What does hosting look like?
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What does hosting look like?

– Hey everybody. My friend Ashley recently hosted a party, and it was really fun. She was a great hostess. And she let me ship the
books that she earned to my house first so I
could make this video and show you what her free and
half price books look like. Her party is a great example ‘cuz it really is kind of what
an average party looks like, and so you can kinda see what the middle of the road
hostess rewards look like. So here are the books
that she earned for free from the company. Step-by-Step Drawing Dinosaurs. She’s got a dinosaur lover. Ooh, Count to 100. Great for teaching counting, but also the foundations of
multiplication and division. Look Inside Our World. This is my absolute
favorite Look Inside book. Huge flaps. Gotta have a Shine-a-Light book, and The Human Body’s my favorite one. She also picked out Can I Join Your Club? This is one of my favorite
books that we have that teaches kids to
be nice to each other. Pink Lion. That’s a sweet book. Ooh, and Big Book of Big Trucks with huge fold out sturdy pages. And then she picked out this chapter book of our most popular chapter series, The Mapmaker Chronicles. So here are all the books
that she earned for free from the company for hosting. In addition to free books, she also earned half-price
books from the company, and here’s what she picked out. I’m a Hungry Dinosaur, another one for that dinosaur lover. Ooh, Billie’s Adventure books. These are great little read-aloud books. The Illustrated Alphabet. That’s my favorite baby shower gift. Engineer Academy, a great activity book for
those science and math lovers. Under the Sea Magic Painting book. Great mess-free activity. I love these comic
book-style graphic novels. Perfect for bedtime, B is for Bedtime. Big Picture Thesaurus, which is a great homework
helper for writing, and then How Big is a Million? That one comes with a really cool poster. So these are all the half-price books that she earned from hosting. So Ashley was a party
guest in a previous party, and she was actually
the party prize winner, and she chose to upgrade her
prize by hosting a party. So by upgrading that prize, she chose this book, What’s Below? Which is a really cool pop-down book. And so she got that one free, too. Now, Ashley also kinda
went above and beyond and did a couple of extra
things as a hostess, and so she also earned
this book, Ted and Friends, a compilation of bunch of phonics readers, from me for free. So here they are. These are all the books
that Ashley earned, either free or half-price, hosting a book party. Hosting a Facebook party is easy. You don’t cook. You don’t have to clean. You don’t even have to plan anything. All you do is tell your friends about it and you let your party
planner do the rest. You can connect and have fun
with the people in your life someplace other than your newsfeed. And you know what, these books have the
power to change lives. You can help a friend’s child overcome their fear of failing, finally find a book that
gets them hooked on reading, inspire a future career, or make teeth brushing time
easier for their parents. So save time and let your
party planner do all the work, have fun with your friends, earn some free books, and make a difference. You are gonna love hosting a party. (musical sting)


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