• Edan Maor

    Excellent and interesting talk!

    I wonder – is there anyone working on the so-called non-conservative hypothetical of – what happens if quantum computing can't be done? I mean obviously the way in which things fail will be informative, but I wonder what are the serious theories against quantum computing working, and if there are any, would they be testable in some other way?

  • Peter Morgan

    Perhaps we could agree to call it "Hilbert Computation", given that it's all about Hilbert spaces and the non-commutative algebras of operators that act upon them, not specially about woo-oo quantum theory? One has Hilbert spaces and non-commutative algebras of operators in classical signal analysis, for example, because of the omnipresence of fourier analysis, so that could equally well be a model of the Hilbert space mathematics. Hilbert computation perhaps should be taken to imply that we use mostly or only projective operators, so it's a particular restriction away from signal analysis in full generality, but hey. But then, QFT=signal analysis —modulation of the vacuum state and measurement of those modulated states— is my thing.

  • FadoodleX

    I divided the video into 30 second segments, chose six of those randomly for detailed analysis of the number of "uuuu"s and "um"s, and extrapolated to the full video length. My estimate is about 200 "uuu"s and "um"s, with standard error +/- 20. Not bad, but probably not close to a record for a TEDx talk.

  • Crystaldish60

    Excellent talk! It’s good to hear someone from the cutting edge explain things in layman's terms rather than relying on science writers or journalists to do it.

  • batcathatsatchat

    Scott Aaronson is a breath of fresh air when it comes to explaining QC. It was painful to watch the Microsoft keynote a month or two ago where the "parallel solutions" explanation was given several times as the power of QC.

  • Korakys

    Quantum computing is something I kind of want to grasp at least the outlines of but often end up chucking in the too-hard basket. Short explainers like this help me, so thanks.

  • Pablo Gutierrez

    Scott, great talking !!! Very good in explaining something that everyone is filling their mouths saying it's magic!!!!!!!

  • randy arellanes

    This guy like all the rest who get up in front of a bunch of people and try to make some sense of quantum computing. They really don't know what they have or its true intention they stumble over themselves to convince people that it's a good thing, what they don't believe is the chaos quantum computing is going to lead too.

  • Texan Tom

    Ok n what about d-wave and Geordie Rose in his explanation and I quote " what the machine does is extract resources from these other parallel dimensions or universe" ??? My problem is he's the only one that talks about what these things do in that regard nobody else has touched on this!!

  • Claire Molleman

    This is the first talk about quantum computers that shed at least some light on this topic. Great talk, thank you very much !

  • Justin LaReau

    Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ah ugh ah ah ugh ah ah ugh ugh…… can a quantum computer count how many times this guy says ugh ugh ? God it's painful to listen to this guy. Learn how to give a presentation or take a class on public speaking.

  • Raul A. Ocasio Gonzalez

    In 1969 everyone though that before 2000 we will live in other planets, but we are very far from that. Quantum seems more like a dream than a fact, controlling energy at such deep details is kind of science fiction.

  • s Flashi

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  • Bullitt D. Bourbon aka Elle Ko

    Rather than disproving something people say, how about setting the goal to understanding how quantum particles work. It is science afterall. He himself ended the talk with advocating accurately learning & reporting, there's a lot of dishonesty going on.

  • Dan Jakeway

    Long story short, quantum computing is asking the question, "What is the useful purpose of life for the cosmos beyond its magnificent beauty?"

  • Dan Jakeway

    Is the purpose of each one's life relative to the natural destination of goods according to God's very Holy Catholic theology which we have been saying repeatedly over, and over, and over again for thousands of years in perfect succession of honest Jewish traditions?

  • Peter Petrov

    This guy is hilarious! "But why is he pacing back and forth and saying ugh all the time" some would ask. Ugh because on planet Earth humans express emotions and make jokes; it's hard to explain. It's not a cause for concern though.

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