What is Green Hosting?

Hi, my name is Scott Paterson and I just want
to make a quick video about green web hosting. I just kind of wan to talk about what Green
hosting is. And why it might be important to you. And I want to definite it and also
talk about a few of the companies out there that offer green web hosting. So lets define
it, green web hosting means that the server which powers websites runs off of electricity
that comes from renewable source. So this might be solar, wind, geothermic, etc. Now
lets talk about what I web host might be that not green. That would be one that uses coal,
natural gas, a reactor, or things like that. Those are non renewable. So there is basically
two categories of green web sites that I have found. The first one is, and we have an example
of it open here, its called They have their own datacenter, which they built,
in the southern californaica desert, and they put solar panels on top of that datacenter,
and it gives all the power that the entire complex needs to run, completely powered by
solar. And they do not even have a grid tie in, they are not connected to the grid in
any way. So thats one categority of green web hosting. The other categority is, and
here is an example of it called GreenGeeks. What GreenGeeks does is they use power use
power just like every other, or almost every other web host, and they purchase it from
the grid, and it may come from a non renewable source such as coal. But what they do is they
purchase wind credits. They purchase these credits and they purchase three times the
amount that they use. So if they use one unit of coal energy. Then they purchase three units
of wind energy. Some people think that this is a good idea. Some people don’t. It’s kind
of a debate currently going on, wther wind credits are beneficial. And there is also
solar credits, this company doesn’t use them but some other companies do. I think that
in my opinion, I think its a good step in the right direction. And I definitely like
the fact that they are purchasing more then they are using, they purchasing three times
the amount that they are using. As opposed to just one time the amount which is what
a lot of other companies do. And that is one of the reason why I wanted to talk about this
company specifically. like I said a minute ago has their own datacenter with
their own solar panels, and is not connected to the grid in any way. Once again that also
poses a few problems. Are they being more efficient by having their own datacenter or
are actually using more resources in the long run. Would they be better off and use less
resources if they had relied upon the grid. Umm, so both companies can have arguments
for them but I just kind of wanted to paint a picture of what a green web hosting company
is. And in my opinion, and are the two number one, they are both number
one, best green web hosting companies available on the market today. So I hope that gives
you an idea of what Green Hosting is and why you might want to go with it for your business.
I think that a lot of people don’t understand how much power servers really use. And, they
use a lot, they are running 24/7. And um, a lot of the internet isn’t very clean. So
I definitely think that it’s important to go with a green web host. And I hope that
you choose one of the ones that I have mentioned today or if you have another one please send
me a message or post it in the comments of this video. I would love to hear what it is.
If you liked this video, please say thanks by liking it on YouTube or subscribing to
my channel. Once again, thanks for watching and if you have any questions, just let me
know. Thank you very much.

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