What If Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist?
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What If Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist?

Dark matter has been the go-to explanation
for many scientists as to why there seems to be more gravitational influence in our
universe than the gravity measured by visible matter. But what if there’s no dark matter at all? The idea of dark matter was first proposed
by Henri Poincaré in 1906. Then in 1933, evidence of dark matter was
found by Fritz Zwicky while studying galaxy clusters… And then more evidence of dark matter was
found based on the calculations of rotational velocities in galaxies made by Vera Rubin
in 1978. Our universe is made up of less than 5% of
visible matter—like stars, planets, galaxies you, me, everything we can see. Everything else, is stuff we can’t see which
we call dark matter. And scientists think 95% of the matter in
our universe is dark matter. Right now, Dark Matter is used to explain
a few pesky things in astrophysics. Liike… Why hot galaxy clusters don’t blow themselves
apart. Why stars don’t get flung out into space
because of galaxy rotation. And also, the temperature fluctuations of
the CMB — or cosmic microwave background radiation. That said, there are theories that are trying
to explain all this without assuming it’s dark matter…These are: scale invariance
and emergent gravity. The empty space scale invariance theory says
that properties of empty space should not change based on scale. An astrophysicist looked back at the early
equations of Einstein, and Newtonian Dynamics, and modified an acceleration term in Newton’s
law. With this change, the law could explain a
new force. This force can explain things that were explained
by dark matter… such as holding a galaxy together that’s spinning at high rotational
velocities. The only problem is, on Earth, this force
can be up to billion times smaller than the force of gravity–making it difficult to measure. It doesn’t explain gravitational lensing,
–which is the bending of light– or the temperature fluctuations of the CMB. The craziest, but to me the most interesting,
is the holographic principle, which says that our entire universe can be described on an
imaginary sphere that surrounds ordinary matter. It lead to the theory of emergent gravity. That is the idea that gravity arises (or emerges)
through the presence of matter. This suggests this happens the same way temperature
arises from the movement microscopic particles of matter. So, if gravity is formed this way then it
can be used to explain gravitational phenomena again! Because something is keeping galaxies gravitationally
bound. It’s possible that the force created in
the emergent gravity theory does this! But it still doesn’t explain the CMB temperatures… Scientists are still developing theories,
like these, so they can explain things like the reason our universe hasn’t blown apart
because of invisible matter. And they think it might be because of a gravitational
field that developed through the movement of visible matter in our universe. It’s all very complicated, and yet, epic. At the moment, arguments for dark matter still
stand tall above many of these other theories, but hey, maybe not forever. Hey peeps, take a sec to subscribe for more
videos. Plus, check out Trace’s video about a new
form of matter excitonium! And one last fun fact: the holographic principle
says we’ve always looked at life as 3 dimensions, but if we looked at it as 2 dimensions then
MAYBE the universe is just a holographic projection of ourselves. Thanks for watching!


  • A Watcher

    There is no need to wonder, it does not exist. I think you know that it doesn't but you want to build up to some climatic discovery.

  • 'Eternal Optimism...

    What state of being is "nothing" (made of)?
    Simple logic of three apples on an object represent the sum existence of the visible/empirical total. In order to make the object have zero apples on it, (In actuality) any form of reduction cannot cause the apple's existence to no longer be. The form of reduction may re-move the apples from its place, and even reduce its form (when eaten etc.), but cannot invalidate the apple's existence of its new form despite measure of visibility.
    Ps. A basic global fundamental of the number zero (0) as merely a place holder, truly describes the actuality of something as only reduced (in whatever form) from its existing place. What is the all encompassing 1st Cause for all things in existence, but proven with empirical validity of an oxymoron "perfectly infinite" character trait? (before religion or science)

  • Baruch Ben-David

    We've got an anomalous attractive force, and an anomalous repulsive force. That's about all we know. There may not be any mysterious matter behind it.

  • Jungle Jargon

    Decode Channel there are four things that cause gravitational lensing. The bending of space, the dilation of time, the dilation of distance and the dragging of space.

  • Methodic L

    Dark matter has got to be the most asinine theory ever thought up. Right next to atoms and particles that no one has ever laid eyes on. Yet these buffoons get funding and even accolades for literally just making shit up.

  • Xi Le

    Dark Matter:
    Some scientists call that there are "dark matter" in the universe. Matter has mass and occupies space in physics. Does "dark matter" fit this definition or not? If it's yes, they are observable. If it's not, they must call it with a different name. Up to now, no "dark matter" have been found by anyway.

