What is Bandwidth on a Website
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What is Bandwidth on a Website

Hi, and welcome to OurChurch.Com’s “Questions
and Answers”, where we have the answers to your questions. Today we are going to answer
the question, “What is bandwidth on a website?” Hi I’m Paul Steinbrueck of OurChurch.Com.
In this series of videos I am answering common web hosting questions. One of the common questions
that we get here at OurChurch.Com is, “What is Bandwidth on a Website?” Along with that,
“Do you offer unlimited bandwidth with your web hosting service?” Well let’s tackle both
of those at the same time. First of all, “What is Bandwidth on a Website?”
Well, bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred usually over the course of
the month. So, let’s just say for example you have a web page that is 1MB with all of
its images and so forth on it. If 50 people view that web page in the course of the month
then that is 50MB of data transfer that’s been used for that one page. So that’s what
bandwidth is. Now, many web hosting companies these days
they are promising unlimited bandwidth with their web hosting services. The fact of the
matter is that’s just not true. If YouTube came to them and said, “Hey we want an account
with you for five bucks a month; we want unlimited transfer of all of our videos.” Obviously
they’re not going to be able to do that. So what they do is they are just basically
not telling you what the bandwidth limit is. At some point if you use too much bandwidth,
they’re either going to slow down your connection or they’re going to cut you off and suspend
your account. Now at OurChurch.Com we tell you exactly how
much bandwidth you get with each of our hosting packages. So, if your website get’s really
busy and you’re really successful and you need more bandwidth you can just upgrade to
another package. So that is what bandwidth on a website and why we don’t offer unlimited
bandwidth. We hope that if you’re considering web hosting
services for your Christian church school, ministry or business, you’ll consider OurChurch.Com.
Thank you very much.

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