What Is Managed WordPress Hosting
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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting – What is it One question I get asked more often than any
other is “Is WordPress secure?”…to which I answer – Absolutely. WordPress security is taken very seriously
at Automattic, the developers of WordPress – the problem is with everything else, outdated
themes, poorly coded plugins, security holes in your hosting, the list goes on. And the
fact that 25% of the worlds websites are now run on WordPress,
makes WordPress sites easy pickings for automated attacks. Managed WordPress hosting is a service where
all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by a hosting company.
These include: Site Speed
Security Off-site backups
Website Uptime monitoring Theme and Plugin updates.
and the Servers should be configured for WordPress and its unique demands. So…What you should expect from your Managed
WordPress hosting. Definitely your Basic Site Speed should be
up in the top 20% of all tested websites. Sites using a CDN (cached delivery network)
should be in the top 1% of all tested websites… This doesn’t only give your visitors a great
user experience, but Google will appreciate your site speed and may give you a nice little
bump in you page rank. As a minimum, Managed WordPress Hosting should
offer the following front line defenses to protect against: Brute Force Attacks by limiting the number
of failed login attempts. Protection against File Changes by employing
systems that give an early warning that suspicious site activity or unauthorised changes are
being attempted. Your Managed WordPress Hosting should give
you Anti Virus and Anti Malware protection with a set regular schedule that scans your
sites URLs to identify any malicious content. 404 Error detection sometimes called page
not found errors, (If an automated attack bot is scanning your site for vulnerabilities,
it will generate a lot of 404 errors. the attack bot should be locked out after the
login attempt limit set is reached.) Admin Lockdown… by changing the common or
default addresses for your login area and admin panels so attackers won�t know where
to look. Blocking of specific country IP addresses
(If your website is getting a lot of spam or attacks from a specific country or IP address,
you should be able to block the individual country, multiple countries or IP addresses
using specialised Geo-IP blocking software.) You should also look out for: Two factor Authentication, a simple feature
that asks for more than just a password, it requires both “something you know” (like your
password) and “something you have” (like your phone) Strong password enforcement – The stronger
your password, the more protected your website will be from hackers and malicious software,
so the use of a strong password is essential in order to keep your website safe�right? And the list goes on… There is a list in the description below with
links that explain many of the different features you should be looking for. Are there any guarantees with Managed WordPress
Hosting? Generally not unless you are forking our hundreds
of pounds a month, and the reason is that there are factors outside of the host companies
control that can take your site offline for a period of time. For instance, your broadband connection. Other
factors are when your website updates… Updating a WordPress website puts it into
maintenance mode, you’ll see something like this Other times servers need updating (this is
often done during the middle of the night, but for a short while your site might be unavailable.) Lastly, but not finally, a malicious attack
by an employee, a colleague, friend or acquaintance can’t ever be ruled out, in our experience
this is one the regular reasons a site goes down, someone is upset with you, they have
your password and they want to vent. That’s also a great reason why you need scheduled
offsite backups. Offsite because if your site goes down, the
one place you don’t want your backups in your dashboard.
If your site is busy, backups can be scheduled hourly, for a less busy site daily, other
sites only need to be fully backed up weekly, but the database needs backing up daily or
hourly, this should be a bespoke schedule, just for your site. And if your site does go down, with a good
offsite backup solution it should only take a short while to reinstall it. And lastly, theme, plugin and file updates. Have you heard of a zero day virus, this is
a previously unknown virus or piece of malicious software for which specific antivirus software
isn’t yet available, WordPress and good theme and Plugin authors update their software to
prevent vulnerabilities as they’re discovered, so keeping your site’s technical configuration
is paramount to keeping it running like a well oiled machine. If you’re in the UK and looking for new WordPress
hosting that is blisteringly fast. Or, if you are looking to upgrade your WordPress
Hosting, we would love you to look at our options by simply clicking on the link in
the description below and choosing Pricing.


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  • Elizabeth Taylor

    Hi, since the beginning of this year I have found a new hosting platform – GetLark. My pages load very quickly. If I didn't know how to do something, the support always helped me. I am so excited.

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