What is BitDegree Blockchain Learning Platform?
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What is BitDegree Blockchain Learning Platform?

BitDegree revolutionising education via
blockchain education it is a pathway to your career and your desired income but
there are many things that are just not right
courses of study are not focused enough your head gets crammed with lots of
unnecessary information study materials are not up to date a gap between the
needs of employers and student knowledge already exists and is widening and of
course studies cost a fortune our mission is to change that so we
gathered a team of software engineers blockchain geeks and startup advisers
and embraced the challenge to revolutionize education via blockchain
Bitdegree is the world’s first blockchain powered online education
platform offering tokens for scholarship and promoting tech talent acquisition
how does that work choose from thousands of the best IT
courses online earn bit degree tokens as a scholarship and reward get connected
with world-changing companies that solves most of the problems learn only
the things you need for the most lucrative sphere of IT all your progress
will be visible for your future employers they may be keeping a warm
nest just for you we can’t stress this enough not only is all of it entirely
free but also you will get paid for your progress with our bit degree token how
is that even possible through your future employers they are the ones who
will gladly finance the courses searching for the right person to fill a
position is a very tedious job with us you get to develop the exact skills of
companies looking for at the time it’s a unique tool for businesses to recruit
tech talent and shape global education to their needs we are establishing bit
degree on a solid existing user base of 29 million at zero zero zero web host
and hosting ur a worldwide community that is loyal web passionate and open to
innovative learning we connect employers searching for educated talent with those
who are passionate to learn and to spice things up we power the effort with a
blockchain based reward system just like the knowledge you gather here bit degree
tokens may enhance your fortune in the future learning has never been so open
approachable and job oriented learn earn grow start a course on bit degree now


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