• Stan SPb

    A lot was covered in only8 minutes but it was all true. While it is very capable because it is so open-ended it can be very daunting learning how to accomplish tasks, as I have learned, it certainly opens even more options I never knew about and makes me go back and recreate the project using new techniques learned. The newer video lessons with nature English speakers really was a boost in understanding it as a system. When I first started, some functions just seemed to be easier to hand-code in PHP and Javascript although there were provisions to do it simply if one just knew it was there. It really does a lot, if you know the functions are there. With a few newer videos I have learned more than in 2 weeks than the prior year. For example, the security subsystem not described well so I created my own over a month but found only recently the actual power of the built-in module was much easier, secure and versatile. Keep turning out these videos, please!

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