What Is Quantum Computing (Quantum Computers Explained)
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What Is Quantum Computing (Quantum Computers Explained)


  • Rami M.J

    Your channel is amazing.

    The reason i'm very excited for quantum computing, Is their ability to simulate atomic interactions and protein foldings, This will allow us discover all kinds of new materials with exotic properties, Nearing science fiction levels, And also to discover new type of drugs that'll revolutionize medicine, Like drugs more effective at curing cancer and slow down or even prevent aging.

  • annoloki

    Don't get confused by quantum "observation", it doesn't exist in the real world, only in experiments, where it actually means to entangle with the measurement apparatus… this is why the interference pattern disappears when you "observe" which slit the wave packet is fired through – because you are entangling it with the measurement apparatus. You also see this with polarised light filters… we /say/ that only light polarised in the direction of the light gets through, but what actually happens is that light that gets "blocked" gets absorbed, creating a charged field that alters the light that gets through, so /all/ light gets modified, it is not a simple filter, and so cannot be used to only observe the polarity of light… all measurement is alteration.

  • MrThabe7hum

    I love your videos. Thank you for the effort. However, the sound is unbearable. I don't know how you're engineering it, but your voice sounds like it's emerging from Bass. It sounds loud, solid, horizontally linear, and almost fuzzy! Please fix the sound. I love your videos. The IBM lady sounded perfect. Please mimic that. Thank you.

  • F. Fehse

    Im doing my PhD in this field right now and – holy smokes! You explained so much so clearly in so less time… incredible :O
    This is probably one if not THE best summary on that topic Ive ever seen!

  • F. Fehse

    I forgot to mention:
    Theres a BIG difference between "logical" qubits and "physical" qubits!

    when you talk about algorithms you mean logical qubits. But due to errors created by interaction with the environment, you need many many more physical qubits to store one logical qubit. "Surface Codes" e.g. need ~100+ physical qubits for one logical qubit.
    And for algorithms you need "ancillary" qubits (like cpu memory) as well!

    So for a "real working" quantumcomputer youre at the order of thousands if not millions of physical qubits!
    Thats a long way to go – considering they just managed 50. TT

  • koplerio

    I still don't think that QC's will be only used for clouds… Same as in the past- those will get smaller and smaller and soon small enough for commercial applications.
    Esp. once energy from fusion reactors are a commercially usable thing, energy to cool down Q-bits won't be a huge problem either.

  • Rick Sanchez

    Put some emotion in your talking, it will make you sound less like a robot and will make this from a good to a great video! Otherwise, great work, i learned a lot

  • Victor C

    IMHO Quantum computing is not a replacement for classical computing. Just a limited number of quantum theory algorithms can fit but it is better to think in multiverse from string/m-theory that makes quantum theory unnecessary.

  • Abdou Menouer

    With that kind of power would it be possible to create a real life simulation ? or at least a full dive virtual reality ?

  • Jesuswillsaveus

    God is genius right? For us to comprehend the laws and states that apply to physics is just evidence enough that the probability of a big bang type of particle collection to make life is zero.

  • Alekk

    Now imagine a robot with this type of knowledge. And that’s how they will take over. The typical human doesn’t know what 66×9 is without using a calculator. And you’re saying this system will be so quick it will break thru encryption in hour. Amazing . Great Video

  • James Donaghy

    where is this shit going?
    In a few short years we will have computing solutions for all human needs. How can anyone justify using inferior human operatives when the ai is so much more able?
    How can humans contemplate holding back the machine, when it's so much more in control of the environment?
    The Rise of The Machine begins here.
    I'm retiring. lol

  • artiomvas

    Animation is incredible and informational content is awesome, but the sound side is a bit lacking. I don't mind the voice recording (it is slightly muffled or smth), or narration (a bit monotonous) — I'm not here to listen to poetry. But MAN those constant WHOOSH and POP sounds whenever something appears/disappears! Could you please stop using them? They do not fit overall tone and theme of tech vids.

  • Ernie Rowe

    This is the best explanation of quantum computing I've ever seen. Most videos touch on the basics without elaborating on any of the topics they introduce. Thanks for continuing to pump out understandable content that digs deep into the topics they're covering!

    By the way, what animation and video editing software do you use? I'd love to learn how to make videos of this quality.

  • John H

    Awesome content delivery and animation.. I think if you improved your sound quality these videos would be perfect. ✌🏻

  • Anonarchist

    Man your channel is awesome. You are this Isaac Arthur of tech. Hopefully you grow as big as his channel soon enough.

  • In Cognito

    quantum computing at this moment in time is fake the hardware that DWave puts out is not a quantum computer but a large mass of mismatched bundle of hundreds of machines adding their own logic output into a source input and breaking the actual data and reassembling this and running it through another input to make a prejudged list of acceptable responses. DWave lied to everyone and of course a defense contractor is the first one to buy one.The nightmare is when they start applying their flawed output to its citizens daily life.Yes this lie came out of our leaders want to be able to arrest its citizens for pre-crime and this is where the evidence will come from…a lie.

