What is Linux Hosting
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What is Linux Hosting

Hello, Welcome to Linux Hosting tutorials. In this tutorial we are going to see what
is Linux hosting? Some interesting information on Linux OS and
when you have to go for Linux hosting, what do you get with your Linux Hosting packages,
what kind of application I can run and also what kind of application i cannot run in Linux
Hosting? Then generally what is the price ranges of
Linux hosting? Then the limitation of Linux Shared hosting,
then the types of Linux hosting option that are available for you. So if you want to know what is hosting then
we have another video tutorial explaining about what is hosting, so please check it. Linux hosting means you are getting a server
space from a server which is running a Linux OS. Whereas if you are getting a server space
from a service provider or from a server which is running Windows operating system then it
is called Windows Hosting. So in this tutorial we are going to see mainly
about what is Linux Hosting? So basically Linux hosting in nutshell means
the underlying operating system for your hosting or storage which is based on Linux. And some interesting information about Linux
hosting see more than 80% of the websites like million, billions, of websites are running
using Linux OS properly around 15% – 20% of the websites in the world is powder by Windows
Operating system. Has per our HostingRaja record more than 80%
of the customers prefer to go with Linux hosting than Windows hosting, Linux operating system
is the mostly used operating system everywhere, take example of Space agency like NASA or
European Space Agency they use Linux. Or any hand held devices or any monitoring
devices they use Linux web server use Linux, desktop use Linux, so everywhere Linux is
used. Mostly in some countries like India, USA,
most of the desktop applications or desktop are running using Windows operating system. But in desktop operating system Windows may
be a dominant player but when it comes to the server segment or enterprise server segment
definitely Linux is the prominent leader there. There are more than 1000s of flavors of Linux
is available. Linux is a kind of when you say that the Linux
generally we refer to the Linux Kernel. on top of that there are different different
various type of Linux OS or Linux server flavours are available. Let us see some of the very popular Linux
server brands of flavours. So Ubuntu, RedHat Linux, Suse Linux enterprise
server, Cent OS, Debian, Oracle Linux, Clear OS, Orck Linux, and Slack OS. There are some of the very popular brand used
by Linux hosting providers. And another point is that you take any popular
content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Noodle any thing- popular
content management system these all are developed first for the Linux platform and then later
made it available for Windows operating system. ok – So next we will see the topic when to
go for Linux Operating system? We are going to see when do you go for Linux
operating / Linux hosting. Basically mostly people go for Linux hosting
and if you are going to develop an application based on php script, pearl script, node js,
angular js or anything like that mostly you can go for Linux hosting or in another words
if you are going for any CMS like, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Noodle anything open source
based content management system you need to go with Linux Hosting. In other words if you are going for a ASP.NET
Sea shark, Microsoft visual programming are visual basic.net this kind of Microsoft based
technologies, then you have to go for Windows hosting. Anything other than that if doesn’t fit into
the Windows hosting then it definitely it is going to be a Linux Hosting. So what kind of applications I can run in
Linux web hosting its like just like what I explained to you. You can definitely run any applications on
Linux Hosting. So has I said more than 80% of the server
you take any example like Amazon, Flipkart or Google any popular brands they are running
using Linux hosting or Linux operating system. What kind of application to run? You can run php, PA Pearl, any scripting languages
you can run Java script, you can run node js, angular js, react js, or video processing,
audio processing, files, CRM anything ERP solutions anything you can run it on Linux
applications. If you are in a doubt you can contact our
sales team who are available in our website hostingraja.in go there our sales team will
be waiting for you in chat windows and you can contact them and ask them. Or you can also contact your software developer
or you server provider they will be able to defiantly help you. Once you go to the HostingRaja you can see
this Linux hosting here and under the VPS Linux VPS is there under dedicated Linux dedicated
server is there and under cloud also you have Linux. So everywhere we provide the Linux hosting. So what are the price range of Linux hosting? See the price ranges of Linux hosting varies,
for example in India HostingRaja is one of the prominent player in India! we provide
various kind of Linux hosting plans. So premium Linux hosting, Premium SME unlimited
then Gold, Silver, Starter plans. We definitively recommend you to go with anyone
of the premium, Premium SME or unlimited plans. Because it comes with unlimited web space,
unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited Ftp all in Linux hosting servers. And also you get free SSL certificate. If you don’t have a free SSL certificate your
website will give a warring in a Google like for example- SSL certificate warning. You will get this kind of errors when you
go for if you dont have a website. So what happens when you have a website, just
I am taking a example mainly this error is very much visible in your chrome browser. What you have to go is if you have your website
is encountered this kind of warring you will lose all your business, visitors will not
come back to your website again and you will lose SEO ranking. So defiantly you should have a SSL certificate
for your website. Ok these are the price ranges and you can
also go for Linux VPS hosting, where this is your Linux vps hosting this is your Linux
dedicated server this your cloud server. So VPS server comes in a different flavours,
different basic Linux, value Linux, and premium Linux. And there are so many advantages available
with HostingRaja VPS, you get free varnish server, website optimisation this is what
is the key attractive point. You get control panel worth Rs, 7200 for absolutely
free! with HostingRaja VPS. The same thing goes with your dedicated server
also! See when it comes to HostingRaja we are #1
in Managed dedicated server provider. We give a security SLA super fast technically
better team. You get everything free website optimisation
as a part of your control panel, we have real-time malware injection scanner, php check in built,
CSS optimisation, free SSL certificate. There are the option you only get with Linux
hosting server and you do not get all these features with Windows servers. So lets see !! What are the limitation of
Linux shared hosting? Like any shared hosting the limitation of
Linux shared hosting is number of hackers which can come in your server like number
of connections then the i node limitation, and disk space utilisation and how you utilise
the disk and your RAM utilisation everything there is a limitation. If you want or if you are a kind of serious
about your business I definitely ask you to go with dedicated Linux server or vps server
or cloud server. Types of Linux hosting options that we have
already discussed here the options for you is Linux vps hosting, Linux dedicated server
hosting, then cloud solution is there. We click on this cloud you go up here it is
called anycloud.hostingraja.in you can buy Linux cloud server from any top players like
Digital Ocean, Vultur, AWS, even from HostingRaja, in Linod from HostingRaja you get lots of
advantages buying a Linux cloud solutions from HostingRaja that we will see it in different


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