What is Managed WooCommerce Hosting?
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What is Managed WooCommerce Hosting?

Do humans have a shorter attention span
than goldfish? I don’t know. But visitors to eCommerce stores do. A 2-second
delay can send visitors away. If you want sales your store needs to be
lightning-fast. Until now store owners only had two choices. Option 1, using someone else’s platform where you don’t have a lot of control. Option
2, setting up your own platform but managing servers isn’t fun. We’ve created
a third option a Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform that gives you the best
of both worlds. It’s optimized for speed so your stores run fast, it’s open so you
can do anything, and it’s a managed platform so you don’t worry about
servers we optimize your images create actionable reports manage your abandoned
carts, and are around 24/7 to answer questions. Get all the freedom with no
hassle all of the speed without headaches. After all wouldn’t you rather
focus on selling products than managing your store?

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