  • James Kim

    I am sorry, but a lot of what is said here regarding quantum mechanical results are not correct or precise. I came in search of a concrete example (you know like explaining the Hello World program line by line). Did I hear "Bayesian probability spread" at 6:03? Care to explain priors and posteriors in this? I implore … someone … please, explain how the computing is done without satellite broadcasting of quantum that or quantum this … Enough of us know them really well. Apologize for being critical.

  • Giorgio Giacomelli

    love this channel and also the fact that reminds me of coldfusion. just need to slow it down to 0.75 to keep up >D amazing job!

  • Chris Kokolios

    I don’t know how easy it will be to create quantum devices I have heard that quantum processors work at minus 273 kelvin to keep zero entropy

  • erling cantik

    Time for western countries to hack and copy the latest Chinese Quantum technology, so sorry but Chinese Quantum tech has an advantage of next to impossible to hack and copy.

  • Bobbito Chicon

    Strange…I was on another AI Channel and watched a Video …I just got done asking a question about "what would an AI with a Quantum Interface be like?"….THEN BAM! THIS VIDEO APPWARED AND STARTED PLAYING…Subscribed but weirded out 🐒

  • Milan Nedeljkovic

    How the hell you know all this stuff ?
    For what I have figured it out here, quantum cpu is like the new best brain AI can get at this moment.
    To us humans, its potential can not be fully exploited, but AI will take massive leap with it.

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  • pratik1213

    The bass in the sound is so annoyingly high I cant understand asything… awesome content but I wonder how come such poor sound quality…. unbelivable

  • Buck Rogers

    I get the basic idea, but I would love to see how an actual problem is solved in and out of the system. I get that in the classical system, information is represented by bits and bytes and worked through logic gates until an answer is arrived at. How does the process work in quantum mechanics? A step-by-step practical example, please?

  • Dave Keil

    1:16 – kinda important point – what you would see if you observed which slit the electron went through vs not observing which slit it went through.
    7:34 – The factorial function increases MUCH faster than the exponential function, so "Reaching an exponential tipping point " technically greatly understates the problem

    You're series is awesome. I'm loving it.

  • Shadesmar99

    u have several grave mistakes in your description of quantum mechanics:
    – the way through the slits is not determined by quantum mechanics. Yet you consider every possible way in your calculation to give a final statement of the outcome probability.
    – in quantum entanglement no information gets transferred.(that would break Causality!) By reading out one property of a partner you can infer the probability distribution of the partners property.

  • John Mc

    Thank you for creating and sharing this excellent video. If there is a follow up, can I suggest a drill down on the section 5.20 – 6.20. Once again thanks for sharing

  • Kaz

    If Computer can understand binary language. What if binary language be replace by superposition language or quantum language that computer can understand it?

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    You should cover the new nanotube computers that are a inorganic recreation of the brain,they work on a 32bit rather than binary using axions and the like to comunicate,said to be able to do petabite computing and crazy organic problem solving,they say its the future of ai hardware!

  • Libelle7B

    Excellent video–I think. It was interrupted so many times by ads and self-promotion that it became akin to watching TV. I teach at a university and while I would love to show this to my classes I cannot as the ads make it impractical and interrupts the flow. Too bad.

  • truman show

    Main ( Core ) techs for civilization require related ( peripheral ) techs to produce or multiply their outcomes.

    Like civil engineering to agriculture, metal engineering to the power engine or integrated circuit to the computer,

    quantum computing may be one of the related techs necessary for AI 💖.


  • David Porowski

    Will make block-chain bitcoin
    OBSOLETE; since all one-way
    hashes will be determined to
    have collisions.TPTB Already
    have this technology (like the
    existence of the SR-71).

  • Karan Jadhav

    this is one of the most underated channels on YouTube. the amount of information and sources provided, In the short period of time is amazing. I can see the work put behind the video. keep it up, I see millions of potential subs in the future

  • Angry Sidra

    So humans will need to invent new encrypting algorythms because hackers will easily reveal the passwords and encrypted private data.

  • Илья Апролов

    Really nice animation and visuals! Also quantum computers make more sense to me now, feels like this video is from future

  • BattousaiHBr

    props for disclaiming the difference between a general quantum computer and the kind of quantum computer d-wave and others are using, which is much more limited in its application (they can't break RSA encryption if i'm not mistaken, as opposed to a general QC).

  • rallokkcaz

    This is an amazing channel, it's helped me take tiny bits of information or hunch and put them to the test. Optical computing is definitely the future of home machines, but servers with quantum seem like a bit of a stretch, since superconductors are still far away from being usable at room temp.

    Keep this up!

