What Should I Write About on our Business Website/Blog?
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What Should I Write About on our Business Website/Blog?

So the question is
What Should I Write About or We Write About on or Site or Blog Were in are Videos what
should be or What Kind of Content should be Create?
And I think that one of the primary things that every content creator should that focus
on at least initially is answering frequently ask questions in your industry this are the
pain points in Google as you search engines that mention in first second is hard wired
with their hamming birds algorithm that’s one of their many algorithms they have their
usually name that for animals. One is all about professionally answering questions for
people professionally finding information and so one of the things that Google Hardwired
due is much of questions of answers. So if you as a contact creator on your blog or in
your videos are titling your blog post with the question that your industry asks and by
the way you can find out the question of your industry asking with keyword tools are out
there were if you have don’t access you can talk to online marketing agency to be
research for you but you find out the list of things of people are actually asking this
questions the burning questions of your market. When you answer those questions in blog and
or in video form and if you do the video form you actually get bought but you can have video
transcribe and you can give a post of it and just a tip there but when you do that you
can post too things one is your postures office and authority who actually connects with the
people answers the questions making hem say it themselves this personally gets me this
is the person means they consciously they think this is the person I were the business
or in the company because their ask their answer in the question that I’m asking they
understand that’s really important. The other thing is that you’re creating what
I call lots of traffic magnets online were people gonna find you each points the intersections
whether on YouTube or on Google or both. People are gonna find this blog post this videos
because their asking those questions and they’re going to find your content if you created
a content and properly titled it properly describe it and then have the words that relevant
to the question and the keywords that question sent around inside the video and also other
serve off sure terms to. So for example if I’m talking about videos I’m I also be
talking about YouTube or this are related terms and Google sees that relevant in that
relation and that is the given more oomph in search engines causes track you hire. So
you wanna talk about. You wanna repeat the same keyword that’s very bad but you wanna
talk naturally about other related terms this is called Elise relevant. So when you do this
and you answer those questions that is the number 1 type of marketing campaign but I
would recommend something to do for content marketing in today’s world. For access to
our entire library of frequently ask question please visit SocialMediaNinjas.com/videos.

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