What is Computing?
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What is Computing?

computing is any activity that uses
computers from designing and building software and hardware to using computers
to analyze data process data to communicate and yes to entertain
computing is solving complex problems to help push humanity forward computer
engineering is art because it’s beautiful it’s a science because it’s
exact I was very interested in how the technology that I use everyday works and
at Miami I’ve learned how I can use and improve them in my career in future to
make the world a better place the most important thing I learn from the
computer science is to think creativity what I enjoy most about Miami University
is the broad diversity and the chance to work with different cultures from around
the world the Miami faculty are very interested in
helping you grow as a student helping you grow on your career and helping you
grow as a person we go the extra mile to provide an
educational experience that is very deep and broad and applicable and employable
there’s just so many opportunities here we really offer a wonderful targeted
rigorous technical education but we do it in the context of all the resources
at Miami University (Music)

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