  • Jay Bingham

    Do you think Henri Poincare would "care" that you didn't know how to pronounce his name? Why not try rolling out EEN-steen to see if that gains any traction. I guess if you can pronounce one out of every dozen or so names of the heavy hitters then no further effort is needed.

  • Dagobah 359

    Seeker, please don't call these theories. They are not theories, they are hypotheses or conjectures at best. A theory is an established field, whose laws have been proven by countless experiments such as atomic theory, cell theory, electromagnetic theory. By incorrectly calling these theories, you're contributing to ignorance and legitimizing the perspectives of people who think evolution is "just an [idea]" instead of proven theory.

  • markakroll

    The binding forces within galaxies are 'partially’ accounted for by the mass of a kind of BOSONIC matter that does not interact with light way we expect. The rest of the binding force of the galaxy, which is measured in mass, is due to a FIELD(s) TENSION found between the stars in the fabric of SPACE/TIME who’s properties are invisible by direct observation. But can only be inferred by measuring relative rotations orbital velocities of the bound stars. Just saying.

  • Raul Gomez

    Dark matter doesn't exist is another lie just like climate change, scientists lie to mess with our common sense, the black holes in all galaxies keep the whole galaxie together with gravity.

  • Annunaki Jew

    I still believe dark matter has to exist u can't technically see an atom is it not there maybe dark matter has more to do with quantum theory than we know example quantum entanglement could use strings of dark matter O(ln(M/m)) even if dark matter is laid to rest this will undoubtedly rise more questions than answers as always,

  • Fahad Shahzad

    I have a question. If the motion of star(sun) and planets are according to newtonian dynamics. It means there is no dark matter within our solar system. Then why are we trying to detect the so called DM particles???

  • johnjohnjohnnycake

    why do people keep saying this girl is hot? there is not a thing hot about her. if anything, she's very generic

  • L. Ron Gardner

    Darth Vader has reported this video to YouTube administrators. He demands that dark matter and dark energy receive safe space protection from doubters of their existence.

  • Sun Jay

    I don't believe Dark Matter exists…
    I reckon the mass discrepancies between gravitational mass and luminous mass of galaxies are:
    A) Red shifted light from objects accelerating so fast towards a black hole that its wavelength just becomes a straight line.
    B) the Non illuminated matter in a galaxy… How on earth are you supposed to infer the mass of a galaxy simply from the light it emits? That's just like saying the solar system's mass is made up 100% by the sun, ignoring everything that orbits around it.

  • stillwater builders

    The actual reason as to why astronomers and physicists need dark matter and dark energy is, without them there is no way to explain why particles culminated together and collapsed in on themselves after the big bang. Otherwise it's a known fact, gaseous clouds don't collapse in on themselves from their own gravity, and particles flying through space in all directions with no solid matter to create gravity will never in themselves gather in one spot.

  • SupraNaturalTT

    That is exactly what I am saying. Dark matter is absolutely non existent. Other than the vast distances from object to object, inertial objects in space (or lack thereof) cannot generate heat unless provided a medium to resist it, and dark matter is not a medium cause it is not there. The universe is cold because of that very reason. Please see this observation by Theoria Opahosis, also from the wroks of Walter Russell, James Clerk Maxwell, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Nicola Tesla etc.

  • Cornholio777

    "The gravitational spin of the massive black holes in the center of each galaxy is keeping the galaxies together! " Jay Mo

  • Gentledictator2

    Holographic projection as solution? Wow, this is scatter-brained! Astronomers should look at dusty plasmas, electric currents, magnetic fields and their interactions with electric fields, electric discharges and finally stop to ignore the wide-ranging effects of electro-magnetism in favor of an Only-Gravity-Universe. The universe is not built by fudge factors like "Dark Matter", "Dark Energie" etc. and ridiculous stupid inventions like "inflation". If astronomers don't stop to interpret redshift as distance and escape velocity they well never come to sound conclusions but they prefered to banish Arp and to ignore Alfvén.

  • Xi Le

    There are many videos about the Big Bang that the universe began with the original light energy of the size an atom in a big bang & expanding until now. When and how did dark matter and dark energy come along for 13.7 billion years old universe?

  • Jake Mitch

    It's 100% bullshit. They are trying to explain away God and his mathematical formula for the universe.. that's why they are trying to disprove the cosmic background radiation, it shows the universe is newer then they are saying.

