What is managed WordPress hosting?

As the owner of a WordPress site, you want
it to be fast, secure, and reliable. That’s why one of the best things you can
do is choose a managed WordPress host. Here’s why: managed WordPress hosting has
a lot of benefits compared to the shared hosting plans you may be used to. For one, it’s optimized specifically for
WordPress. From the way the servers are structured to
the people they hire for support, you can trust that a managed WordPress host is truly
an expert on your site’s CMS, WordPress! You’ll also see a bunch of performance and
security benefits with a managed host, because your site doesn’t have to share resources. With shared hosting, multiple sites are placed
on a single server (hence the shared part of the name). This is great because it keeps costs low,
but not great because your site has to share resources with all those other ones. That means if one site on your server sees
a traffic spike or gets hacked, using up most of the resources on the server, your site
will likely see downtime. With managed WordPress hosting, your site
gets its own resources so you don’t have to worry
about anybody’s site but your own. That means more reliable performance and better
security for you! Plus, a managed host will offer additional
features and tools designed to simplify the burden of managing
WordPress sites. (That’s where the “managed” part
comes into play!) These features commonly include things like:
Automatic nightly backups, WordPress updates, Development tools, Advanced caching settings,
and free SSL certificates. With a managed WordPress provider, you can
also trust that their support team fully understands
WordPress. And not only understand it, but are experts in it. They’ll be able to recognize the difference
between a potential plugin conflict, a tricky theme,
or a server-level issue. They’ll know exactly what settings a WordPress
site needs to run at optimal performance, and they’ll
have reputable recommendations if you have other WordPress-related questions. So there you have it: With managed WordPress
hosting, your site will see better performance and
security, and you’ll get better support. To learn more about Flywheel’s managed hosting
platform, go to

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