What Is The Best WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, Thrive Architect Compared
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What Is The Best WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, Thrive Architect Compared


  • Mridul Mishra

    I have my pics stored on a image hosting website. Instead of uploading to wordpress, i want use the link of my images for there. Is there a way ?

  • Flip Back

    Great Video! I tried Elementor and it is pretty Awesome! No more Divi. I feel this Builder impresses. Thanks for the great Content!

  • Chintan Chheda

    Hi Your videos are amazing and so much to learn. Thanks for creating such amazing tutorials. Do you have any video for non techies to design the front page of the blog?

  • khalid casawi

    I want to correct you Adam regarding Elegant Themes.. 1– The Locked-in idea is misleading, there's a BIG different between switching a theme and keep using a plugin, wordpress allow you to use many plugins but one theme, so you can use Divi theme and switch while keeping the content the same thanks to Divi plugin, I don't think people will find a problem keeping one plugin to their list, it's not a concern at all! You make it sound like you can't move from Divi theme where you can! 2– They didn't increase the price, it's the same but they removed the first plan that didn't had plugins. 3– The tutorials in their blog are for things you can't do with the theme, for advanced stuff where code is needed, it's what people request they offer that as a tutorial but you make it sound like you can't do anything with Divi without custom code! This is a benefit because the blogs in the other page builders have poor content!

  • UK Bling

    i have a question please

    i created a site in wix but i gave up as it wasnt really displaying correctly on a mobile device

    so now i am using wordpress and as you can imagine for a newbie its pretty complicated

    so i am wondering if you know of any plug-ins or themes where you can select a theme and it looks just like the preview, and all you have to do is customize the text and images with your own rather than starting from scratch creating your own site?

    i want something that has alot of different designs to choose from which includes header and footer which are complete themes where all you have to really do is edit some text and edit pictures and maybe add a few lines of text

    something else which i would also like would be something you can customize your desktop and mobile to be completely different from each other

    what can you suggest me?

  • GPP

    Hi Adam, I recently contacted Thrive support and they told me that Thrive Architect can only be used with Thrive Themes. Is this true, that I can't use it with non-Thrive WP themes? Thanks, I'm a newbie in this stuff. 🙂

  • North Texas Turf Pros

    Two VERY BIG THUMBS UP 👍🏼👍🏼 on this review video. This was exactly what I was looking for. The honesty was refreshing. I don’t recall you using any language that a non-developer/newbie wouldn’t understand. You definitely understand the angle from which to explain the features and drawbacks that end users want to know about. I also appreciated the cost ($) comparison. Great work. You got a subscriber out of this video.

  • Robert Gomez

    Wow, I have been learning how to build websites off of youtube for a few months now and your content is super informative and compact. The fact that I have played with a few of these builders and have talked with people praising and cursing some of these makes it even more entertaining for me. I actually know how awesome Elementor is and why I should use Thrive as a Marketer and your video was still jampacked with things I never heard of before or even thought to ask/ look into. Thanks for your awesome content.

    I just started a new kind of social media/ digital marketing agency, I just acquired a few clients that I am going to use as case studies in Austin and I'm going to refer to your videos first any time I need some help. For now, Elementor is where I will stay, although you have me greatly considering moving to Beaver Builder as my business grows. I'll be sure to use your link when I decide to purchase. Thanks for the great Value.

    Do you happen to have a FB group where you share any of your content to as well?

  • Marcus Sherfield

    I love elementor your videos, they helped me start off in the right direction. I am trying to find a good Job Board theme for my job which is youth program that helps young adults get jobs. Can you help me send me in the right direction?

  • Joakim Stenfelt Löfgren

    I came across your channel about a week ago and your videos have really helped me understand Themes and Page Builders much more. You put out comprehensive and seemingly honest content which I really appreciate – thanks man.

    However, even though your videos have gotten me way closer to a decision, I am not quite there yet. I want to make sure I go down the right rabbit hole!

