• Reigh

    Um wait I'm 1:31 seconds in. This has to be way outdated is information. I've seen the DWave or is this a the kind of Quantum computer that works on different model of other then just annealing and certain other theorized traditional Quantum computers we had yet to already reach?

  • Gordon Hamilton

    Why is it always US that need to do something for the planet Dude … Why doesnt Sting Geldof and these other Hypocrites, lead by example… Geldof & Bono worth 70million and 160million, "Give US your money now" !!!
    Why dont you Fat Cats donate all your money to the homless in your own country ??? How many homes have you got ???
    The people who love telling us all about climate change, seem to make a lot of money doing it.
    Just like Al Gore, the Billionaire… off the back of the Climate Change lobby… A CLIMATE OF PURE GREED MORE LIKE

  • Сан Шингаля

    I am not from software field or computer field.
    But I think until today they used only 0 and 1. But If they use other digits such as p to 9. They can not program more things.

  • Zeg Zezon

    I'm awe-struck!
    I have to double-tap on the left side to check if she's wearing that bionic legs!
    Reminds me of Dr. Hugh Herr's invention.

    She's an epitome of what technology science could bring to better the lives of many; and even the marginal few, who nonetheless have needs equally important to the rest of us.

  • Zeg Zezon

    Video is okay; albeit an outdated one.

    Please checkout the latest news on MIT Technology Review:


  • Hypotheses

    Great! This is the kind of computer has been used to design the K'inich Janaab' Pakal. The human robot https://www.facebook.com/hypothesessite/posts/426247894379188

  • 4 you 4 me 4 us

    THis is such a baaaad propaganda… Quantum Computers and Cern are interlinked opening a Portal do Deamons and D-Wave is now at 1024Qbits not 50 or shit… u dudes have no fucking idea what so ever…
    Marina Abramovic is a Satanist Human Flesh eating pedophile ring operating crazy witch!
    And what was that shit with AI and Harry Potter?!?! Doesnt get the point, sounds stupid.

  • DarkReign

    Why are you giving airtime to a woman who likes spending time with crooked politicians by painting sick messages on walls in blood and feces at dinner parties? This 'woman' who fashions herself as a witch, and who adorns herself in upside down crosses and satanic imagery, who even celebrates cannibalism. What a fantastic way to bring in Christmas. You sure know how to pick 'em.

    But, of course, you're the BBC. You love these people. Just like Jimmy Saville the procurer of elite playthings. Keeping the dream alive.

  • Hippida

    I guess BBC havent heard of D-Wave. They currently sell a 2000 qbit machine, and have made a 4000qbit…
    Is it because they use quantum annealing method its not mentioned ?

  • Dev Guy

    This is all horse-shat, you remember super conductors and faster computer, what happen? Nothing! They just found something more sexy to lie about. Find one video where someone explains how 4 bits can be processed in one shot! You know these quantum-bits are in a super position, but you still need to observe them before they collapse to only 1 answer. Yet they lie to you and say you get all these results at the same time. It is like flipping a coin, while it is in the air, it is in a super position, both head and tail, you don't know the result till it lands and you look! Now flip 4 coins in the air and solve the result by only looking at one of the coin when it lands and tell me the answers for the other 3 coins. But these cons go beyond this and tell you they solve all the possible ways the coins could land, think 0 and 1 bit value in a modern computer and do this at the same time. So now we're getting into multi-dimensional space-time horse-shat. How do they get the final result, using Grover's algorithm which is no where close to their claims. That's all they need to say and you believe them!

  • Billy The-Kid

    Who knows, perhaps Quantum computing it would be helpful as a diagnostic tool for early health warning in every person’s home toilet bowl since that’s the best place to collect urine and stool samples.

  • Martin SmithTimes

    what? and how Qcomputer can.go trougth all data base records at once ? fellow who said that does not understand what quantum computing is and what is down side of it is.. (in short such paradigm would result in producing also all variations of nonexisting records… ) assuming that that full qbit representation woukd be even possible..

  • Martin SmithTimes

    I never seen such campaign of nonsense misinformation and misleading BS. BBC whats up ? are you so desperate or openly evil ?

  • Jess Stuart

    What is Quantum Computing? – Here's all the amazing applications, never-mind we can't actually build anything but a trivially small one yet. Quantum computers will not scale like classical computers have because of the decoherence and noise problems. I get really tired of all the quantum computing sales speak, when they should be explaining the physics.

  • Eclecticer T Perplexer

    Einstein's relativity theory flawed? Look up Quinn Michaels's findings about John Nash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56Wl0bTNOMQ&t=617s #Tyler #TeamTyler #Nash #Einstein

  • petrosros

    So if it's like super cold; it will prob double up as a fridge, from their it's like one step too start making take-aways. Just think of the number of unemployed southAsians that's gonna cause, and don't even think about the self driving Uber; but don't worry, Jeremy Corbyn will sort it, after all he did go to Oxford. North Korea will have nothing on Jeremys AI-UK.

