What is WordPress? Why WordPress is Best in 2019 and beyond?
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What is WordPress? Why WordPress is Best in 2019 and beyond?

If you are having a trouble in finding an
easy and fast way to create your website, I have the solution for you. Hey everyone, this is Abhishek Sharma, you
are tuned to Digital Abhi and I am gonna tell you What is WordPress and why you should use
it? Before starting, here’s a quick question. What kind of website you are planning to build? Tell me in the comments so that I can help
you out with it. Let’s start by knowing what is wordpress? So, WordPress is a Content Management System
based on PHP and MySQL. It is an open source software which you can
use create some great and awesome websites. WordPress is one the most popular CMS or Content
Management System in the present time. It was launched on May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg
and Mike Little. Back at that time it started as a blogging
platform. But from that point of time, there have been
many advancements in the software. And now wordpress is a full featured content
management system. The parent company of WordPress is Automattic. Now, let me tell you why you need to use wordpress
for your website? My first point in the favour of wordpress
is that it powers 34% of the internet making it the largest Content Management System in
the world. This data is claimed on the official website
of wordpress which is wordpress.com. The best part about wordpress is that you
don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge in order to create a website on
it. It’s ease of use makes it my favourite CMS
among all the other platforms available right now. The UI of wordpress is so friendly that even
a 9th grade student can build his own website. Also, wordpress is SEO friendly. Search Engines love wordpress because the
code behind this powerful CMS is very neat and clean. You get easy to use plugins to improve the
SEO of your website. I will tell about wordpress plugins too in
a little bit. Also, we will have a great discussion regarding
the SEO stuff in the upcoming episodes. So, subscribe and stay tuned to Digital Abhi
so that you don’t miss out the great upcoming content. Another best part of wordpress is that you
can operate it from any computer. In case you are at your friend’s home and
you need to update something on your website. But you don’t have access to your PC, you
can ask for your friend’s PC and make the changes you require. And the best part is that you can access wordpress
from your smartphone also. So, why is it so easy? In wordpress, you get a login portal where
you have to enter your username and password just like you do it on Facebook and many other
websites. And once you enter the credentials, hit the
SUBMIT button and boom. You get access to your wordpress dashboard. You can also have multiple users which can
access the wordpress part of your website. Since, you are the admin, you can add users
and assign their access levels. So, if you are having a team to work on your
website, you can add all of them within minutes. With wordpress, you can create almost any
kind of website. Be it a blogging website, an e-commerce website
or a membership website. You can do all that without having any kind
of coding skill or technical knowledge. Although you gain some technical knowledge
and skills in your digital journey which you can implement in your wordpress website. WordPress can handle all kind of media types
and content. You can put anything you like. It can be text, image, audio or video. You can also easily embed any content from
different sources available on the internet. For example, embedding a YouTube video in
your content takes only a few seconds and a couple of mouse clicks. So, how you can start building a website on
wordpress? In this CMS, you get thousands of themes and
templates which you can use to set the look and feel of your website. Now you will ask what do I mean by themes
here? WordPress themes are just like the themes
in your smartphone. In your smartphone you can install any of
the theme you like and can change the look and feel of the system. Similarly, in wordpress you can choose from
hundreds and thousands of themes to change the look of your website. You also get thousands of plugins to extend
the functionality of your website and optimize it according to your requirement. These plugins are like applications in your
phone. You add an extra feature in your smartphone
by installing an application. Similarly, you can also add great features
in your website with the help of these easy to use plugins. Installing or removing the themes and plugins
is just a matter of click of your mouse. You may be wondering whether the themes and
plugins are free to use or you have to pay for them. Both the options are available here. You can choose both free and paid plugins
and themes according to your use and requirement. If you are wondering how a website built on
wordpress looks like, I have mentioned links to some of the websites which I have built
on wordpress. You can check them out to get idea of the
power of wordpress. So, how can you get wordpress? You can get it from the official wordpress
website which is wordpress.com or wordpress.org. Now, you may be thinking about the two different
versions of wordpress. So, wordpress.com is free while wordpress.org
is paid. We will also discuss about the difference
in these two in detail in the next episode. Another way of getting wordpress is installing
it from the CPanel of your hosting. You can get a quality hosting for your website
from Bluehost. I have mentioned the link to Bluehost in the
description to make the process easier for you. The part which I love most about wordpress
is the community it has built over the years. The user base of wordpress is very very huge. If you are facing any kind of issue on wordpress,
you can easily get the solutions just by searching it on the internet. There were many instances when I was confused
regarding some aspects of this great CMS. What I did at that time? I just googled my issue and got hundreds of
solutions to it. Also, when digital marketing gurus like Neil
Patel are using wordpress, then why shouldn’t you? I would recommend you to use wordpress. But still you should do a little bit of research
on your own before starting to have a 100% satisfaction in your mind. Also, I have mentioned the links to my social
profiles in the description. Connect with me socially so that I can help
you out with your queries. Now, if you have any better idea regarding
wordpress than before then like, comment and share this episode and Subscribe to Digital


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