What is high-performance computing? A 3 minute explanation of supercomputing
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What is high-performance computing? A 3 minute explanation of supercomputing

You may have heard of supercomputers.
Powerful machines that use thousands of processors to tackle some of life’s
greatest mysteries. You know the origins of the universe nuclear physics. That
sort of thing. High-performance computing or HPC was
traditionally used by brilliant scientists at universities and
government institutions, but today as HPC becomes more mainstream businesses are getting a piece of the action, too. HPC gives companies a competitive
advantage by helping them to be more efficient and quickly discover new
insights that drive revenue by processing tons of raw data to make
predictions or create simulations. HPC takes the guesswork out of business
decisions for example every day the financial services industry faces new
regulations. Cyber security risks and surges and electronic payments. Financial services organizations use HPC to model economic equations, complete financial
transactions in milliseconds, react quickly to market movements and even use algorithms to detect credit card fraud. And the life sciences, including the
pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries HPC can be used to create
molecular chemistry models to help diagnose and treat patients, use genome
sequencing to identify genetic patterns and prevent certain disorders from
developing, and mine clinical data to find new medical breakthroughs. In the
high-stakes energy industry companies use HPC to analyze data from seismic
surveys, create geological models and simulate drilling, finding new oil and
gas deposits today means making data-driven decisions about where to
drill. So where does Hewlett Packard Enterprise fit into the
HPC conversation? HPE has been at the forefront of HPC innovation for decades
and today we’re the undisputed leader with more than 34 percent of market
share by combining best-of-breed HPC hardware and software products with
industry specific solutions. HPE’s comprehensive portfolio helps customers
solve complex problems at scale in days or weeks rather than months or years and
as the world of HPC converges with the world of big data, HPE is particularly well-positioned with its broad range of big data hardware
software solutions and services’ capabilities to meet the evolving needs
of our customers. Tailored HPC solutions from entry-level to the most powerful
supercomputers help enterprises across industries address their own unique
challenges combining HPC with big data gives our customers faster answers lower
costs and better business outcomes without the guesswork for more
information visit www.hpe.com


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