What is Web Hosting for beginners Step by step | إستضافة المواقع | ウェブホスティング | Zaffron
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What is Web Hosting for beginners Step by step | إستضافة المواقع | ウェブホスティング | Zaffron

web hosting Youtube Facebook Twitter Skype linkedin We used to communicate in our mobile handset by using this types of social networks Everyday there are massive amount of messages that always transferred over the globe between the internet users These social networks are actually a type of websites that enables you to make online virtual communities. So Have you asked your self : How does the internet work ? and how we actually get access to any website Where actually the website is setting ? and what does website means physically ? In this video We are going to learn and get basic understanding about websites and “web hosting” How to build website step by step Introducing the “Web’ The key element in the web network is the computer It consists of two parts The hardware which is the physical elements (The screen and processing unit) and the software which is the applications and the computer operating system. The web is an entire cluster of inter-connected computers conversing with each other Those computers can be computer desktops أor computer laptops or mobile phones or any other intelligent devices that can communicate online for example computer A which is located in the united states can send a message to computer B in the far east of Asia The internet messages are usually transferred trough several transmission mediums for example, the web computers can be connected through phone lines. Computer A can also send satellite signals to computer B Computer B can respond back via fiber optic cables In addition, both computers can communicate together through wireless cellular base satations The computers that make up the web can make periodic connectios like what we have in our mobile phones, ipads, laptops and desktops or it can have permanent connections in all the time High processing computers that always connected to the web are called “computer servers” Servers have powerful processing capabilities and always connected to serve website’s access requests. The function of the server operating system Servers are computers similar to desktops or laptops but They have a special software installed in it called “server software” Server software is programmed to reply to any access request or any web pages and websites Essentially the server software has a bundle of stored in it and it just look forward for web browsers’ messages to ask for or request for a specific web page Which then will be received in our internet browsers so How can any person found a website in the internet browsers The answer is by typing in the website address or what is called “URL” which stands for Uniform Resource Locator for example if you want to open YouTube website You can write in the address bar of internet browser: www.youtube.com and then the server will search for the domain and will send it back to your internet browser so How can anyone get an official website address ? Domain Name Reistration Have you heard about “Domain Name Registration” ? and do you know what is the benefit behind registering a domain name ? If you want to get an official address for your website in the world wide web, then you have to register a domain name with this address anyone or any device in the web can reach you so make sure to register your own domain name that fit your bushiness or your niche this includes the top level domain such as (.com) (.net) (.edu) and what so on Your domain address in the virtual world is just like your home address in the real world Your home address is unique address and similarly your domain address has to be unique too. so Why we pay for having a website address ? There is something called “address book” which a central database of all web domain names that needs to be updated every time of any registration so that paid money will given to this process in general the annual cost of this process approximately ranges 5 to 30 dollars as we mentioned earlier when an internet browser in our computer ask for a domain name and send a request message to the internet server the server will search for the domain name in the central address book database if the domain name is identifed by the server then the server will send back the web pages of the domain to the web browsers in our computers or even in our mobile devices make a website in four steps if you want to build your own website, follow the following four steps step one: register for a domain name address step two: pay for a space in a hosting server step three: design the template of your website step four: upload your website template file into the hosting server and dont forget to choose the best top level domain that fit your website’s niche such as (.com) (.net)(.org) or any other top level domain in addition to that You have to read the list of services that usually offered by any hosting company for example unlimited desk space and the hosting price is the main key to choose best hosting services once you finish all of that you will able to upload your websites templates files in your hosting server by using FTP application installed in your PC Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox are examples of FTP application that you can use to upload your web pages you can type in the search bar FTP protocol, IP address of the hosting server and your domain address make free hosting website if you want to make your own website without paying money, you can use free hosting service free hosting service permit you to create a sub domain website subdomain website is just a low level URL domain or that is part of a main domain for example if the main domain is youtube.com Then the sub domain is … Youtube.com/c/zaffron another example if the main domain is … blogspot.com then the sub domain is … zaffronstore.blogspot.com example for free hosting service open your internet browser and then type … www.wix.com scroll down and find what type of website you want to create You can select business website template, online store template, photography template, designing template or any other websites templates. Now .. let us start making our new website click on template tab now you can view and pick your new website template make sure to select the free price template otherwise … you have to pay for some types of templates from the side bar, you can select any category of all templates you can select several type of business templates or even an accommodation templates. So let us select a template from education category All educational website templates are listed here click on to view see how the final website looks like scroll down to see how the whole website looks like you can close this template if dont like it and select another one if picked the template that you love, then now you can start your editing and making website content click on edit this site button login by creating new account or you can sign using your Facebook or google plus accounts wait for the web template to load in click on site tab select connect domain as you can see here you have two options to select you can make a free hosting web site by typing a sub domain or you can use a paid hosting main domain with your own website address now type your chosen sub domain … zuffron.wix.com you can also edit the mobile version of your website from the left bar .. you can change the background you can apply changes for the whole pages or for the main page only from the side bar .. you can also add many website contents such as text, photos and videos so let us try to add a video drag and drop the video and at any place you like you can customize your video layout click on edit image check also other tabs and see other remaining elements preview your final edited website now you can see your sub domain website is ready so it is very easy to make a free hosting website just try it and make your own website for fun here are another website companies that provide you free hosting and sub domain services for free blogspot.com web.com weebly.com ehost.com register.com godaddy.com


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