    I want to be able to simply drag and drop – WYSIWYG, (Thrive Architect's inline writing function is very attractive to me) so I can spend more time on researching and writing quality content but still make a stunning website. With the main focus on content, SEO and affiliate marketing.

    Which WP Page Builder would you suggest, if any, for that purpose please?

    I'm trying to move away from the traditional cheap looking niche sites, and make more professional and cleaner looking ones, and save some time while doing it.. And I'm thinking that a premium Page Builder could do the trick?

    Thanks again, I am looking forward to your next video!


  • Nelson Therrien

    Great video!

    My personnal experience with page builders:

    1- Personnally, I'm working with designers that want a lot of special/specific things, so my favorite one that allowed me to do whatever I wanted was Visual Composer, especially with the Ultimate Add-on…
    2- Beaver Builder : just tried the free lite builder…
    3- Divi : One of my client used the version 2 (I think) of it and I didn't like it at all… Version 3 seems great, BUT when I tried to update my version 2 site, it doesn't work at all (though it's supposed to be backward compatible)…
    4- Elementor : Bought the Pro upgrade… Didn't use it that much, but I did use it to create a Landing page lately… Works great, but had a hard time doing a couple of things, like having two colors in the same sentence (need to put some html to do it… unless I just didn't find how)… Also, slower that the next one because I always have to switch tabs… One good thing about it as well is that it's available in other languages (I used it on a French site and the builder was in French), useful if you or your client doesn't have English as primary language…
    5- Thrive Architect : Though I liked the thinking beind it, Thrive Content Builder (previous version) wasn't up to my expectations: limited a lot in terms of components as opposed to others and not that flexible. BUT, I just did a Landing Page (the same one as with Elementor) with it and it was wonderful! Easy to use, hyper fast to do modifications (ex: change the margins visually) and so flexible! I was even able to add a position: absolute element! (I haven't find it anywhere else)… The only thing I didn't find at first was how to create a row that the background would fit the entire width… but found out today. SO, didn't find any weakness so far… It's now really going to be my editor of choice (though I'll still use VC when it comes with the theme I use…). BTW, best of all, I was able to buy it (probably not long after it came out) for a lifetime unlimited license with upgrades for only 147$ a little less than 4 years ago! (The other tools, like Leads, themes, etc…)

    Others I've tried: WR, ProStyler Builder (comes with ProStyler theme and at origin was similar to WR), Origin Builder (used to be my second choice), Site Origin's, Unyson, Oxygen…

  • Valley Girl

    i love you. I am an old FP2000 user and am getting pressured by my spouse to swich to WP. I didnt because I always thought of WP as a blog builder. I have been struggling with WP for the last 2 weeks. And didnt know half of what i learned here. TYSM!

  • Jeff Kyle

    Have you done a review of the WordPress Page Builder Framework from MapSteps? (https://wp-pagebuilderframework.com/) I think it is pretty new. How do you think it compares to a theme like Astra?

  • Marin Zlatarić

    These are my top 3:
    1 Elementor for all things together – with great emphasis on design
    2 Beaver – champ for coders
    3 Divi – well I have a lifetime access and still I think they did a great job but cannot compare with first 2

  • Victor Rojas

    I'm about to bite the bullet and purchase one today. I'm totally torn between Elementor and Thrive Architect. I'm leaning toward Thrive, though. I like the marketing-focused features. Elementor, however, is having a Black Friday special today (25% off). Thoughts? Thanks!

  • A Rodriguez

    Elementor and Internet Explorer do not seem to play well together. Columns push up into the header and menu area. Have you noticed this? Is there a fix? I have read that BB is more compatible with IE, but have not tried it. IE has such a low share of the browser market I'm not sure if I should even bother.