  • Dr. Fresh_2k

    Could Optical computing be used in conjunction with quantum computing? Like optical computing to send the light rays and quantum computing to do the calculations?…

  • darrick steele

    QC requires cold temps and no light environment. So is it fundamentally a low energy state that they are going for? Does mass affect Q processing? Gravity?

  • Fergus Moffat

    Call me crazy but I think we will have a quantum artificial super intelligence with 5 years and this will transform civilization beyond recognition and end human history as we know it. My thinking, this year biologically inspired AGI will be created that has nothing to do with current AI , IARPA is currently running simulations of the mousses cortical column , and within a few weeks they will start to use deep learning to reverse engineer the simulation data , deriving its basic functionality and solving the 6 main AGI problems left within the next few months. So the activity will be replicated into a an a biologically based artificial neural network that is 1 000 000 more powerful than current DNN/ CNNS etc. They've already applied this method to a mouse's neural activity and created a neural network that was highly novel and was able to park a toy car with just 12 neurons. So I think they will be successful in creating an AGI as smart as a mouse this year in 2019. From there they can either scale the complexity of the network at a micro level ( say a few neurons have an increased computational factor of like 10) which then scales across a 100 000 neuron artificial neural network to produce an AGI as smart as a human, within a year or so. And I should also clarify how accessible this roadmap is it takes only 1 nvidia desktop GPU of about 15 terflops to simulate the cortical column and then 1 more GPU witht he DNN power of about 100 plus tflops to reverse engineer so any AI researcher with 2 gaming Pcs could do this and the data is open source. That's the FIRST method the second is scanning neural activity to of the human brain and implementing it into a ( 50 plus petaflop) computer , the big news that no one is paying attention to is that WE HAVE RIGHT NOW IN POSSESSION ( ALTHOUGH THE TECHNOLOGY MUST BE RELEASED TO RSEARCHERS) the tools to scan an entire cortical colum in one go , Elon Musks neuralink can apparently read a full cortical colum in real time and Open waters new MRI ( both technologies that will be released in 2019) can scan 1/6 cortical colums in real time, so scanning and reverse engineering human neural activity and creating an AGI within the next 5 years is very realistic, then you having quantum computing , ambitious industry roadmaps state we may have 100 000 universal qubits computers within 5 years. If you put an AGI on this system creating a superintelligent AGI would certinaly be possible. All of this may sound far out but its based on established well funded , industry roadmaps and current , ongoing and up and coming tool development and AGI development strategies from , organizations like The human brain project , IARPA , open Ai and deep mind. I think were on the verge of the biggest event in human civilization and its just a few years and perhaps just months away. Think about it Elon musk who has shares in deep mind , and can access all of their research thinks we will have AGI in 4 years I bet Demis Habis at Deep mind probably has similar timeline estimations,he said we have about 5 major grand challenges left and he thinks we can conquer one a year .Its especially heartening to see Deep Minds stated shift toward graph nets in 2019 , theres will be millions of times more powerful than DNNs, before people criticize this post and say DNNs, CNNS aren't decades away from AGI , I disagree I don't think THEY WILL ever work ,they are no longer cutting edge they are outdated 80s technology. 2019 will change the AI field for ever and an AGI isn't decades away I think its months – at most 4 years away.

  • Eddie Avinashi

    One day we will have a super intelligent AI built on Quantum Computers that can point it's eye at the universe and tell us everything there is to know about it. Then that AI will develop across networks and build itself into the Earth turning the entire planet into one giant quantum supercomputer. This supercomputer will be more like a space station and be able to adjust it's rotation and gravitational properties running entirely on the energy coming from the Sun. This will be what happens when we reach a Type II civilization before taking off from Earth towards other habitable solar systems in the Milky Way to search for life or intelligence. We will do that when we fully develop the technologies that allow our supercomputer planet to utilize energy from other star systems as well as avoid black holes. Then, we will be able to freely enter the orbit of other stars connecting with other planets and their life forms. At this point, we may have also created the Singularity meaning we will have sent A.I. across the universe in search of life and they had multiplied. When we reach a Type V civilization and have spread planet-like supercomputers placed across the milky way utilizing energy from all the stars in the galaxy and universe, we will venture towards The Origin (i.e. the space occupying the location of the Big Bang). It will be at this point we know everything there is to know about the universe and begin to understand multiverses and how to manipulate spacetime, matter, and energy to become non-matter beings with intelligence that can live eternally across the span of all dimensions in the universe.

  • LudwigHB Bremen

    missleading title. Quantum Computers don't have anything to do with AI. Besides, AI is not a field of computers anymore. High advanced AI is rather programmed nor doesn't have any transistors or any type of classical computer parts anymore. The time of programming neuronal networks is over. Now it is possible to build whole artificial Brains in the "size" of human brains with a power drain of about just 30 watt… for such a programmed systems you would need more 40kW of power if you do it in the known manner.

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