What is Quantum Computing? – EEs Talk Tech Electrical Engineering Podcast #15
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What is Quantum Computing? – EEs Talk Tech Electrical Engineering Podcast #15


  • harsh2029

    Like to know more about basics of processing and correlation with the digital computers. What kinds of computations or or processing it is really useful. Real world examples of how they can work with classical computers to overcome the limitations. (e.g. we know that FPGA or GPU cannot completely replace CPU but how powerful they are together)

  • Momchil0

    Very good video except the audio quality of Lee. But it's not that bad.
    I would love to hear/see something about power electronics.
    Something like measuring the reverse recovery losses of SiC-diodes for high currents (kA) to choose a proper heat sink/cooling system or general the differences between SiC and Si.
    The Control and drives for big motors (or alternators in power plants) and what is needed to do that.
    But probably this isn't Keysight's field of researches. Anything about power electronics would be nice 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  • Fake News

    Daniel, I sure wish I could win an Oscilloscope during "Scope Month" but because I live in Florida I guess that's not going to happen and with your prices, a KEYSIGHT SCOPE is a pipe dream. I was double disappointed last year on the last day of "Scope month" finding out because of living in my state I was disqualified and the second disappointment was KEYSIGHT telling me they would get back with me but never did .

  • The Bear

    I’m extremely satisfied after watching this video , I’ve been interested in quantum mechanics and it’s properties as well as the quantum computing. I’m thinking about going into a computer engineering job…

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