What is Citrix Server?
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What is Citrix Server?

♪ [music–no dialogue] ♪♪. Citrix systems enable Eastern
to deliver applications to users that do not have them
installed on their personal work stations through a method
of housing the applications on the Citrix server. Users log on to the system
either through a web interface or through the delivery of an
icon directly to the desktop that allows them to open
the application and use the resources from the server
while still allowing them to actually save files in
print to local printers. It gives you the ability to have
an access to far more types of software than you would
typically have or have any need to have on your hard drive. It allows faculty, staff, and
students to access software that they don’t have installed
locally on their computer. When I expressed interest
in some of these software programs to some faculty here
on campus, they quickly guided me in the
direction of Citrix. I’ve been using it in a variety
of capacities since then. If a client is using the web
interface, the first time they log on from their workstation
they would receive a notification on the website
that they need to download and install a client
software application. Access the site, install the
program, and from there it’s very straight-forward. Find the software you’re looking
for, and use it just like you would if it’s installed on your
own PC. I use Citrix to access SPSS. Currently using SPSS and then
also Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver, Indesign, and
Photoshop. Adobe Professional, Respondus 3. Adobe Creative Suite 3. All the Office products. And I’ve used the Office
software as well. Microsoft Office 2007. Students access Citrix through
the implementation of a class account that’s
assigned by an instructor. Students would access a web
interface at home or in their dorms, log on first with their
Panther email account. They get a second log-on screen
that allows them to enter the class account for that
particular class. I also use Citrix as part
of my teaching in the English Department’s
two computer labs. They’re ATAC labs, and
all of the machines are Citrix machines. I’ll also use it in my classes. If we are doing website design
we’ll get into Dreamweaver, and I can access it there. Citrix applications can be
accessed from anywhere in the world if you have
an internet web browser and internet connection. It’s right there and they can
do it at home, they don’t have to do it at work. They can do it at home, because
it’s through the web. The primary benefits I see to
using Citrix is a reduction in the total cost of ownership of
software applications on campus. It gives me access to programs
that I wouldn’t be able to use if my department had to purchase
those computer programs. Honestly, it’s the expense. Some of those softwares that
are on Citrix right now are rather expensive. Sharing that cost by accessing
them on Citrix, it makes it a lot easier for me to
actually use them. There are resources here
on campus. I made some calls and they
guided me through what I needed to know. Any of the ISS’s for each
of the Colleges. The ITC lab, some of the
staff over in the Gregg lab, the CATS staff. They can also call CATS, and
CATS will be very happy to assist them with it. ♪ [music–no dialogue] ♪♪.

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