  • Werner Boden

    Yeah. I think it is silly that science will rather invent stuff that they have not seen,
    nor have any proof it exists, rather than revising their standing theories.
    Much like when we thought the sun orbits the earth.
    Observations did not fit this theory, so we had to make up things, to stick to this idea.
    For instance: Has science ever thought of a possebillity that gravity is bipolar,
    like magnets ? This could explain certain areas in the universe pushes mass away
    from eachother / space expanding.

  • Lana

    The only true explanation for Dark Matter is how they are going to get that grant money. Dark Matter does not exist. Dark Energy does not exist. The only matter that matters is real matter.

  • Carl Dalton

    Energy & Matter


    To quote the first paragraph from Mike Flynne’s book “Infinity In Your Pocket” page 68 “The Nature Of Energy”.

    Energy is a controversial topic among scientists. Everyone knows what energy does but no one seems to be certain what it is. Essentially there are two models used to describe the nature and behaviour of energy; the transformation model and the transference model.

    However, rather than rely upon these two models, we will be relying upon knowledge which is commonly available, and a step by step approach to understanding the nature and behaviour of energy.

    Oxford English Dictionary (Abrv, OED)

    Laws of Physics

    There must be an input of energy for there to be an output of energy (Equally, without an input of energy, there cannot be an output of energy).

    An output of energy cannot exceed the input of energy.

    Energy: The capacity of matter or radiation to do work: The means of doing work by utilising matter or radiation.

    OED: Gravity: The force that attracts a body to the centre of the Earth or another celestial body.

    OED: Gravitation A force of attraction “between any particle of matter in the universe and any other”.
    Energy: The capacity of matter or radiation to do work: The means of doing work by utilising matter or radiation.


    Law of Physics

    There must be an input of energy for there to be an output of energy (Equally, without an input of energy, there cannot be an output of energy).

    The use of the two words input and output denotes that there is an intermediary vehicle between the energy input and the energy output, and the only candidates for this role are particles of matter.

    OED: Energy: The capacity of matter or radiation to do work: The means of doing work by utilising matter or radiation.


    It is the input of energy into particles of matter that causes particles of matter to move and to do work.

    OED: Gravitation A force of attraction “between any particle of matter in the universe and any other*.

    OED: Matter, 1 a physical substance in general as distinct from *mind and spirit*.


    It is the input of energy into all particles of matter in the universe which serves to fuel their motions (work) and their outputs of radiant energy *throughout the universe*.

    It is the outputs of radiant energy acting between all particles of matter in the universe that causes them to be attracted toward each other *throughout the universe*.

    It is the size and the density of particles (vehicles) of matter that determines the amount of gravitational attraction exerted between particles of matter, and the quantity of energy that is absorbed into particles of matter, to fuel their motions and their outputs of radiant energy *throughout the universe*.

    Particles of matter exist at the quantum level and the atomic level, within all of the vapours (gases), fluids, plasmas, and solids of the universe regardless as to where they exist in the far-flung reaches of the universe.

    Energy is the fundamental substance that serves to fuel all particles of matter, regardless as to whether the particles of matter exist at the infinitesimal quantum level or the atomic level of the universe, and wherever they may exist within the far-flung reaches of the universe.

    All particles of matter require a constant and instantaneous input of energy to fuel their virtually instantaneous speeds of motion, and their virtually instantaneous outputs of gravitationally attracting energy “between any particle of matter *in the universe and any other*.

    Therefore it follows in logic and common sense, that as with the small and large fish of our own watery oceans, all infinitesimal particles of matter and all macro-cosmic celestial bodies of matter, exist within the invisible quantum interstellar oceans and the greater universal ocean of the universe, we all call outer-space.


  • Jason Gruber

    A Novel Dark Matter Hypothesis

    Maybe Dark Matter is not a WIMP, but could instead be a deformation of space-time by which the curvature of space-time ALONE is the cause of the gravitational effect. Gravity is the consequence of the curvature of space-time. It may be possible that the structure of space-time itself could be warped without the presence of matter. Space-time has been shown to react like a fabric by warping, twisting, and propagating independent of mass. These properties have been proven with observations of gravitational lensing, frame dragging, and now gravitational waves. Fabrics can be stretched, pressured, and/or heated to the point of deformation. Such extreme conditions were all present during inflation, so it is plausible that space-time’s elastic nature could have hit its yield point and permanently deformed. Therefore, if gravity is the consequence of the warping of space-time, and fabrics can be permanently deformed, then a deformation could create a gravitational effect independent of mass.
    Prediction: Spacetime's elastic property hits a yield point, so only that part of geodesic's "stretch marks" would remain after inflation stopped. These steep gravitational wells would not follow the inverse square law.
    I am looking a way to test this with gravitational lensing an all or mostly dark matter galaxies. I am looking for Observationalist to help test if you know of someone who might be interested.