  • 澳門營養學會Macau Nutrition Association

    i love the features of elementor but im stuck on site origin using Sydney theme im afraid that my content will be lost and need to put my all content again to the new page builder like elementor, can u teach me how to use elementor switching all my content to new page builder ? hope u could advise me

  • arpit tandon

    Hi Adam, Thanks for sharing such an informative video. My question is that if i want to build a website for someone else which builder should I use. Also, can I use elementor

  • C. Lincoln

    Great tutorial and review. I'm using THRIVE… very super easy to use. But I'm going to look into elementor because of your video.

    Good stuff buddy.

  • Dan Stanley

    Nice informative and well presented video. I am coming from Joomla since many years and have always made my own templates etc. But wordpress and Elementor is just such a great pair.

  • Maik Kaune

    Hello Adam, great video and pagebuilder overview. Love your honest words and opinion. Actually, I was looking for a BeaverBuilder 2.x review and could not find any on your channel!? At least you are showing it here 20:19 . Do you have plans for a separate, updated BEAVER BUILDER v2 review?

  • EPHS

    Do you, or anyone else know, if Elementor or Beaver Builder work well for creating a portfolio website? I am a professional Graphic Designer and want to know if these two play well for a site where portfolio posts are needed.

  • Berenice Davey

    Hi just bought Thrive Architect thru your link. You said to let you know when we did that. Where do I send the info to please in order to get your training course that goes with it as a bonus. Thanks

  • ColonelK0rn

    Thanks Adam, this video saved me a lot of time by showing me what would be best fit for my business that I'm getting off of the ground. I'll be designing just one page, and I can't beat the price!

  • sunshine G

    I used the free ekementor version and liked it so far. Thrive also I like feature wise. I tried my hands on divi and site origin and agree to your points in the video Adam. Somehow I was not getting the hang of beaver ..I didn't similar time in Beaver and ekementor for the same thing and looks like ekementor made it easier… Will update on Beaver too💗💗😀

  • sunshine G

    Adam you said can't make long not posts with beaver… So would you suggest thrive and beaver combo if I have to design something for marketing and also get in design

  • Virgil Vergara

    Hey Adam. Thanks for the review on all of these builders. I started out with Visual Composer unfortunately. I even bought a $30 license just like the 300,000 people that bought. I can tell you for a fact that you are dead on about Visual Composer. I absolutely hate it. Its so non-intuitive, slow, quirky, buggy, and I can go on and on. I got nickel and dimed to death with features after features.
    However, the only positive that I got from Visual Composer was that I purchased Ultimate addon from them. Totally loved it. Then I learned that Ultimate created an addon for a new builder called Beaver Builder. Thus I migrated away from Visual Composer in a New York split second.
    Since moving to Beaver Builder my website development has been a breeze. Coupled that with Ultimate Addon and Power Pack, and Beaver Builders new product called Beaver Themer, Beaver Builder eco-system packs a serious web development punch.
    Its not perfect and could still use some improvements. But good God, WordPress Builders have come a long, long way from my days of working with Visual Composer. I detest that web builder with a passion.

  • C GH

    I saw you for the first time today.Saw dozens of your video's (normally dont binge someones videos). thank you all your information is extremely helpful.I am subscribed now.Thank You.

  • Darron Saunders

    Many thanks for the vid. No mention of KingComposer – the devs of KingComposer really need to invest in some marketing 😀 backend and front end page builder with pro version. Inline editing etc

  • Kevin Hayler

    I'm building my own site using Beaver builder. I also bought thrive leads but discovered they conflicted with BB without adding extra css.
    I'd like to know if it's possible to make some pages (ie landing pages) using thrive and seperate content pages using my existing Beaver? Will that work?

  • Website Creative Pro

    This was excellent. Subscribed. What I'm interested in is something like OceanWp + Elementor vs XTheme vs Astra + Beaver Builder. I'm really curious as to what theme and page builder plugin combo is best overall.

  • amr maamoun

    Hi Adam, Can you please check out on Themify Builder , they released a new version and it seems amazing with it's parallax feature and the ultra theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRpocKzhCs8

  • Danielle E.

