What Is an SFTP Server?
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What Is an SFTP Server?

Hi Erin with ExaVault here.
Today we’re answering what is an SFTP server.
Too many server solutions out there? We’re here to show you how an SFTP
server can provide secure file storage for your business documents.
We’ll give you the low down on SFTP servers and go over hosting options so
you’ll know all the benefits. First,
a quick reminder on servers. A server is a computer that lives on the
Internet and allows dozens or hundreds of people to connect to it.
A server can store files, allow you to upload and download data,
present a website or manage network resources.
These are just a few examples. An SFTP server provides secure FTP
services so users can transfer and store data securely.
You’ll connect to the SFTP server via popular SFTP clients like Filezilla,
Cyber Duck, or WinSCP and then you can upload and
download as much as you need. Behind the scenes,
you’re connection is secured with the SSH file transfer protocol.
With SFTP both commands and your data are encrypted.
Now let’s talk about how you actually set up an SFTP server.
You’ve got two options. You can either run one yourself in house
or opt for a hosted SFTP server. Running it yourself means you have to
buy the server hardware and install commercial or open source SFTP server
software. Popular software options include ProFTPD
on the open source side and Cerberus on the commercial side.
You’ll be responsible for managing and maintaining the physical SFTP server.
In-house SFTP servers requires a budget for infrastructure backup systems and
support staff to maintain the server but does give you local control of your
data. Additionally,
the server can live behind your internal firewall.
Hosted SFTP is a way to get the benefits of a secure SFTP server without all the
overhead costs. You pay a simple monthly fee.
Often less than what your infrastructure and backup costs would be for your own
server. And you no longer have to deal with the
set up, maintenance,
management and so on. If you’re seriously considering a hosted
SFTP server solution for your business, take a look at what ExaVault has to
offer. You get secure infrastructure including
a business class firewall. Fully redundant storage with backup.
Fast file uploads and downloads with no file size limit.
The ability to easily manage your server via a web interface or your favorite
SFTP client. And a knowledgeable support team to
answer all of your questions. Thanks for watching our video about SFTP
servers. Like,
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