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    Hi Ileane, I tried yeasterday to stream on my PC via Streamlabs OBS to Facebook.
    So I have a pretty big Facebook Group and also a pretty big Page and also almost 5000 friends in my Profile, so what do you recommend to get the most people to see my livestream ? Is there any possibility to use Restream or any other utility program or tool to stream to all 3 Facebook things…I just streamed for 4 hours to my Group, but not many members saw it…Hmm…So what is the best setup to get the stream the best reach and distribution ? Many thanks. Regards. Stefan.

  • overunitydotcom

    Tip: I only post now short trailers of my full videos to Youtube, Facebook , Twitter and Twitch and redirect the watchers to my Bit.tube/overunitydotcom Channel , where also viewers get paid via Tube cryptocoins. Bit.Tube is just the best Alternative to Youtube right now and will bring the easy mass Adoption of crypto currencies…So as Youtube now gets a nasty censorship and demonetisation company, I like it , that they will bankrupt soon, when everybody goes from Youtube to Bit.Tube. Also get the Airtime plugin from Bit.tube to monetize your normal Surftime on the Internet….That is really revolutionary !

  • overunitydotcom

    Well for earning Money withyour videos Youtube and Facebook is dead.. Youtube scams you withthe Ad rates and censors you to death like Alex Jones and Facebook did only enable 3 videos out of hundreds I had uploaded for Ad breaks and is twisting back and force when asked why they will not enable more Videos for Ad breaks…only lame excuses then from Facebook .. So all in all the conclusipn is to upload your Full videos to Bit.Tube and drive your watchers traffic thereto and remind the watchers also to register at Bit.Tube asthey can even earn money from just watching videos. Also there is the Bit.Tube redirector addon for Firefox and Chrome so you can watch every Youtube video via Bittube and earn money doing that where you if you just watch it on Youtube you would not earn any money…

  • Tough Truth

    I received the following message "something went wrong. Please try again", when attempting to start a watch party. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • Van Inn

    Came to this to learn how to do a party, but 6 minutes in and your still just saying HI to people, had to leave sorry. Get to the point faster

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