What does a Web Hosting Server look like?
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What does a Web Hosting Server look like?

In this quick video, I’m going to show you
what a server looks like. The unit of measure of servers is their thickness. This is a 2
u server – 2 units. One u is about a pizza box and this server’s about 2 u’s and
you’ve got 3 u’s. 4 u’s is probably about your PC’s width. So you have dozens
of these, hundreds of these in racks that look like little closets and you slide them
on the rails inside the rack. For example, this is how you can take the
harddrive out of a server. And so, if you have a RAID 5 server with 3 hard disks mirroring
each other, these could be 2 RAID 5 sets. Another feature for example this server has
is a redundant power supplies. The things that break the most often in a server are
the power supplies and the hard disk. So this unit has dual power supplies where if one
burns out, it can still run and you change the burned one with a new one. And you can
have the server running without any interruption. This is what a server looks like inside.
You can see here the RAM, the memory of the
server and you can see here the CPU, the processing power. Here’s the RAID card to have your
hard disk be RAID 1 or RAID 5. Here are the power supplies. Here you have a bunch of fans
and that’s pretty much what a server looks like. So when you host your website out there,
you host it on a machine like this. If it’s shared hosting, they might literally put a
thousand people on this machine. If it’s a VPS you know, 4 to 20. And if it’s a dedicated
server, this will be to run for your own sites or your own site on one machine.


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