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What Is a Domain Backorder? | Godaddy

Welcome to “What is domain backordering?” Imagine you’ve thought of the perfect domain
name for your business, and you go to register it. You’re so excited! Then it happens. Your domain name isn’t available. Don’t worry, all may not be lost! Even though the name is registered to someone
else, you may still be able to acquire it. How? If you’ve come to GoDaddy for a domain and
it turns out it’s not available, you can buy a domain backorder. This means you still have a chance to get
the domain through Go Daddy if the domain’s owner decides to let it go. When you buy a backorder on a domain name,
GoDaddy monitors the domain’s status and notifies you of any changes. If the domain’s registration expires, GoDaddy
attempts to capture it for you, using the funds you paid to place the backorder. At GoDaddy and some other registrars, nearly
all expiring domains names go to auction. If the domain you backordered does, GoDaddy
will place an opening bid using part of your backorder fee. You’ll receive an email letting you know
the bid amount and when it was placed. If someone outbids you, GoDaddy will let you
know by email so you can decide if you want to increase your bid. For some domain names, a frenzy of bidding
in the auction’s final minutes can happen, so paying close attention is important to
help reduce your chance of losing out. If GoDaddy wins the domain name for you, it
gets registered to you and appears in your GoDaddy account within approximately 45 days. Wishing you had that domain that got away? It could still be yours!

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