the speed cleaning for the bigger picture. When you do a little bit every shower, then
it’s not ever this huge ginormous project that’s going to take an hour to try to tidy
up. Debbie Sardone: And that’s what people dread. They dread dealing with the buildup, they
dread dealing with the neglect. And the problem is, if we don’t stay disciplined
and get ourselves on a cleaning system, then we will look at that shower on a Saturday
and say, “Oh, it’s not bad, I’ll skip it.” And then next Saturday, “Oh, it’s not bad,
I’ll skip it.” Three months later, it’s like, “Oh my goodness,
I want to die. I have to spend two hours scrubbing my shower.” Angela Brown: Well, Debbie, I’m so thankful
that you joined us today, and would you give us a little bit of information about where
we can go to find that speed cleaning stuff that you are talking about? Debbie Sardone: Of course. You can go to, click on
the Shop Online tab, and you can find our upholstery brushes, our amazing Scum Bum shower
cleaner. It’s a cleaning product that you clean the
shower with that won’t make you cough, because if you’re coughing when you clean the shower,
you’re literally ingesting those microscopic chemicals. And so our all-natural nontoxic shower cleaner
Scum Bum, you will absolutely love it. It works fantastic and it’s safe. Angela Brown: And that, my friends, is the
amazing Debbie Sardone. Thank you so much, Debbie, for joining us
today. This was awesome, and every time we speak,
I learn something new. I’m going to leave links in the show notes
to everything that Debbie talked about so that you guys can go take a look and see for
yourself, and then also figure out ways to shortcut the process if you hate to clean. All righty, if you found this helpful, please
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cleaner place than when you found it.

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