What is Network Function Virtualization (NFV) – Mobile Edge Computing scenario – Comarch NFV/SDN
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What is Network Function Virtualization (NFV) – Mobile Edge Computing scenario – Comarch NFV/SDN

Such a situation could take place if traditional networks were used to control cars. So, where’s the problem? Let’s rewind the recording to see what actually happened. This car belongs to a new generation of driverless vehicles, where an integrated computer connects to the network in order for the car to drive autonomously. Autonomous cars are an example of a new type of application, where network response time becomes critical. Traditional network architecture, where the application data has to pass through several network nodes, may causes significant delays. The problem may become even more serious when the network is also congested with other requests – for example, when users in the same location are using applications such as Facebook or YouTube. A virtual network can adjust its virtual architecture dynamically, so that applications are prioritized by their importance, and virtual machines are allocated accordingly. Network Function Virtualization makes it possible for each node in the network topology to become a micro-datacenter, able to host various applications. In this way, latency-sensitive applications such as those installed in autonomous cars, don’t have to be hosted in a distant datacenter. Instead, they can be as close to the user as possible. As a result, the communication path between the user and the application becomes shorter and the application-server latency can be reduced to 1ms. Comarch OSS is a modern solution that helps your network to compare network queries intelligently and automatically prioritizes them based on their importance. Thus the decisions about where the application should be hosted and how many virtual machines it needs to run smoothly are also automated. Thanks to network virtualization and Comarch OSS our story can have a happy ending, where each user can connect to the network quickly and safely. Comarch – Prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow.


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