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So this is a question I get asked a lot, what
is website hosting and do I need hosting? The answer to the question is yes. You’re
website is a bunch of files and those files need to sit on someones hard drive in order
for people to be able to request those files and then look at your website. So you can
either build that yourself. You can go and build your own server and you can configure it so
people can get the files and look at your site. I don’t recommend it. Or you rent space
on somebody else’s hard drive or “server”. You rent that space and then you pay those
people to deliver your website files and keep everything secure. So that’s how hosting
works. So if you’re going to build a website then you need to pay somebody to host your
site so that they can then serve your site to all the visitors who are requesting it.
So when I go to a browser and type www.somewebsite.com, I’m requesting those files be served up to
me from a hard drive, a server. So that’s how hosting works. You can pick up hosting
for around about $80 to $300 a year depending on, you know, the quality, how much space
you need, whether you want email hosting plugged into it, all that sort of stuff. But if you’re
going to build a website, you need to get hosting.

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