  • AJ Holloway

    ?This may speculator.But, could the missing amount o
    If mass/matter in the universe, that's neither scientifically, Nor mathematicalle a deduce an explanation of bd explain in the with the current model of the universe explained universe be

  • infinateU

    It’s the “electric theory”, we/everything is spreading and contracting within in “berkland currents”, & not “dark matter”.

  • infinateU

    Before we are 90% water we are 99% space!! All is energy & all is connected. Literally. All observable Universe is electrical activity.

  • chris chris

    dark matter is a solid theory but it's always irked me. maybe because it reminds me too much of "the ether" from earlier science. it's just too simple an explanation for it to be real in my mind. and yeah i know there's a lot of complixated math involved in it and the simplest answer is often times the most correct but it just seems like we're traveling down an all too familliar rabit whole by chasing this theory. If dark matter is real I would almost certainly bet that it is only one piece to the puzzle and there are other factors at play.

  • zakiducky

    Given that we don't know what lies beyond the observable universe, and that it's possible simply more universe exists beyond the limit of our observations, and thus more mass, is it possible that this could account for some of the 'missing mass' and gravitational phenomena that can't be reconciled with the visible matter in the observable universe?

  • Caring Mouse

    Gosh!! She said 95 % of all matters are dark matter and nobody notice that dark matters accounts only 27%. Actually dark energy accounts for 68% and rest are visible matters. Her beauty blinds everyone in comments section

  • Darian Wallace

    Thank you Big Bang Theory (TV Series) for briefly visualizing the holographic principle to me. Right before u banged Penny

  • Nono Bonono

    Dark matter? Why not make it more stupid even, Cold Dark Matter, Hot Dark Matter…..scientists also need money to live, to "work", dark matter and similar fancy terms allow them to do that. It's marketable, nothing more.

  • outmatrix

    Good breed, pity that it is on decline. She should have all her eggs taken away for speading all over the world. As to dark matter I suppose they are peculiarities of infinite spun spacetime.

  • Spanky

    it just seem like a made up answer. Its dark matter! we cant ever measure it or see it though so youll just have to believe it. Sounds like religion.

  • Ruben Munoz

    The Speed and Rotation of Massive Bodies moving around a black hole creates the appearance of gravity as mass. It's a Magnetism Effect of movement, or the power of Attraction. Similar to Einsteins idea that if a body moves closer to the speed of light it becomes more massive, it's the Accumulative Gravitational Speed Effect we are observing. Just a thought…

  • Alberto Neurohr

    All of this because physicists can't be bothered to look at the evidence of the "vacuum" of space actually holding a charge and transporting charged plasma. Adding electromagnetics to our current models would remove the need for dark energy, dark matter, and solve all these unknowns. But no, physicists ignore the claims (and evidence!) of electrical engineers and insist that space is void and can't hold a charge. We won't advance if we don't revise our understanding of the vacuum.

  • Alexander Hugestrand

    OMG, I'm scared of the great stupidity among scientists now. And here I was thinking that they were actually intelligent people. Oh man, was I wrong…

    I had to look up Vera Rubin, since I've been very curious about why people think there should be more matter in the universe. Why do we believe in dark matter? So I googled it, and found the hideous truth. The terms "Keplerian orbit" and "Keplerian velocity" are the concepts that give said scientist's their expectations about orbital velocities. And these concepts all assume that you can calculate a galaxy's mass as if it was all concentrated at the center!!! Facepalm!

    I've lost my faith in mainstream science. Electric Universe, here I come, regardless of how wrong you are. 😛

  • Vermilicious

    Einstein might have been a genius, but he might still have been "wrong", something he himself admitted might be the case. I like the electric universe model better.

  • Rob Ode

    It's just space dust. Each galaxy with "dark matter" really just has a huge amount of dust sometimes many times bigger than the visible part of the galaxy. The more dark matter, the more dim hard to see dust orbits it. Galaxies with huge amounts of dark matter is just surrounded by tons of dust and rogue planets and stars spread thinly out. It's such a joke that you guys still pushing imaginary dark matter

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