  • Onida Aitsubasa

    Now Intel has a 40 something qbit processor chip that theoretically could fit in a laptop, tablet, or regular desktop. I think AI will be the key to the software design for quantum computers, a learning AI running on a quantum system should be able to figure out how to make self configuring software similar to how the human brain can imagine and come up with solutions. It seems the human brain runs similar to a quantum computer, there is thought to be 8 different neuron nerve sizes and can send varied signals from cell to other cells. Future AI might have as much imagination as a person does if they use a quantum system. Scientists might also create a trinary software language which has 3 bit states and a variance describer for the last bit state which accounts for the overlay they described. Technically from a human point of view the trinary software language would be the easiest for a human to understand and write programs for quantum computer systems. The variance describer would be less like a bit or state of data and more like a wavelength similar to a radio frequency which would read similarly to a human's EEG of the brain.

  • Paul D'Arcy

    SO WHAT IS "DWAVE" this program is stating quantum computing is very much in a prototype stage .
    take a look at the inside of a dwave and it looks like a big pile of bullshit to me?

  • Sachin Tendulkar

    Quatum computing was invented by Indian 1000 years ago. I can't imagine this modern world without Indian invention.

  • Doodelay

    I can't get over how outrageous the combination of quantum computing and AI is going to be. In the next 100 years I feel like the world is going to be more different from now than the difference between now and the last 6000 years. This is the stuff of the gods, like something only a highly advanced alien race should possess

  • Tommy Gunz

    its , 1 and 0 ,, old sticks and stones ,,,, to rock paper scissors , 0 1, 2, this is gonna change world in weird ways. unfathomable

  • Brian Jackson

    The Quantum computer already exist and was made by a Canadian firm (who named it) 5 years ago and it is actually the size of a standard laptop. It is not yet commercialized because the US government still has concerns on internet security and encryptions to protect data, especially for banking services. It has a boron based CPU with 1000 times processing power in comparison to the present Core i7 intel versions. They have to keep paying this firm annually until the Quantum computer's decryption abilities are met with equal strength encryptions.

  • Henry TheGreatAmerican

    This video is racist. I don't see any black people!!!

    They are too busy listening to rap and filling out government food stamp applications!!!

  • Sree Raj

    ⚜Heisenberg stated, “Quantum theory will not look ridiculous to people who have read Vedanta.”⚜ Vedanta is the fractional conclusion of Vedic thought.?????????
    So let's read it ✅✅✅✅✅✅

  • sunset boulevard

    4:30 not real evidence. The first method to proof quantum Computing was designed by Urmila Mahadev and her Paper was published on September 14th 2018

  • Eli In the Wolverine State

    How far off are they thinking an organic computer the size of a pea will be the first quantum computer. Modeled off our brain and nuro synapses.

  • István Sipos

    dammmm, that performance acting / art (?) is scary, weird and bizarre. somehow too modern for me, although it was from 1975

  • kimbal summers

    This must be an old video as D-Wave's 512 QBit quantum computer is 120 cubic feet in size and fast as hell as compared to these. They cost $15 million dollars US. NASA and Google have at least 2 of them.
    So maybe these Universities are trying to reinvent the wheel the hardway.
    D-Wave is interfacing their computer into the CERN's Particle Collider to pull in life forms beings from other dimensions.

  • Antho More

    Well this could make AI with in years, it also can make full dive vrmmorpg possible like SAO or readyplayer one. I'm looking forward for vr when I retire?, huge gamer.

  • Sourabh Bhat

    It is funny when he points at the computer screen, at 4:29 , and says here is the evidence that the atoms are in a counter-intuitive state, when the screen only shows a bad sinusoidal plot 🙂

  • Naimul Haq

    Life is a QC function, self error correcting, self-organizing, self simulating. infinite dimensional and makes use of change of state upon measurement/observation, etc.
    Our five senses, our brain and all our cells act in unison to repair/regenerate 50-70 billion damaged cells daily at 99.99 % efficiency and at lightning speed, besides protein production, self-simulating consciousness, intelligence, awareness, meme and much more.

    The universe is also a QC function, the quantum field can self-simulate intelligent conscious 'observer', collapsing the field into fine tuned particles/strings (matter), implying divine purpose. Man and god are entangled. For man to create a QC is like creating life.

  • Jerry Gundecker

    Do you suppose M I 5 has one of these quantum computers?
    And are they watching everyone in The U.K. simultaneously?
    The CIA? NSA? Google?

  • The Spirit of Food.com since 1998

    Maybe, here in October 2019, NASA launched a satellite which will look at our weather within our atmosphere, while at the same time comparing the 'atmosphere, for lack of a better more knowledgeable term' in order to comprehend the distinction between the two, and maybe, just maybe, reduce disastrous impacts of climate change. At least that is what I am hoping.

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