    Adam, I just found you today and have to say you are truly a godsend. The thought of using WP to build my site was giving me major anxiety issues. But your videos have changed all that. I am a subscriber now and have turned on notifications in my YouTube app! I will also be telling everyone I can about you. I also especially like your honest opinions and straightforward style. Thank you so much for doing what you do. ☺

    I do have one question. You mentioned that these page builders work with any theme, and also that Elementor and Thrive Architect offer different templates. How do templates work with or relate to themes, and what's the difference between the two? Thanks again.

  • Elsa Saks

    I have used Divi for year and lately when helping friends also VC. For 3 years I have not done research about builder and somehow I popped to see yours. What an eye opener. You touched the sweet spots of Divi for sure, and I can see how Elementor and Thrive will work for the projects I have in store. Thanks a lot!

  • Bakari Chavanu

    Wow, it's hard to keep these comparisons updated, because the builders update so quickly. But though I use the Thrive suite, I want to give Beaver and Elementor a try. The mobile versions of Thrive pages aren't always as consistent with the desktop version. And sometimes the layouts just don't scale that well. So I want to give the others a try.

    Is it a bad idea to use more than one builder on a site?

  • Scott Shubert

    This was very useful and informative. I wonder if I use Thrive Architect should I use Thrive themes or something else. I have been using X theme and Cornerstone and now it looks like it's time to phase that out.

  • Tasvir Mahmood

    I was recently wondering that why there are so much job offers regarding Thrive Architect than Elementor, I went to Thrive Themes website and saw that they provide UNLIMITED free updates, whereas Elementor only provides updates for a year only. If I buy Thrive Architect for $67, then even after 2-5 years will be getting the latest updates without any additional cost.

  • Wing Leung

    I bought two ThemeForest theme and I like the demo they made. which are bridge and rt-theme. the package comes with the visual builder. Can I use beaver, Elementor or Divi to modify demo without any problem?

  • Arthur Morehead

    Thanks for the comparisons It has been a huge help. Now I got to get some aspirin my brain is smoked LOL

  • Braincreatives It

    Take note that Cornerstone is no more theme dependant, they created a version that si theme independant.

  • Rolando Barberi

    Hi there!, thanks for this great video. I've been using visual composer and muffin builder for a couple of years but as you mentioned, my websites went reaaly slow as long as i adding things to my sites. I'm a frontend dev and i know HTML,CSS and JS, but i dont want to reinvent the wheel, so i'm looking for a faster way to create CUSTOM websites. I wanna be able to build custom layout and replicate PSD custom designs. That's the reason why i use visual composer, it let me add custom classes and id, so i have more control over each element. But no is time to change because site speed is getting worst and worst. Another question for you, do you know how to use a page builder with custom fields such as Advanced Custom Fields for example. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye and thanks again!

  • GO Webs

    Hi thanks for another great video. Personally I think the best 2 builders are Beaver and ekenentor. Divi in my opinion is a waste of money. I hope Brizy will also be up there. It looks promising. I also think we are moving into times where places like theme Forest are going to die a slow death. Page builders and themes like Astra with pre made templates are taking over. Just my humble opinion.

  • Scott Widen

    Is this video still relevant today? Wondering if there has been an update to this since it is almost a year old.

  • Dominique Devereaux

    I did a search on BoldGrid and this video came up. However, I don't really hear you talking about the product. What are your thoughts?

  • Eleanor lll

    Hi Adam, thanks for this great video. I have a question. I was attempting to use Thrive architect on an Astra theme. When selecting the free Astra starter site, I was prompted to choose either Elementor or Beaver. There was no option for Thrive architect. Regardless, I chose Elementor. So what happened was that I was given the option to edit the pages with either Elementor or Thrive architect in my wordpress dashboard. But I could only really make edits with Elementor and not Thrive architect. When I clicked anywhere on the page in Thrive architect, it just will not select anything which I could on Elementor. Would you have any idea why this is so as I thought Thrive architect could work on any theme and Astra could work with any page builder? Thanks!

