What is Managed Hosting?
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What is Managed Hosting?

Okay, so you’ve built something brilliant,
your business! But managing your own business is a task loaded with ongoing
challenges such as: Marketing, Sales Customer Service and a lot more. All of
which can become stressful and waste valuable time and resources. However, when it comes to your business’s web hosting – You can’t settle for anything less than
the best! That’s why people who manage their own web hosting are switching to
Managed Hosting with Liquid Web. For more than 20 years,
Liquid Web has been powering content and commerce for small and mid-sized
businesses whose websites fuel their marketability. Our fast secure highly
reliable hassle free hosting makes us the only web provider you will ever need.
Liquid Web takes care of everything. From your server administration including:
Hardware Management, Network Management, Operating System, and Pre-installed
Software Support, to Proactive Security Patches and Updates, as well as Proactive
Service Monitoring and Restoration. Best of all, you get the very best and
around-the-clock support from The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting, dedicated
hosting experts that have your back 24/7/365. Hosting Advisors that will help you
choose your solution. You get Level 3 technicians on site. Dedicated teams
focused on security, monitoring and network updates, and patches and security
enhancements. We call it fully managed hosting. Now you can do what you love and love what your hosting company is doing for you. You build something brilliant we
make it work.

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