What is a Domain?
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What is a Domain?

Whether you’re just starting your site or making the final touches on it getting a domain is a critical step in getting visitors to your website. You’ve probably heard a lot of different terms related to this domain, domain name, URL, web address. Now simply put, all of those are correct. Your domain name is your web address and your web address is a URL. It might help to know that URL actually stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” but you don’t need to memorize that! In the same way that you can use coordinates to locate a point on a map you can enter a URL into your Internet browser to find a website on the Internet. A website is essentially just a group of files, images, graphics that are assembled into an orderly design. Altogether, we call that content and website content is securely stored and hosted on large data banks called “servers.” The domain is just an identifier. People can distribute it or find it through a search engine. And once someone has your domain they can use it to find your content as a beautifully designed website. To demonstrate our domain here is www.squarespace.com. If I open my browser and type that URL in the address bar there is quick communication to our servers where the Squarespace website is found and served to my computer This is the basic way every domain and website work together. There are many companies online where you can purchase domains At Squarespace, we try to make building a beautiful website as simple as possible and we feel registering a domain shouldn’t be a challenge either. You can visit: domains.squarespace.com and register your own domain. Then connect it to your Squarespace site. Just like that! If you have any other questions, we’re always here to help!


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