  • Cristiano de Campos

    Great video and thank you for the information. I'm a first-timer to making a few websites for myself. It's important to me that I'm able to alter the themes of my pages (including blogs/news feeds/posts; static/dynamic) within the same website. Which, if any, of the recommended applications provide this capability?


  • David Rivers

    Check out Offsprout’s White Label Website Builder for WordPress, you spend less time building websites and more time building your business

  • Alberto Alencar

    Oxygen is way better than Divi, Elementor and Beaver together. The new features that Beaver 2 will have, Oxygen already has.

  • Marcus Bircher

    Great video as always thank you Adam! My dilemma: I am going to start selling websites to local business' while working on my own sites as well. For client sites I do not want to build them with a page builder that has an annual cost to avoid that long term commitment and potential issues should they or I want to cancel – is Elementor free version sufficient to build simple sites for clients? Looks like Beaver Builder only one with one time fee but not wanting to use Beaver for clients sites and then Elementor for my own. Any thoughts?

  • kon filip

    What is going on when you have more than one builder on your website and they conflict? How do you prevent from changing something in a builder and not showing up as a result?

  • Gina Anagnostopoulou

    I am a web developer, quite new to WP. I need to choose a page builder that will provide the following:
    1. Unlimited domains
    2. Unlimited updates
    Do you have any suggestions for me please? So far, I have used Elementor and WPBakery. Any ideas?
    Thank you in advance and thanks for all your great videos.

  • Yakovski Sergey

    Hey Adam, do you know which is the WP Builder with the Best Support. I mean competent, fast, with option to chat with them. Now I use Themify. It is great, but I am not happy with the support. So I need to change to other Builder. One with the best support! Thank you very much, in advance! 🙂
    As I am AppSumo user I know you from your great AppSumo reviews! I like your explanatory style! You are wonderful person and professional! 🙂

  • Mike Hatch

    Tough decision between Beaver Builder and Elementor. My situation would seem to fit BB since I just spent a year studying Front-end Development (HTML/CSS/JS/React/Express/etc). But.. the majority of tutorials and the best ones are on Elementor… even this channel seems to have more Elementor than Beaver.

  • April Eason

    Has anyone tried Offsprout yet? I haven't been able to find many reviews but it seems to have a lot of what I am looking for. Having the ability to save my work is something I've been NEEDING for a long time.

  • Muhammad Aamir

    I also found wp bakery very slow page builder where settings and tools are scattered on different locations but even then it comes with most of the themes in theme forest website.

  • Eric Hepperle

    Great review on front-end page builders, Adam! I didnt realize there were both front and back-end #pageBuilders.

    I'm working with a ThemeFusion theme called Avada. Would this be a back end page builder, or something else entirely?

    I'd love to know what your evaluation of backend page builders in 2019.

  • hunkar perk

    finally i decided to buy astra theme however couldn't decide to buy beaver or elementor pro and the theme support both of page builders too. Which one should i choose with astra?

  • wasserbesser ツ

    Half 2019 and still most WordPress Page Builders suck somehow… I tested them all!
    The nicest to work with is Divi, but it has it's flaws with too much loading time going on. Second best is Oxygen Builder, wich is really optimized and great, but still some Features lacking.
    Elementor sucks, too clicky and ugly workflow, but can be useful. Brizy I wasted 300$ as well, because it's ugly as well and Beaver Builder is damn expensive and pretty standart usabillity, not great still. When someone make it really really nice to make Webpages with advanced possibillities all included without much coding, no one want's that, even if you know css, html and javascript.

  • Viktors Bergholcs

    Is it possible to share the theme you've created using page builder as a zip file with other people without them having any page builder plugin installed in their wordpress site?

  • You Tube

    This is a great video!!!! You did an awesome job of explaining pagebuilders. Thank you for this wonderful video!

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